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ARTEMIS: Space Ship Bridge Simulator

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Have you ever wanted to command your own starship?

Have you ever wanted to wear the blue shirt?!

Have you ever wanted to avoid dying for no reason?!



In ARTEMIS, you are a officer on a starship, namely, the Artemis, or other ships.

Engineering, comms, weapons, sensors, science, you name it, it's here.

Fight AI fleets, take on space-monsters, annihilate yourself and your friends with stupid mistakes!

The game's devs say you're free to distribute the game to other people on your bridge crew, but they really want you to buy if if they start their own crews.

The game is meant for LAN, but using Hamachi, you can play over teh interwebs.


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I say Kerbal buys it and distributes it to the first people to want to be on his crew ;D dibs on Communications Officer if this comes true <3 !!!

I researched this game for awhile, but couldn't afford it at all ahaha.

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