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BYOND Key: (This is your Byond login/Ckey) Lemonada

Total Ban Length: (The total time of your ban. You can also note your remaining time, though it is not required) This is a temporary ban, it will be removed in 10080 minutes.

Banning staff member's Key: (This is the staff member's BYOND key/Ckey who placed the ban) ffrances

Reason of Ban: (You can see this when you attempt to log in to the server) Extremely aggressive behavior in ahelps, constant complaining, yelling, passive aggressive messages in OOC, continued after being warned several times

Reason for Appeal: (State your reason for why you think you should be unbanned)

"Extremely aggresive behavior in ahelps"

For one thing, after I was warned about that I turned caps lock off and stopped cussing, so he probably threw this one in there to make it look like the 10080 minute ban was deserved.

"constant complaining"

Well, fucking yes I will complain, when you get powergamed, metagamed, and the round ruined all at once, you are not going to send smily faces and hearts.


Turned caps lock off as said

passive aggressive messages in OOC

Not even in the rules

continued after being warned several times

Only warned once, and stopped then.

Here is the whole story:

I play the same character every single round, Max Wellington, and everyone by now knows my character. As I join in the round as a chemist I run and grab the syringe gun, and put it in my backpack. Someone says over medical radio, "Who stole the syringe gun?" Ofcourse familiars point out, max wellington took it (but no one saw me putting it in my backpack). CMO then rushes into my office and demands I give it back, I go to leave the room and (s)he pushes me down. I call for help on radio and run to escape. AI then bolts me down and I go AFK. I return to be in brig for 15 minutes. My charges? Assault on a head and grand theft (and neglect of duty I forgot). Not once did I ever touch the CMO and since I have access to the syringe gun, I can take it if I please. I adminhelp complaining on my charges and they say, "its ic issue."


I get demoted and released with nothing but my chemist clothing, I go to medbay to return it and I run to arrivals to get clothes, but ugh, no, who's that? It's the captain shooting me with an energy gun. After I get up and stand there and wait for security to come take me away. My charges explained to me are, "assault on captain." I adminhelp but oh, no, IC ISSUE.

I get thrown into perma without trial, which I asked multiple times in IC and ADMINHELP, where I punch myself repeatedly then get banned.

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A few things I'd like to say. One, if your boss tells you to give up the syringe gun, then give up the syringe gun. All of that could've been avoided by listening to your boss. And taking the syringe gun without reason, is like the warden going into the armory and taking a rifle without reason. So yea, you were right to be charged on that. Not sure about the assault on a head, but I'm almost positive more happened than that, moving on.

Getting arrested for a crime that you did, is an IC issue. You can't expect to be sprung from jail because the guards are ignoring your cries of innocence. If you believe you are, there are ways to ic'ly to get help. Captain, IAA, ect. Running around the station naked? Come on, man I don't think I even really have to explain why that is wrong.

Also, I'd like to note that your ahelps were really unacceptable. You expect to get help, when you're using cap locks, and swearing. You were given plenty of warnings, and it wasn't as simple as you complying with sec and them just being bad at the game. You were aggressive, rude, and all of that in the span of one day.

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I was the moderator to respond to Lemonada's first ahelps.

I was playing the AI. From my point of view, you grabbed the syringe gun then ran to escape. You probably would've spaced yourself if I didn't notice and bolt down the last line of airlocks in escape. As explained before, just becasue you have access to a thing does not make it yours and yours alone to grab or horde. The CMO was in the right to try and stop you from taking a valuable piece of medical equipment.

Upon talking with you over ahelps, you became increasingly agitated and aggressive. You asked at least once to talk with an admin because of something along the lines of 'I was not helping'.

The assault of a head was a shaky charge, but it was not an OOC issue, it was an IC issue.

You also seemed to attribute any actions taken against your character to either powergame or metagame.

I'd also like to point out that generally 'Being a dick' or 'insulting admins or mods' is against our rules.

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I was one of the arresting officers that round in regards to the incident with "the assault on the captain". Security received multiple complaints about your character and you were deemed a threat. I'm not sure if you actually did assault the captain, but security obviously took the captain's and head of security's word above yours. Your character was running around as a lunatic in security's perspective.

Another point, as other staff have stated, is that your ahelps were very aggressive and you were not really co-operating with staff. On multiple accounts we had to warn you to calm down and allow us time to deal with the issues. At one point I recall having to tell you that we have other issues to deal with aside from yours, to which I should add that the majority of administration work that round was related to incidents involving you. Majority of your adminhelps consisted something along the lines of "Help, powergamer.". You gave very little information and expected the staff to work by your side. On top of this you constantly voiced your issues, or hinted towards them in OOC in a passive aggressive manner.The decision of your ban was a group decision from all active staff present.

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Apologies for not looking at this yesterday because tired.

First, let's contemplate a few facts, for everyone's sake.

