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  1. Hey, I actually started out Aurora in Cargo/Mining as Donald Hays, but given the nature of how things work in Aurora, it grew dull. So yes, I'm not playing other jobs because the Security Department is the one department that enables you to interact with everybody and everything going on inside the round.
  2. That (my remarks) doesn't invalidate that they are Idris Reclamation Units, though. While I'm questioning the validity of the debt collection, I'm still assuming and acting as if they are proper Reclamation Units. Sure, it is making up some head canon to a degree, but the Lore Canonization applications discourage you from applying for reasonable fluff material (such as this, I believe). But that's not the topic of this discussion. Like you said, Idris Incorporated is a megacorporation, and not an illegal organization with a loan sharking front. I already pointed it out in the tickets, and I still disagree with the take that just because Idris employs robots that collect debt through intimitadion and reasonable force, doesn't mean they aren't doing their paperworks. Then again, I believe it's a topic for another discussion. This could've been easily averted by the antagonists by writing something as simple as "Darvan Omega, 7000 Credits, Idris Incorporated" i.e, or an emote by the IPC displaying Darvan Omega's debt on its monitor (as was done by the previous duo using the gimmick). Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they're supposed to do that, but it's a pretty simple alternative that would've defused the situation. Not to mention the gimmick resumed after this stand-off, with them releasing information on the debtors, as far as I know. Maybe I could use a better wording for "They can't collect your debt without a validation notice" but, again, I still don't think this is shutting down anybody's gimmick or hunting valids at all. Nobody asked any head of staff to fax Central Command or validate their arrival or identity, it's an opposition due to standard procedure, I believe a reasonable one at that, and a valid reason to oppose.
  3. And again, nothing was done to the IRUs based on my suspicions. I also told Security that the IRU did not break any procedures, and it was the ISU that was in breach of corporate regulations by attacking said crew member. Even then, the ISU wasn't arrested for the said action if I'm recalling correctly. Like I said, the questions were not there to poke holes on their gimmick, on the contrary, to involve Security in their gimmick and give them credibility. Of course that was my intention until said ISU was brought in by the other officers. I still fail to see any behaviour that points to validhunting here. As they were Idris debt collectors, I wanted to hook myself and the security into the gimmick but was met with opposition by the ISU, in the form of defending their actions regarding excessive force on the dreg.
  4. I understand that the issue here is not why I'm opposing the characters. But I also did nothing that would warrant saying "grasping all straws I could find to prove they were false", given all I did was asking for ANY kind of document or ANYTHING at all that could've been used for a debt collection, and I've never aired out my opinions on either the common comms channel, or the Security channel, about how the IRUs are fake, wrong or something in the lines, which is, let's be honest, common practice in any given secret round by everyone. Still, all I did was asking the IRUs face to face regarding Omega's debt, and their reasoning regarding striking the non-debtor in the knees. I never acted upon, physically or otherwise, on the knee breaking incident AND the absence of any sort of paperwork or something that could be shown that could make us go: "Hmm, yes, Omega has this amount of debt, and these two are here to collect." Nobody in the room including myself was overtly hostile, if hostile at all, against the IRUs, and all they should've done would be giving an explanation or like the previous IRU couple did, a simple emote that would've "shut down" the situation in a flash. But instead they were standing there arguing about who capped whom's knees and showing me a badge. I would've understood the reasoning behind calling me a validhunter and going out of my way to shut down their gimmicks if I arrested the IRUs, shot them down, threw EMP grenades, yelled on common comms that they're fake Idris employees or anything other than what I've done really, but given that I only questioned the validity of the collection, I don't think this is a proper call. P.S: Although obviously it's not something that can be proven, my main point with the notice was to encourage co-operation instead of thinking of Security as a hostile force to be dealt with, by giving them a foothold of legality by showing me some sort of notice and use me, an Idris Security Officer as an advantage or an aid, like the previous duo who used the same gimmick before them. But they did nothing but opposing and denying that they struck the non-debtor, which honestly ties my hands on any sort of alternative approach.
