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  1. I've had the pleasure of playing with Bento in Supply for a couple of rounds now, and I have to say that my experience with them has been positive; very thoughtfully played characters and a desire to learn and improve create a wonderful atmosphere to work with and in turn, make it easier for me to work with my own characters in the scene. This is one of the aspects I value the most of a command role, involvement of the players. It's a breath of fresh air, honestly, and I'm looking forward to seeing how their play can develop further. Solid +1 for me, rock it. Addendum, bump your self-roleplay rating to a solid 8.
  2. I haven't fully decided what kind of role he's gonna play so I decided to keep it open ended with the CT thing. I would maybe swing more towards a role in medicine for wanting to eventually return to Moghes and attempt to "help", so to speak. This would probably show up as an extended leave from the NSS Aurora to pursue an education in medicine, but I'll get to that when it comes to it.
  3. Hey, thank you for the feedback! @DeadLantern 1) Th'akh, likely being taught since it would be the more traditional with his family. He has a moderate acceptance of Sk'akh, and an outright fear or dismissal of Si'akh and Aut'akh due to the radical natures of the two, the limited access of knowledge he has of these two is probably mostly propaganda. 2) Since his family was one of the first colonizing ships aboard Ouerea, I would like to think that he was raised with the Moghes honor values for approximately the first ten years of his life, so he understands the Warrior's code as taught by his father. He would have likely learned much of the traditional honor in his early life as his family conflicted with their evacuation of Moghes as a cowardly attempt of survival. This is mostly shown as being an honest, hard worker, but he also does not fully understand the consequence of exile. Over time, the family's opinion started to smooth out as they became more associated with the other races taking residence on Ouerea. He holds reasonable concern for machinery, still viewing the majority as simple tools and objects without a soul, and is willing to cooperate with them with extreme caution. 3) Geiz's family was originally from Teht, living an average life. As far as he knows, the Contact War essentially "took" something dear from his family and views it as a great shame. I say his family are largely supporters of the Hegemony as they would have had to be in order to colonize early. I hope this answers your questions, please let me know if there's anything I missed ;w;
  4. BYOND Key: Ryog Character Names: Lyhia Kyousa - Cargo Fleeting Wishes upon Errant Winds - Atmos Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Probably a dark shade of green Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yep Why do you wish to play this specific race: I had a chance to dig into Unathi lore in the process of working on my first whitelist, which was a Diona. It let me get some organic interaction with Unathi personnel which then prompted me to learn more about it. After further reading, exploring the different factions and how they vary heavily can create some natural conflict. I found myself overwhelmed by the potential options for character concepts when figuring out what to start with while writing this application. I also just think Unathi characters on station are pretty interesting and it'd be cool to work on it myself. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Let’s break it down into a couple things since organic Unathi and Aut’akh Unathi have some notable differences. Between all of the organic factions, they value the honor code in a much more strict way in terms of hierarchy, action and the consequences of failing to oblige. In respect to Unathi honor, one might value their dignity in passing more than their life if that difference meant that they would continue to live as a disgrace. It can, and should, play a huge role in decision-making when dealing with the myriad of situations that can go on in a round. As Aut’akh, however, it’s a significant swing in the OPPOSITE direction. Living as an outcast and being isolated from your commune would weigh heavily on the mind, and this trauma could manifest in erratic, desperate behavior. Decision-making for an Aut’akh focuses on your own longevity, whether through understanding your physical limitations, or the societal limitations as they are perceived by non-synthetic crew. Survival is paramount in both these regards in order to best utilize the second chance given to them, and to contribute to the