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      Looking at this feels like sexual harassment 

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      I would never look like this at you, baka

  2. Thought you already were. Didn't realise you'd quit. I support obvs.
  3. To explain, I played the other day as a human and consumed (at least): 5 beers 5 grogs 3.5 champagne 3.5 White wine 14 gins Only when my character was on the gin did they start to actually get buzzed/drunk. He could've slammed beers, grogs and wines all day I'd imagine with little issue. I'd like to see "low alcohol" drinks like beer/grog be given a bit of a boost in alcohol content. As a baseline, maybe 2 beers for a buzz, 3 for tipsy, 5 drunk. I'm not precious on the numbers but I'd like to see drunk effects actually kick in otherwise how am I supposed to SLAM A FEW GROGS WITH MY MATES if they don't do anything. Thoughts?
  4. I have aids haha

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      Words such as these were last spoken by a very specific figure or two. Do you intend to repeat their fate?

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      Zundy a confirmed alt of halorocks.

  5. Looking good home slice. I like the idea of a thug Dionae and I hope they get involved in illicit activity on station if the app goes through. I too made a thug Dionae recently but I made a fatal error in calling them "Pounded by the Credit" which it turns out is a very similar name to a parody erotic novel and his attire, while supposed to be intimidating leathers, made them look like a leather daddy. Needless to say I deleted them. Rip Credit. My questions to you are: - How would Carmilla/Bottom fit in with the Dionae community on Biesel? If not at all why not? - Why did they decide to be shaft miner instead of a cargo tech/janitor/assistant?
  6. By "crawl spaces" I mean this: I really like the way the look and their potential for shenanigans. Sadly there's only a handful and they're not all that useful for any ceiling goblins/antags. Adding more across the Z level would be great. Didn't add this to the "minor mapping suggestions" as it seems like a much bigger deal. I can move it there though if need be. Thoughts?
  7. Based and Menown pilled. See you around space cowboy.
  8. Looks like a solid application. Cael has asked all I would ask. You have my support.
  9. Gotta admit, 12 trays is a bit pessimistic on a research station. I think you could extend out the working area and cut away those 5 trays imo.
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