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  1. While I only really interacted with Valeriya, I can safely say that they are a phenomenal player and would make a fine addition to the command roster. +1
  2. What a lad. Even though I hate the simp Lezakh. I'll support the frog app +1
  3. While I hate disgusting Hadiists, I'll give it a +1
  4. Even though they took the kids, I am thoroughly impressed with the app. In all seriousness Venty is a good player and I have had good experiences with both Alexia and Ventus. +1 from me.
  5. Good characters and good roleplayer. It's a +1 from me.
  6. Another NKA cat is always a plus from me. That and I've seen Soolux in action. +1
  7. I've seen Summer in action. There is definitely a good player behind that character. I'm excited to see what thetll5 play as an IPC. +1
  8. I've played with Stewart young before. He's a good player and a fine roleplayer. I'll give him a +1
  9. Thank you for responding! As for the questions 1. Probably a poor choice of words there. What I mean by what I said in the app is not to teach them their jobs and what to do but rather help his bound brethren into making a better image for the C'thur general. Even though the Bound have their objectives set it would be helpful for them to have an unbound around to make sure they are as positively seen by humans as possible. 2. As for the job Sirii would do...he would be a bartender in order to expose himself to as many aliens as possible and to show off the greatness of the hive by being a top-tier bartender and being as personable as possible..in his own bug way. 3. Seeing as his main prerogative is to build bonds and friendships with the non-Vaurca he saw the actions of those that helped the terrorist as detrimental to the relationship that the hive and Jargon have, therefore they are defective and no longer part of the hive in his eyes.
  10. BYOND Key: TealSeal14 Character Names: Henry Melpede, Ansiba Yizra, Rijiikirrr Al'Athalj, Weihun Sqluik Species you are applying to play: Vaurca What color do you plan on making your first alien character: (0,35,113) unbound of C'thur lineage. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes I have, quite a bit too. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. What makes them different from playing a Human: Firstly, biologically they are completely different from humans in every way. From birth to death to even what the breathe and eat. Speaking of biology their system of Ta, Za, Ka and bounds and unbounds is unlike any human faction. The VR afterlife and the whole focus on VR is a cool unique thing that is a fresh breath of air. Historically the lack of a home world and their great trek through the stars is new path that any human faction has gone through, not that I have seen anyway, that and their connection to the Liidra is a great conduit for story telling. That and their overall sad state of affairs that have them be subservient to one of the other races of the known galaxy is not something a human player would have to take into account while in-game. Character Name: Ka'Akaix'Sirii'C'thur Please provide a short backstory for this character: If there is one thing any good C'thur can gleam from reading the histories; it is this one simple truth: To survive in this world one must reach out and make, if not friendships, then mutually beneficial agreements and alliances. In the eyes of the hive the Jargon Federation have been gracious hosts and helpful guides into this part of the galaxy, but we are not known as the "weavers" simply because we weaved one thread of friendship. Better yet let us make a tapestry of alliances and friendships to help our hive survive the aeons. Any good C'thur knows this and this is why you are here too. Born to the queen's lineage as an unbound you spent your life in VR learning what you needed to learn to be an effective supervisor to your bound brethren. Recent events have put our standing with Jargon in peril and while others deal with that relationship. We want you to go out and honour your namesake by weaving more alliances and bonds with the humans. The task before you is simple: do your job correctly and efficiently, help your bound brethren by guiding them, and bring the C'thur name prestige in Tau Ceti by being the best worker and subordinate you can be. You may not like being out into the real world and would prefer to return to the virtual paradise you once knew, you'll manage and learn. Why? Because you were ordered so, and that is all it takes. What do you like about this character? Well firstly I feel like a good starting character with Sirii that will hopefully be an interesting addition to the roster of colourful characters onboard the Aurora. Secondly I like that he's C'thur because it links him to another unique species, the Skrell. Overall I just think he's a very rounded and interesting character that I am already excited about playing. How would you rate your role-playing ability? ? Overall throughout my time playing on Aurora I can confidently say that I have improved immensely both creatively and mechanically. I feel that I can say that I havr made good characters that people have liked and enjoyed being around; something I hope to have with this guy...bug.
  11. As a response to the most recent ones: 1. The whole silently breaking the shutter was me going on autopilot there, during the whole debacle I was dealing with having to coordinate a very small and spread-out security team and making sure command wasn't being blown up by the artillery, Could I have handled it better? Most likely, yeah. And the taking the cyborg analyzer that was a mistake, I only meant to take a crowbar so I could respond to the library and make sure everything was safe. I even put the analyzer back once I realized the mistake back, so I am sorry about that whole deal. 2. While yeah I may occasionally go AFK, I don't think I do it excessively and every time I needed to be out for longer then a few minutes I always tried to tell everyone OOCly. Also which round and what decision do you refer to? @Lemei because I could give reasoning if needed. Lastly, I chose liaison first because I had an idea for it, but a new lore change came and kind of killed that. I did attempt to play the spare liaison a couple times but I always that during the rounds he was active, nobody worked for Idris. I did my best to be proactive be making pamphlets and offering recruitment deals; sadly nothing really happened with that, and yeah with the Hos thing it was sort of an accident, I made Rijiikirr as a sec character to test out my shiny new whitelist( speaking of which I had played plenty of sec characters before, officers and cadet. None of them however ever interested me to make them a recurring character however. The one's I put up for the app are the ones I thought people would recognize the most seeing they were recurring characters). And lastly for the lack of presence thing, frankly that must've been a quiet round, because I personally feel like I attempt to keep command informed as much as possible. Which brings me to my last point nicely. 3. Overall I'm flattered that you think I am a decent Hos. And in my defense, the lack of communication was mostly due to me dealing with a small department and a very intense ic argument in the library. Making sure my officers are charging the bartender fairly and making sure they kept to protocol distracted me a bit too. The fact the hivebots decided to show with only three members of sec didn't help either. And I feel like I did try to communicate such as telling engineering to prepare and bring chargers, the whole hivebot deal spread me and my forces really thin so it took a lot of me giving out very direct orders to my underlings and fighting the hivebots myself.
  12. Top tier character and roleplayer, I'll be happy to give the a +1
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