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Join The Fight For Your World.
Join the Planetary Engineering Guild Today.

Help protect our planets.

  • Our worlds is under threat like never before.
  • We’re destroying forests, disrupting the balance of the oceans, decimating wildlife population sizes, and causing devastating changes to the climate.
  • Join PEG to be part of a growing movement of people across the Empire who want their voice to be heard.
  • Together, we can begin to restore nature and improve the state of our planets for future generations.

We're already making a big difference


Climate change caused by Imperial industry is wreaking havoc on our wildlife and habitats, while putting more and more people's lives and homes at risk. You can help call on the Emperor and the Great Houses to come together, agree and act to protect nature.


Numbers of wild hounds, birds, ice worms, and arch-mantas have plummeted and the Moroz itself is now one of the most nature depleted planets in the Empire. Help us to push for alternative indistries that will restore our precious nature here in the captial and beyond.

The proceeds from your membership are not restricted to particular conservation projects, so you can be sure your contribution is going to where the funding is most needed.


Full membership is just a one off payment of 50 credits.

We'll send you:

Membership Pack


An introduction to PEG and the incredible work that you’ll be supporting along with an NT work approved PEG badge, PEG armband and a Schlorrgo plush.

Regular Updates


We'll keep you regularly updated on our work and how your support is helping, including three issues a year of our exclusive members magazine - Terraform.

Click Here to Join


OOC: This is just a bit of fun flavor for any characters interested. Essentially an Dominian environmental group. It's open to any characters from any nation that would like environmentalism though it is very Dominian Empire centric. To "join" just say your character is a member in game and if you want, wear a customised badge/armband from the loadout. If we get enough folks we might do little player run events/admin events if the admins fancy it.


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