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Character feedbacks: Lyhia Kyousa and Shou Tarouhi

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these are the only 2 characters i actually wrote backstory for and the only ones i ever feel like playing so lmk how you feel about these two and what i should work on : D

i also play tama cat pai but yknow i just do cat stuff and have zero responsibility

Lyhia: peppy cargo tech from vysoka, grew up rural and isn't super smartlike but tries her darndest to get along with the station patrons. usually has a pet or two. awful kd ratio, really. she dies every round

Shou: nitty gritty ex-tcfl forensics tech that has some deep seated issues with some unresolved cases. copes with it by trying to be some form of order on a station born of chaos ends up doing literally nothing because haha ballistics go brrrr

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lyhia is fuelled by dumb energy but at least she does honest work

idk about the other nerd

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