  5. BYOND Key: Vulcenus Staff BYOND Key: Alberyk Game ID: b8l-acir Reason for complaint: I originally didn't bother to write a complaint on this situation given I didn't know I was being formally noted/warned but after it was mentioned regarding my Command Application, I decided to put this up in order to have it overturned if deemed acceptable. I would like to start with explaining the situation leading to the admin ticket from my perspective. I walked into the station after the antagonists of the round, announced their visit as Idris Reclamation Units in order to collect debts from the crew members, reasoning being heightened presence in the system or something along the lines. After I equipped my gear, I showed up in the Security Lobby and met with the units. They asked me if we had a Vacant Office that they could use, and I led them there. As they were settling in, I asked them who the debtors were and asked them if they made sure to grab their papers for a smooth collection. They brushed me off, told me that they weren't miracle workers. After a brief time had passed, they showed up to the Bar, where I was present with the majority of the Security team given there was a table-fight tournament happening with bets, which had annoyed the Station AI, and it kept sending announcements to stop the said tournament. It was highly populated, given almost half the server population was in there either fighting or observing. Then the IRUs waltz in, and tell Darvan Omega that he owes them around seven thousand credits. Omega plays off their gimmick, and mostly cooperates with them, but a dreg character steps in and protests this collection and the IRUs' presence in here. The IRUs proceed to box them in, and tell them to leave, which they can't, given they're boxed in. Then the ISU pulls out a kneehammer and attacks the dreg character, which isn't related to the debtor and is a non-debtor themselves (which makes the scene sort of suspicious and violates station procedures), and this rallies the entire room to attack the IRUs. As the crew is about to lynch the IRU couple after throwing EMP grenades and sort of neutralizing them, making them unable to fight back, the Security officers take initiative to detain the IRUs for their own protection and bring them back to the Lobby in order to talk about the incident. After we got them to safety, we started questioning the incident and their involvement in it. Being an Idris Incorporated officer with knowledge of Reclamation operations outside the station, I ask them if their validation notices/letters are with them, and they respond to this by showing me their badges. Given the misunderstanding, I explain them what a validation letter is, saying it's the paperwork for debt collection (used by Banks and private firms in real life), informing them that it has the debtor's name, the amount owed, and the creditor's name seeking payment written on it, so they could give me an explanation or fake the papers or something, but instead I was adminhelped for "shutting down their gimmick" after committing suspicious actions in the round. The same gimmick was done just a day ago, with another couple of IRUs showing up to collect a debt from Ian White. They wanted to collect his organs for payment and actually requested our cooperation involving the collection, along with a ISU that was with me at the time. They make a simple emote displaying the information of the debt contract on their IPC monitor, and this was enough for us to "enable" their gimmick and move on from there. We proceeded to actively seek out and help the IRUs involved in this until, just like the second incident, they hurt a non-debtor crew member, and we had to detain them for it. All in all, I believe writing a note regarding "doing my best to shut down antag gimmicks" and "validhunty behaviour" was uncalled for. Evidence/logs/etc: Additional remarks: Not really
  6. Hello. I didn't know I had that many notes regarding apparently "validy behaviour" which is funny, since I've been accused of not paying attention to antagonists enough (by taking my time to interact with other crew members outside security in a not overtly, if at all hostile situations), previously. I'm fairly certain whenever I got adminhelped by an antagonist or somebody who didn't find my approach "correct" or "called for" I was able to explain myself and my reasoning behind my actions pretty clear and reasonably, and I will gladly repeat myself, if you can give me examples of instances where my actions as a security officer was "validy". I also don't believe you can measure this sort of thing basing it off of actions done by a security officer without seeing how I do as a command member, and given the amount of frontlining command members already within the ranks, I don't think a 7 day trial will be a doomsday scenario for anyone involved.
  7. Sure, of course, I'm not saying that. I'm also not saying I did not read it. I skimmed through it given the Head of Security section is really nothing but one way of doing things, which I don't really necessarily need, because I disagree with how most things work inside the Security and how it's ran by the majority of the rank-holders. I did read about the Finances section of the Captain page, as well as the Corporate Regulations and Standard Operating Procedure pages that I believe are tied to the job, just not the job page itself. Thus, I'm saying I skimmed over them, because most of the things written in there are common knowledge and/or things that can easily be done with common sense. Don't get me wrong. I also agree that Command roles are mostly stressful occupations, and Head of Security being the most and the tankiest of stress of all, and I'm pretty sure I can handle the stress given I've ran squads of incompetent explorers and the Exploration department for around two years (again, not to say I know all things Command related, just putting it out there given the circumstances) in Baystation, so I'd say I'm sort of knowledgeable on how to run things under stress and manage crises.