During the specific round in which you were banned, you took the syringe gun, as a chemist. Somebody noticed this, and informed the CMO, who went to contact you. At this point, you ran out of the department without a word - the CMO attempted to give chase, in order to recover the equipment. Given that nobody knew what was going on, or what your intentions were for running away (a verbal confrontation might have been best there), people basically attempted to catch you, before you could do something horrible like space yourself.

The AI bolts the airlocks of escape, to prevent you from spacing yourself, and you, being caught, go AFK. At this point, we've had very little interaction on your behalf, besides taking the syringe gun for an unknown reason (which you have been unable to explain after an extended conversation through PMs), and making a mad dash for escape when confronted about it. Due to the overall confusion, charges get bumped from disobeying orders to assaulting a head - which at that point was your job to inform sec, and sec's job to check with the CMO what had happened properly. You being AFK during your arrest and ensuing proceedings did not help with that, but either way, at that point, IC issue.

Second incident. You get released, after being demoted, and left with your chemist's jumpsuit. Rather than go to the locker rooms and change like a normal being would, you decide to drop your clothes then and there, and start wandering the station in your underwear. At some point (on your way to the locker room? God only knows), you come across the captain, who questions your nakedness (or underwearness). Rather than provide a suitable answer, you opt to run around the captain aimlessly in your underwear, forcing her to taze you after being asked to stand down and ignoring her orders (and yes, tazing someone running around in underwear like a headless chicken without responding in your workplace is something that's perfectly acceptable). Another miscommunication happens, and rather than being brigged for "threatening the captain/suspicious behavior", you end up in the brig for assault (of which there was none).

While these two incidents were unfortunate, they represent a failure to communicate from all parties involved. However, I can clearly state that you were not free of blame here, given the extent of the events which led to both of your sentences, as well as the total lack of communication coming from your part on them (going as far as to afk while being given one). At that point, you had the power to attempt to fix things through proper communication, which did not justify admin intervention yet, yet you made no attempt whatsoever to communicate, besides yelling semi incoherently that you wanted a lawyer (of which we have none on the server), and beating yourself savagely with a lightbulb and your own fists while trying to claim your self-inflicted wounds were the fault of officers (which likely did not help your case.)


Now that that's cleared up, onto the reason why you were banned.

You have frankly been one of the most unpleasant and disrespectful individuals I've had to deal with in the four months I've modded/adminned here. Out of the hundreds of people I've had to deal with over this course of time, your name is one of the few that sticks out the most, and one I will likely yet remember for some time to come.

Needless to say, this is not good.

Not only were you incredibly argumentative during the whole time we contacted you, and refused to listen to us at all when we told you to drop issues that were not to be discussed anymore, as we had the final authority on them (after trying at lengths to explain to us why such and such things were decided that way, and you failing entirely at taking in our message), but you showed an amazing amount of disrespect towards the entire staff involved during the entire ordeal. You kept yelling constantly over PMs, refusing to drop your aggressive tone after being warned repeatedly (on at least four counts), went over to spam OOC with passive-aggressive messages regarding the round, decided to go afk in the middle of your original discussion with a moderator without even giving the basic courtesy of stating why beforehand, and essentially did everything possible to make sure we would never want to deal with you again.

The staff working on this server are normal people, with lives, thoughts and emotions. They are here because they enjoy the game and the community we have. The help they provide comes on an entirely voluntary basis, and they do not get any form of compensation for it, other than the satisfaction of a job well done and the knowledge that they have gone and helped others. However, I think that one thing we can provide them in return, as a community making use of their services, is a respectful environment for them to work in. Given what they already do, and that they do their best to be polite and courteous to you, there is absolutely no reason why they have to sit and take your abuse. The way you have behaved yourself is, in my eyes, unacceptable. Not only have you not been able to follow simple directives given to you by staff for very reasonable reasons, but you have taken things to such a point that we were forced to give you a temporary ban from the game for your disrespectful attitude, and yet you come on the forums to post an appeal that is equally filled with hate, uncontrolled anger and vitriol, which demonstrates that you have effectively understood nothing of the reason why you are banned.

Given that you have amassed an extraordinary amount of notes in your first day here (five, if I remember correctly), that the extent of your roleplay abilities consists of dropping DNA injectors on the escape shuttle as a geneticist while yelling "FREE POWERS!", and that you have graced our adminhelps with such gems as

[13:27:34]ADMIN: PM: Sound Scopes/(Fai Sinsa)->Lemonada/(Max Wellington): That looks like a little bug. The pack does have come blood in it.

[13:27:43]ADMIN: PM: Sound Scopes/(Fai Sinsa)->Lemonada/(Max Wellington): Some*

[13:27:47]ADMIN: PM: Lemonada/(Max Wellington)->Sound Scopes/(Fai Sinsa): it has cum blood


[13:15:24]ADMIN: HELP: Lemonada/(Max Wellington): How do I do a penisremovalactomy

I have decided after review to increase your temporary ban to a permanent one, which should confirm that you will indeed not be coming back to play on our server.

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