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Allow Suckers Into The Mask Slot

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Since a lot of people in real life don't actually gobble up a sucker within seconds, and instead actually suck on them, it would be kinda cool to see a sucker as a mask item.

Basically, it would still be a food item, but it could also be an appearance item, in case people wanted a character to just keep one in their mouth, for whatever reason.

On the mask slot, maybe it having the sprite of a cigarette unlit (or similar to it), when a player has it on the mask slot would work? It could also possibly use the same timer as a cigarette does (or not?), which at the end of the timer, would leave the player with an empty stick in their mask slot, or hand.

Why this should be added:

There is no major reason for suggesting this new mechanic. It's not going to bring the server to amazing new heights or anything. I just thought it would be a kinda cool idea to see happen, seeing as the suckers currently take about three 'bites' to finish.

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Guest Menown
Simple enough to do, actually. At that point, I'd kind of like to code in a process() proc as well, so that, while it's on your mask slot, you're slowly sucking on it. Until, no more.


And with that, moving into projects so the dev team can begin working on it.

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