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Incident Report - Sarah Wolfe

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Reporting Personnel: Dr Hilde Brine

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Scientist

Personnel Involved: Sarah Wolfe (Captain)

Time of Incident: 03/07/2457

Location of Incident: Science Department

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [x]Neglect of Duty []Harassment []Assault []Misconduct [x]Other: Regulations Failure, Waste of Company Resources

Overview of the Incident: Very early on in the shift, about 15 minutes or so to my reckoning, a search warrant was signed and delivered by several officers. They were searching for tear gas, although there had been no incidents outside or within the lab. Earlier there had been a discussion on chemical mixtures we witnessed made in the past and how we might improve on their formula. By regulation controlled chemicals and equipment may be created for research purposes, but may not leave the bounds of the lab or be employed outside of approved testing areas.

This warrant was signed by the Captain on the grounds of their own testimony to hearing this discussion, which never at any point referred to malicious use, removal from the lab, or testing in unregulated zones. The search signed and silently carried out by Captain Wolfe proved to be a dramatic disruption to the operation and morale of an otherwise well functioning department. Several productive members resigned due to this incident, further reducing department productivity. Not even moments after this happened, the Captain was witnessed and recorded entering cryosleep causing this incident to be unable to be mediated or resolved by the Head of Personnel.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: No Director nor Internal Affair Agent were available, and the Head of Personnel's involvement was unneeded following the Captain's cryosleep.

Additional notes: It's the Captain's responsibility to understand regulations regarding the function of each department, including the Science department which is the entire focus of this research vessel. Gross misunderstanding or failure to read regulation severely impacted the company resources employed to keep this vessel performing its intended purpose, and the overall function of both the Science and Security departments.

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In response to the above report,

First and foremost, the search warrant had been requested, signed, and stamped by the head of security. I had been informed by the head of security that research and development was reportedly producing tear gas grenades and possibly distributing them. I approved the warrant, as I have zero tolerance for such activities, if the reports were true, and prefer taking pre-emptive measures to prevent any issues circulated tear gas grenades can present. During security's investigation, I did receive at least two false reports from the research department of excessive force. One claim stated a scientist was cuffed and being arrested. Upon arriving, the scientist in question was neither cuffed, nor being arrested, but had refused to be searched. There was also a report I heard that another scientist was being executed by security. I had verified with security that this scientist had not even been arrested.

Based on the information I have on hand, it would appear that research was less than cooperative with security, and acted in a manner that would complicate the process and possibly even arouse further suspicion of unlawful activity.

I did enter cryosleep during the shift. This was due to my recognizing the signs of space sleep disorder, and felt it better if I leave my equipment in the office and enter a cryopod than if I were to suddenly collapse in a hallway somewhere.


Captain Sarah Wolfe


OOC: The cryosleeping was because of a work emergency. As I was a head at the time, i couldnt just AFK for an indefinite amount of time so I just had to go to cryo. I didn't even get to finish making you the temporary director :<

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Dear Dr. Brine.

The gross misunderstanding or failure to read regulations causing severe impact to morale and productivity has been looked into.

The findings of this matter have found that the Head of security requested the search warrant due to fears of production and distribution of tear gas. While your discussion may have been entirely theoretical the idea of one member of your staff putting it into practice for /testing purposes/ is not far fetched nor unheard of. And while you may be given considerable free reign aboard the Aurora to conduct such tests with minimal approval or paperwork, it is by no means a right or a stipulation of the regulations. It's existence within a lab environment does not permit creation, possession, or testing of these weapons without permission of some nature. Is. And is often overlooked or ignored by Aurora staff.

What is stated in the regulations is a defined right to search personnel and departments with given cause and an active warrant in code green. The inquiries findings have found that the staff of the research department caused significant resistance and disruption to the search insofar that some members were needed to be restrained for the personal search. A violation of regulations in the matter of complying with a legal order and submitting yourselves to investigation of suspicious conduct. As such security personnel at that time had the right to remove and interview and charge any personnel showing resistance to this legal order. Please be aware that the captain bears no responsibility for your failure to comply with legal orders and that approving an investigation of such a significant nature for a concerned head of security is not a neglect of duty. But is the very definition of their duty. And in the nature of impact was either created or significantly increased by the actions of the staff physically involved in the search.

As such this matter has been closed


Daniel Bay, Duty Officer.

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