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[Accepted]Xev's Tree App

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BYOND Key: Xevanthraxis

Character Names: Ponoh'Vulun Kaaxi, Soolux Vushon, Botch, Ka'Akaix'Nuurg Zo'ra, 

Species you are applying to play: Dionae

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: A light green with the odd slightly blue leaf.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race: 

I wish to play this race simply because it interests me greatly with the overall concept despite the lack of lore compared to other species; even so what lore there is has given me great interest. This comes down to how they behave and how it’s influenced by experiences they’ve gained over their lifespans. A good example of this would be the pests of titan prime. The general idea of the Dionae was the first thing that made me interested, and upon reading more about them The pests, the spirits of the Oasis and the Viscerabelt. Have given me a few ideas.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

First things first would be the biological differences, being closer to earth plants. They can also take most forms of matter around them and process it into nutriment for themselves, such as various forms of radiation to also further this gain. There is also the fact that each ‘individual’ as a human would see it, is actually a combination of consciousnesses, with each gestalt being multiple beings, rather than just one. 

The way Dionae also learn is too different. As each Nymph of a gestalt learns separately. So if a Nymph splits, the Gestalt as a whole could experience mild amnesia until said nymph returns. Their social interactions with others is possible, however they are slow speaking. With some languages being difficult or almost impossible to speak due to the physical limitations of their speed.  

Character Name: Drinks from the Mirage

Please provide a short backstory for this character:

Drinks from The Mirage would be a gestalt originating from Moghes, born into one of the Oasis clans, specifically Clan Dorviza; being grown like any of the other Nymphs, however was quickly adopted by a young Unathi my the name of Kharzis Dorviza. Kharzis simply wanted a pet and friend, the original Nymph of Drinks from The Mirage would begin to learn quickly as the young unathi was taught by their mother; including the Unathi Warrior’s code.

The two would soon become more like friends then owner and pet as more Nymphs began to join and form a small gestalt. By the time the Unathi was able to work, Drinks from The Mirage was comprised of 3 Nymphs. Who helped around however they could, both with the crops and tending to Dionae pods, or helping with livestock and visiting new settlements to help clear the radiation. As the Gestalt of Drinks from The Mirage became larger, it began to help with more manual labour. Helping tend to the heavier side of manual labour. Such as helping with construction, and occasionally helping Kharzis with their various daily ordeals.

Soon however, when Kharzis became older, wished to leave Moghes. With Drinks from The Mirage not wanting to leave their side, the original Nymph, along with 3 others decided to come with. The rest wishing to remain and continue to help out the Clan.

Kharzis and Drinks from The Mirage ended up within T’au Ceti, and eventually Mendel city. Here, the two gained citizenship. One for each of the 4 Nymphs, going through the usual chipping of each Nymph. Thankfully being a Gestalt of more than three. Over the next few years Mirage took the part of volunteering for various areas of work. Wishing to learn but also wanting to help like they did back on Moghes.

This took form in various assistant type roles over various areas, which usually took the form of manual labour. With the only intricate work being that when growing crops or other plants was needed. With Drinks from The Mirage ‘s knowledge on growing plants gained from their time on Moghes. This line of work continued, before the Gestalt started to look for employed work. Which, soon lead them to various hydroponic jobs. Which however meant the Gestalt had to pass a Horticulture test to show their experience and knowledge. Soon however, Mirage soon passed it.

They went from job to job, from the odd garden centre, working on crop farms; before finally ending up on the NSS Aurora; with Kharzis eventually finding work in Mendell. 

What do you like about this character?

I like the character itself because it explores the interactions between Unathi and Dionae and their Symbiosis with the Oasis clans within the wasteland of Moghes. This allows for both more opportunities for roleplay as well as allowing myself to improve my own abilities within certain areas.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

I would rate it around 7 to 8/10 depending on the character. I have been RPing in various games and formats for around 6 years now so I’m fairly confident in my ability.


As always any feedback is welcome!


Edited by Xevanthraxis

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Sorry for the delay in this!  After some thought, we've decided we'll be accepting your application.

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