Mesh. They don’t care much for honor compared to their brethren, they are here to be accepted, and over all, here to survive. When playing any Unathi, it’s important to understand the perspective between the various factions in how they would communicate with each other due to how parallel they are in their ideologies. Historically speaking, with the dramatic recency of the Contact War, it’s an interesting aspect to roleplay accordingly for any Unathi PC, as any aboard the station would have experienced it in some aspect, some born in the midst of it, others perhaps before, having experienced society from before the collapse. While other races have experienced conflict certainly, the fact that the Contact War was specifically all Unathi personnel can create some deeply rooted issues in between characters. Character Name: Kir’kizan Geiz, Cargo Technician Hailing from Ouerea, and born to a modest family in 2440, Geiz was raised as the youngest of three siblings. His parents were among the earlier colonies of ships to depart Moghes in the wake of the Contact War. As the only member of the family who was not born on Moghes, he has limited knowledge of the events of the War, and attempts to learn and rectify this in order to more deeply connect with the rest of his family. Aside from this, they generally have a healthy relationship in their living space in New Skalamar, supporting each other in adapting to a new land while coping with the distress of the war. Being raised at the same time as the colonization of the planet resulted in an accelerated interest in the workings of the world, and Geiz eagerly set to follow the footsteps of his two brothers to begin work and discover. Through teenager years up until adulthood, Geiz would join his family in a variety of jobs to propagate the colonization efforts, but most of his work involved moving building materials more than any real construction effort. The berth of industries among New Skalamar presented a variety of opportunities, but Geiz found a nostalgic comfort in manual labor in the form of loading freight. A combination of physical exercise and the diversity of clients is a comfortable setting to get footing in the vast expanse. He would manage to travel aboard the NTCC Odin after a series of jobs, take up residence and finally take official work under NT for the NSS Aurora. What do you like about this character? Writing a character that doesn’t actually personally know about the fallout of the Contact War is interesting for a roleplay perspective, mostly in dealing with other Unathi if it gets brought up. I would imagine most of his knowledge about the War comes second-hand from both his family and other colonists seeking refuge. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I would rate myself at about a 7. (people told me to put 8 but self confidence is a myth) I had some recent experience in playing my diona so getting an alien perspective on things and adapting to certain quirks was quite a nice change of pace. Looking to expand my repertoire and having an opportunity to play an alien race with Unathi basing let me focus a little more on their racial history. Notes: ;w;
  5. Loco took a significant amount of time to teach me engineering as a baby and was imo, really effective at communicating the point without boiling it down to a wiki quote. Fun person to work with, very helpful. +1
  6. Hi! Thanks for the questions, sorry for late, I fell asleep like right as this posted LMAO 1) When designing Fleet, my original concept was actually the name! So, in my head I was thinking about an ambitious, adventure-seeking little fella. 2) Overall disposition is probably friendly, and it's very likely that Fleet had an opportunity to commune with diona nymph raised in other clans (at least Dorviza) before settling its time aboard the Aurora. For being an active defensive measure in their own settlement, is for the most part, negatively receptive but interested in the more aggressive raider-types. 3) Another interesting one I didn't consider. I will go ahead and say this is /possibly/ a yes. Fleet has integrated enough into clan society to understand the concept of Unathi honor but that comes in direct conflict with their inherent need for preservation as a diona. The way I see it: the Wastelands are vast, and the opportunity to get into a scrap is pretty likely, so there's very likely been an encounter and Fleet would have had to survive to find aboard the Aurora. If blood was drawn (very likely), then this could also be a very powerful piece of RP when interacting with Guwan on the station. Hope these are sufficient, and thanks again! Happy to talk about my tree child.
