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Disclaimer: I'm shit at making people feel better.

Hey man, it's alright to have one of "those days". You don't have to let them feels get to you, and deserve to be happy with all the responsibilities you shrug off with "that's okay".

Plus, personally, I wouldn't see being "fired" (you're not even being paid) from mod as that bad. It's a mixed blessing, really. If I re-applied for moderator these days, I'd only get like what, a tenth of the roleplay out of it? And a fucking headache every time I log in? Yeah, no thanks. Maybe Skull helped you out.

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Hey critsy, I don't know you very well and I understand you're not having a great day but chin up man, I know losing your moderator ship was hard.

Guess how many times I got denied as a Moderator at Apollo? Lots... Lots and lots. Then I finally got accepted worked my way to admin and then what did I do? Started this server with Chaz and Sphere. The thing is Critsy you just gotta not let it get to you. Just keep trying, you could always re-apply and try again? Anyway I hope you have a better day today :)

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I don't really know you, so the best I can offer after reading your post is a few words of advice, from personal experience. Dunno how much it'll resonate with you or not.

You don't have to be cheerful all the time. I know, because I tried to do it. And I absolutely admire people who do their best to be positive, don't let bad feelings get to them, always look at the good side of things. They're wonderful people, and their effort often goes under-appreciated.

But I know how harrowing of a task trying to maintain that attitude can be. Sometimes, I feel like it's even worse to try to fight back against negative feelings than it is to accept them. So I'm going to tell you, it's okay to give in. Not, all the time, I'm not telling you to become a depressed and hollow shell of a man or a creature of despair or anything like that. But sometimes you're gonna feel like shit, things are gonna be shit, and nothing you can do will be able to make things better.

It doesn't mean the rest of your life/day/month is going to suck. Simply, sometimes trying to change your attitude will bring good, and sometimes it won't. So don't exhaust yourself trying to lie to yourself or others. Take a break, rant a bit, do something you like. You're not gonna lose anything, and life goes on.

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