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[Accepted] Teal Pinnipped becomes a metal lizard.

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BYOND Key: TealSeal14

Character Names: Henry Melpede, George Lebedev, Weihun Sqluik

Species you are applying to play: Au'takh Unathi

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: The organic parts will be a dark green and all the metallic bits will be a grey colour.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes I have. I read the wiki quite a bit. Possibly to an unhealthy degree.

Why do you wish to play this specific race:    As a fan of Aurorastation and it's lore in general, I always felt very intrigued by not just the Unathi but by the Au'takh on specific. I'd like to experiment and try out new and fun experienced, something I can see being an Au'takh can and will give me.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:   Ooh boy where to start? Well firstly the entire idea of a techno-religious cult is something I haven't seen in human lore (Except maybe the techno-conglomerate). Another thing is that in the universe of Aurorastation humanity is a top dog in intergalactic affairs. Something the Au'takh are far from. It'll be a totally different experience to be part of a group whose entire way of life is on a razor's edge and who are hated even in their own home planet. Another big difference is their entire connection with Oss and how that can play out into a interesting and unique narrative.

Character Name: Ansiba Yizra:

Originally known as Yizra Sissila, Yunzi grew up in a deeply religious household so when the Au'takh came out of hiding and the Sinta world reacted by calling their levies he was one of the first to join up. Unfortunately for the armies of the "righteous" they were soundly defeated and Yizra was left for dead. Oss had a different plan in mind for our young Sinta though and due to either sheer luck, or as he would claim divine intervention, he was nursed back to health by the people he once saw as mortal enemies.

After being forced to live with them and after learning that they saved his life he grew to love these strange people, and by the end of it decided to join them as a full fledged member. He soon learned the secrets of the "magic" that powered the Au'takh way of life, and became a paradigm. He was later sent over to work for Nanotrasen to as a roboticist to study Nanotrasen's advanced "magic."

What do you like about this character?       What I most like about him is how I can go with his personality and beliefs. On one hand he feels great shame that he once raised a sword against and tried to destroy the people that he now cherishes dearly, which in my mind would lead him to try and redeem himself of this shame by doing everything he can to protect his kin aboard the station. On the other hand another interesting concept comes up, due to his history as a faithful worshipper of Sk'akh he could also be a sort of bridge between the two worlds. A sign that he was once " Just like you, hateful,fearful, and ignorant." Which in my opinion could lead to some fun interactions with the crew.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?    While I'm far from the greatest roleplayer around I'd like to use Henry Melpede as an example of how I was able to create bonds and narratives with my fellow crew. Something I seek to do with Yizra too.

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A short yet sweet application, but clearly displays understanding of the lore and a desire to get invested in the ideas that can be created around it. He shared this on Discord and fixed an error I pointed out in like 0.0001 picoseconds, so it's a +1 from me.

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It is indeed quite short.

What was Yunzi's religion before his conversion? (edit: now i see it was skakh). You say he was in a deeply religious household like most Sinta. I would like to know his conversion process to the Aut'akh. I know it was not instant, and it seems weird to just skip over that part.

So, the Aut'akh nursed him back to health. And then he was forced to live with them? Did the Aut'akh literally capture him? Or did they have to bring him home to heal him? In any case, Yunzi is still a foreign soldier. How would he react to these evil heretics straight up kidnapping him? Why would they save him from a heroic death? How would Yunzi feel about this?

There is really not much to review here... The biggest thing is that I can not get a sense of your character. You describe things that happen to him, but don't tell me how he feels. You say Yunzi may feel ashamed for killing his brethren, and that is really it in the whole story. I just need more substance.

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Well thank you for the response and on to the questions:

1. In my mind he was found injured and left for dead after the battle. Therefore he was definitely hostile and "cheated" if you will. Because like you said he didn't die for the glory Sk'akh. But he also learned something from his time there,  he saw that these metal "abominations" weren't the evil soulless monsters he had been led to believe. In an ironic twist of fate he found himself questioning his hatred,  being a religious Sinta he asked himself another important question " Maybe Sk'akh sent me here for a reason."  In any case time passed by and to his shock he started agreeing with their doctrines, slowly definitely, but nonetheless he started entertaining ideas that would've got him killed back home. On the Au'takh's side; they were also getting used to this young Sinta,  no longer was he a hostile prisoner of war to them but more a rude guest. Time passed on and Yizra became less and less the zealous crusader he always thought he was. The rest of it is, well, the present.

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Okay, I understand. My only word of advice is that you should keep this backstory in mind; many Aut'akh are people who come to them in peace, not for battle. I would expect this affects certain relationships with other Aut'akh and other Unathi. Normal Sinta may think of you as a traitor to your clan, your family, your religion, etc, and the Aut'akh may look at you as an outsider. This is all up to you, of course. I support this application.

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Hello! Thank you for your application.

Your initial application was very short but your follow up answers to the questions reinforce the idea you put across that you really have invested in the Aut'akh.

Coming to them in battle first and being converted after being shown kindness by them is a very interesting story. Yes he will be seen as a traitor by his old life but I find the redemption arc to be very satisfying creatively.

Application accepted!

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