  7. i like stev's hop they let me do dumb shit with zero consequence But like actually, pleasant person to RP with, fun interactions! Responsible head! +1
  8. Hi! Thanks for the feedback ;w; 1) I intended this to relate to the fact that while the diona are pretty buddy-buddy with Clan Dorviza unathi, maybe it hadn't /quite/ gotten to the other parts of the wasteland, by way of migration, spores, etc. For the purposes of re-naturalizing the wasteland, the relationship was definitely mutual for both Fleet and their clan. 2) I was pretty focused on the engineering aspect of the wasteland clan I picked out, but I did also notice that they're kind of secluded compared to the rest, which I feel can be related to diona physiology in a way (close knit clan loses a member, it's a huge blow to the community, to an extent) 3) I feel like through the supposed pilgrimage they'd probably have found a chance to expand their outlooks further. With the technological depth in the wasteland, it's likely that there could have been an upper limit to knowledge and they simply wanted to see more of the world. 4) Not something I have initially considered, but I feel like with the relation of diona - hegemony they'd probably pick up on some spiritual following. I think it'll have to be an IC thing developed if it turns out to be more than just a belief. Hope this answers! Happy to answer more if necessary :3
  9. BYOND Key: Ryog Character Names: Lyhia Kyousa - cargo Shou Tarouhi - forensics Species you are applying to play: Diona Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes :^) Why do you wish to play this specific race: After much deliberation, I wasn’t really sure if I vibed with any of the races and I was almost content with just playing human, but taking a look at diona lore on a whim has admittedly gotten me fairly invested. I really envy the naming structure of diona, which is the main factor that prompted me to dig deeper. It feels like an effective way to communicate a motive, a backstory, or some other aspect of your character’s personality without having to lore-dump on people. I feel like it can allow a unique flexibility in handling the character’s development, both OOC (relating aspects to your chosen name) and IC (sharing of experiences between nymphs). Conceptually, the idea of a “legion” comprised in one character can provide some interesting internal conflict given the nature of the hivemind. Finally, I think the fact that their MO of “learning from hosts” grants a lot of diversity when it comes to diona of different backgrounds or heritage. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: I feel like a key difference in playing a diona versus a human is the concept of self-preservation. Obviously- every sentient will want to keep themselves alive, but the unique experience of a diona requires a bit more nuance in dealing with hazardous situations. A human or otherwise, for example, won’t suddenly forget how to use their hands or lose bits of who they are when in physical danger. A simple trip to medbay for another species can be a much more harrowing situation if their memories or their personality are at risk. Other sentients may be able to forgo dangerous situations with the knowledge that they can recover safely, where diona cannot necessarily have that same privilege. Aside from the lore-related implications, having to mechanically adjust for diona quirks like light level, speed, inflection, etc, can provide a significant amount of depth to roleplay. Character Name: Fleeting Wishes Upon Errant Winds, Engineering Apprentice /Station Engineer ‘Fleet’ (as henceforth named in this backstory) is a gestalt originating from a Clan Ozeuoi village, raised amongst their Unathi youth. Arriving initially as an unintentional ‘jump start’ in this sect of the Moghes Wastelands, reception may have been apprehensive at first, but it was surely not denied. Exposure to the clan’s ingenuity and resourcefulness amidst a hostile environment showed this one that adversity is overcome with a creative mind and swift action. The struggles resulting from Clan Ozeuoi’s more insular ideology shared many parallels with the now partially formed gestalt and its component nymphs. To further this newfound ambition, Fleet pursued an interest in engineering, fueled by a deep desire to understand what makes a given concept become reality. Going forward, Fleet would assist Clan Ozeuoi’s endeavors in both defending its territory and providing agricultural assistance, up until the village was deemed stable enough and left behind with a number of nymphs, with Fleet free to pursue grander ideas. To further these goals, Fleet would go on a pilgrimage of sorts through Moghes, finding itself accepting odd jobs within the Hegemony’s reach, gradually acquiring a reasonable sum of eight nymphs by its time of acquiring citizenship. What do you like about this character? While I already conceptually adore the fact that diona are a race of learning entities, I feel like engineering is a solid direction in terms of pursuing that goal. Writing the backstory and thinking about how to make it cohesive also gave me the opportunity to dive deeper into Unathi lore (which would have been my second option going for a whitelist) and is probably likely to get me invested enough to apply again soon. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I would probably put myself at a 6/10, maybe 7 on a really good day. I find myself struggling occasionally with furthering compelling narratives as a human, and I hope that maybe a different perspective from diona might aid in that. Notes: i am incredibly nervous but please roast the shit out of me so i can l e a r n
  10. these are the only 2 characters i actually wrote backstory for and the only ones i ever feel like playing so lmk how you feel about these two and what i should work on : D i also play tama cat pai but yknow i just do cat stuff and have zero responsibility Lyhia: peppy cargo tech from vysoka, grew up rural and isn't super smartlike but tries her darndest to get along with the station patrons. usually has a pet or two. awful kd ratio, really. she dies every round Shou: nitty gritty ex-tcfl forensics tech that has some deep seated issues with some unresolved cases. copes with it by trying to be some form of order on a station born of chaos ends up doing literally nothing because haha ballistics go brrrr
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