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  1. Omi's a capable roleplayer that does not shy away from reading pages of lore in order to get a firm grip and understanding on whatever setting they take part in, and I can easily say all of their characters that I've interacted with throughout the year(s) were up to a good standard in terms of being grounded on realism. I've seen them roleplaying Skrellian characters during our time in Baystation, and while the race lore between the two servers are different, I am confident that they will successfully adapt, if it's required. +1
  2. I gotta say out of all the characters listed, I think I only exclusively interacted with Mending Deep Wounds, but I really like the way they're playing their Diona character and it was nothing but funny and memorable interactions. I see no reason you shouldn't deserve a trial spin on command roles, and hope you get one. +1 My only recommendation is for you to tidy up the format a little bit, it's kinda hard on the eyes to read.
  3. I like the grounded progression of Nikita Yutani from Bartender to Quartermaster, and I don't have any doubt their Command characters will also be down to earth and competent. It won't stop me from canon killing the traitor Sol marine expat, though. +1
  4. I've played with Potato for almost 2 years now and I like how they always have a firm grip on the setting and/or the lore of the system/server they're playing on, and their characters are always up to standards, in particular Stella Palmero. They don't shy away from getting mean looks their way just because they're an Eridani suit, and do not compromise from the standards of portraying a realistic suit to appease players. Although Warden isn't particularly a "Command" level leadership spot, I've seen them manage the Security department well at times where it lacks proper guidance, and I'm sure they can successfully integrate into a Command position. +1
  5. +1. Just participated in a round with Danse's Consular character, and I enjoyed his Q&A seminar hosted in the holodeck. He's well versed in the Solarian/Human lore, and can carry his weight as a Command member, player, and roleplayer. Looking forward to further interactions.
  6. this, stop trying to enforce recruitment into your sword gang just because you got slapped by the crew in 2 out of 50 rounds of murderbone cult
  7. Well, I don't really have anything else to bring forward, and I don't really want to push forward for a punishment given the player already acknowledged the situation and how it can rub people off. I would've preferred to handle it in-game through a ticket without making such a big fuss, but we didn't really have the time. Could be archived, honestly.
  8. If it was really a matter of lag, no biggie. I just wanted to adress this since I think it is/was a running thing, as a previous changeling round with your Tajaran had a very limited conversational approach, too. The problem I've got isn't the reasoning behind "why" to kill Petra Volvalaad, but rather getting flashed and thralled in a matter of seconds with only a brief greeting. You did proceed to do the same thing for the next security officer, too.
  9. Hey, Icedcabbage and their characters are pretty fun to interact with. Their antagonist play is also examplary given they don't jump into the fray guns blazing, and opt to prioritize conversation and "roleplay". I think that is, or at least should be, a key element to handling Command. Looking forward to the trial. +1
  10. BYOND Key: Vulcenus Game ID: b8D-cJLu Player Byond Key/Character name: Valkrae Staff involved: None Reason for complaint: Thralling without/bare-minimum RP. I was approached by their character and their thralls, greeted by "Hi, Monday" and got flashed and thralled in a flash. I was then ordered to eliminate the Head of Security and that was all the interaction we've had. I think this was not cool. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? No, it was roughly round end and I was busy following the orders of their Vampire, trying to eliminate Petra Volvalaad. Approximate Date/Time: 14/08/2020 - 22:20-35~ GMT+3
  11. I'm devastated by the loss of Officer Beepsky and support this endeavour wholeheartedly
  12. #freebubbagump69420

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  13. While I disagree that it was cheap, I can see the reasoning behind how demanding a specific paperwork is "inappropriate" given it isn't specified on the faction's wiki page. I still believe it is within reason that Idris Incorporated operates with paperwork regarding debt collection, and suggest an addition to the page/lore, but I'm sure this isn't the place for the said suggestion. The revised note is also appropriate, so I have no further additions.
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