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Mirakini Fedrifili's AskMe.nt Account

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Sitting in a utilitarian room with steel walls is a medium-framed Kocasslani in light, billowy trousers and a black tanktop. He's sitting with his legs crossed on a floor pillow, a laptop in front of him - although the camera appears to be on the wall in front. Mirakini Fedrifili blinks some as the camera first turns on, as if surprised that it is even working. Per his usual fashion, he waves and the AskMe video feed truly begins.

"Hi, a friend of mine on a previous shift told me about this thing." he types out onto his laptop, which brings letters up onto the screen. "I'm here to answer questions I guess - go for it." the words continue. In the background - on a steel table that appears part of the wall - are a series of close-combat weaponry, ranging from the old to the more recent. There's only one gun and it appears to have been taken apart to be cleaned.

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Someone else, a women with long, yellow hair joins the room, with a big smile on her face. She wearing red footie pajamas, and has an old looking teddy bear sitting in her lap.

"Wow, I found someone else who actually uses this thing."

She waves and grins at the camera.

"Hey there, my names Dandy. I work fo- Hey, you look familiar..."

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