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The Trap (For Developers)


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So, this is something I was thinking about.

You know how it'd be nice to have the following:

  • Adminflags that actually make sense
  • Properly running controllers that reduce lag
  • Better/imported powernet code
  • Better/imported atmospherics code/pipes
  • The Vaucra
  • The new map
    • A new mining system for the map
    • Antagonist modes tailored for the new map
    • A crashing/crashable spacelift
    • Sandstorms that weather the station


[*]Human modification/biogenic engineering

[*]Redone gamemodes

[*]Redone paperwork mechanics (yes, I actually plan on doing this soon)

[*]A fucking website!


In the mean time, we would also be weary to watch out for, and keep track of the following two things:


All this, with a team numbering 4:

  • Skull132 - Head Developer

    Responsible for:
    • Website/forum development and maintenance
    • Feature development
    • Bug fixes
    • Overall project management

[*]SoundScopes - Server Maintainer

Responsible for:

  • Server maintenance
  • Feature/Backbone development
  • Bug fixes

[*]Meowykins - Coder

Responsible for:

  • Bug fixes
  • Minor feature development
  • Custom item development

[*]Serveris6 - Coder

Responsible for:

  • Custom item development
  • Bug fixes
  • Minor feature development


Now, before someone throws a wrench into my plans. I ain't here to talk about how our job is hard, how we've got a lot of it. I ain't here to cry over the workload which I voluntarily, willingly and knowingly rested upon my shoulders. I am here, to provide perspective. So let's do that.

Basically, it's a limited resources type of situation, as such, allocation of said resources is rather important. The way it's worked out, for over the past 5 months, is that me and Soundscopes manage, either, large backstage systems and projects that enable the staff/players have a better experience (Duty Officer flags by Soundscopes, form database code by myself, to serve as examples), while Meowykins and Serveris manage the more bitesized chunks.

this has a few effects that are tangible.

  1. You'll see large suggestions, feature suggestions, backslated for undetermined amounts of time
  2. Bulk updates for smaller things, as opposed to a running trickle
  3. Larger-than-feature projects shied away from, in lue of managing the community's suggestions and presented bugs


Which I'm completely fine with, mind you. All three of these are effects which I don't take issue with: I find them to be a pragmatic approach to the given situation. However, it creates an issue whenever I poke my head up, and start taking note of what I actually want to do. And want some people want to see happen.


Wouldn't cybernetics be cool? Augs and so on?

You bet your arse they would be. Probably a lot of fun to code as well, actually.


What about exosuits? Stompy and large, actually made proper this time?

Been itching eversince the first, failed attempt. Let's go and make'em better! Fucking go-go-go!


..Okay, what of the bugs?

I, erm.. Right, the rest are occupied, so I guess? It'll only take 10 minutes to an hour per. Right? Oh, wait, I can't even reproduce this one... Sod.


......And of the smaller community suggestions?

Slated already, Serveris and Meowy pick through the ones they can manage, at a tempo fitting to them. I've got an atmospherics code import to manage. Oh, Witt has the map? Righty, to the bugtracker it is.


Hey! When's the new map coming?

I uh.. No ETA. Probably this summer? I hope? We'll see how we manage.



Then, what happens if we put this all into effect? We find ourselves trapped.

In a pragmatic solution taken to an issue of picking between fair adherence to the Community's desires, personal judgement in terms of which large project to manage, and where to stall critical members with one large project, instead of focusing on things more immediately noticed by the Community. And, it's starting to grow displeasing to me, personally. Why? Because I want to see the new map, I want to see the Vaucra, I want to see a fancy website with fun shit added to it for IC interaction. But. I find myself focused on simpler things. Yeah, they matter, but I want to do both. Which would mean stalling something, again. And I wonder, for how long will the Community put up with such stalls?

So, we have these big projects.

We have what the community has clearly outlined as wanting, with some vocal members making sure we're aware of them (vocal minority, most of the time).

And we have bugs.

Well, which ones do I pick, and how? Because, I don't know. I really don't.

I do plan on, however, at some point, moving towards fixing this issue. Perhaps whenever I am done with the spring related shenanigans, I can look into actively training a few individuals to help with the more bite-sized pieces of coding objectives.

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Also, as silly as it may seem. I have a solution. I'm sure there are more, so please, present them.

More than likely, I'll just start managing rounds where we lock down and focus on project development, and then swing around to general operating mode again. However, note that with suggestions, I don't expect their fill-rate to increase in the near future. Which is both good and bad, double edged sword, this.

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Just work at it at your own pace. Don't rush it, ease yourself into it. You'll only begin to hate it if you approach it with a vengeance.

I'm with 1138. I've seen many project's get thrown out because of the reason's they just stated. Don't worry there are tho's of us in the community who's ok with waiting.

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Would any help be appreciated? Additional coders, mappers, maybe some spriters?


Any help is welcome, but the main need that exists is for coders. The main languages in question are DM (BYOND's own mashup, for which exist tasks of varying difficulty), HTML/CCS and PHP (familiarity with the Bootstrap framework would also help). Basically, if you're a coder that applies, and have some competence with any of the languages noted, we'll have tasks for you.

Spriters are needed on a very irregular basis: sometimes we have a lot of work for them, sometimes none at all. So yeah.

Mappers we're mostly filled up on. So yeh.

The Developer applications are always open, and I am willing to teach and guide, provided timezones and a few other things match.

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