  8. I'm gonna have to respectfully disagree with your opinion, and if you can give me examples regarding this "overly-aggressive to antags and shutting down an antag's gimmicks" behaviour, I believe I can explain it very well. Still, each to their own, I suppose. Also, just being truthful there. Given the current holders of Command whitelists, I'm pretty sure more than half of them didn't even bother to skim through it. They are (the wiki pages) acting as guides for the respective roles, and I don't believe I need to study and memorize the entire page to play the roles properly. I'm fairly sure I can carry myself pretty well. Thanks for the input.
  9. I can attest to ryog's ability to form proper englesh sentences and somehow make them funny, as I witnessed by mainly interacting with Lyhia Kyosa. Though I didn't get to interact much, if at all, with her Diona and Unathi characters, I know that she spends time researching the lore behind the race and coming up with unique concepts for her characters, and I'm confident this one isn't different, either. I'm just curious about how the switch from colourful weebs to soulless machines is gonna pan out. +1
  10. I was thinking out loud "why would we need keys for something that's rarely used" when I saw the topic title but this makes a lot of sense, coupled with Carver's suggestion to reinforce the barricades somehow, I think the barricades would see the light of day more often when something along the lines of this suggestion is implemented. I try to create barricades more often than not in hostile scenarios between the crew, myself and the antagonists but honestly either the barricades are too easy to run over, not easily accessible or easily destructible. Maybe not as robust as a riot glass, but more endurable barricades with exclusive activation/deactivation mechanisms would be useful.
  11. BYOND key: Vulcenus Character names: Ronald Monday, Donald Hays How long have you been playing on Aurora?: Since January of 2020 Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I'm kinda bored of simply being an epic security officer Why did you come to Aurora?: Got bored from Baystation due to lack of new away maps and intolerable exploration players Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: Kind of skimmed through them Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? Got warned for going AFK as a Cyborg in 2018 apparently Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: According to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of roleplay (rōl-ˌplā), is to act out the role of something, or to represent them in action. It's more or less true, given it's The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. I think roleplaying is acting out the personality, traits and manners of a specific character, in my case Ronald Monday and Donald Hays, which are self inserts to a degree. What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: To manage their respective departments, encourage people to work together and create roleplaying opportunities or instances by driving their department members to participate. As well as guiding new players and department members and show them the ropes, I guess. What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: Well, given they are whitelisted, there's a degree of competency expected from the whitelisted players on an out of character level regarding their behaviour, since supposedly non-whitelisted characters are to look up to them as an example. I don't think there isn't or shouldn't be much of a difference between the responsibilities of a whitelisted and non-whitelisted behaviour and both should be held to a roleplaying standard, but that's just me. My experiences in the game has shown me that there isn't much to look up to, anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau Ceti and how it affected your character and their career? Given all two of my characters and the ones I'm planning to make are Solarian, I'm gonna give this take in a Solarian's perspective. The current happenings in Tau Ceti is revolved around the shortage of Phoron reserves and declining supplies along with the outgoing shipments to the Solarian Alliance faltering in a noticeable fashion, and this is considered a bad move among Solarian circles, since pretty sure all my homies hate shuttlepooling to work to save Phoron. I don't think it affects characters like Monday and Hays in a big way, but the Command characters will most likely be put under the spotlight, especially Gateman, in order to improve and/or maintain relations to NanoTrasen and the Republic of Biesel and see what can be done about the current political climate between Biesel and Solarian Alliance. What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted? Mainly Consular Officer and Captain, or so I think. I didn't really plan much Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking: Patrick Gateman - Solarian Consular Officer Leonard Clausewitz - Head of Security Thomas Nyswonger - Captain How would you rate your own roleplaying?: I think rating people's roleplay is stupid Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action?: Yes Have you familiarized yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles?: Sure Extra notes: Lava really hurts if you touch it
  12. "Eridani's status in the Sol Alliance is complex and esoteric, but that is by design. In favor of a constitution, Eridani holds the Alliance to a 303 page Terms and Conditions Treaty Regarding The Free Economic Zone of Epsilon Eridani." I don't see why Eridani Trade Zone wouldn't work, I like it.
  13. Don't know enough Unathi lore to ask smart-ass questions but I know she's a great roleplayer and been brainstorming about this for a hot minute. +1
  14. lyhia is fuelled by dumb energy but at least she does honest work idk about the other nerd
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