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  1. I don't know if this is grief or just general antag behaviour to be honest. I'd need more context because deleting research and stealing materials is fine to me. We have data disks for a reason (this reason) we just never use them because antags rarely care. To me, this is kind of like a situation where let's say security has a habit of always leaving the armoury wide open historically and then over a series of recent rounds antags clear out the armoury. I don't think the issue is the antags there, but the historic behaviour of assuming no one oocly will ever enter the armoury. Science should start backing up their research.
  2. Excuse me everyone.

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    I have an announcement to make. 

    App for dionae.

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      Best of luck to you!

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  3. The issue isn't sec but antags pretty much all being geared towards combat, and sec is the combat department. If antags were geared towards busting power lines and damaging station infrastructure then we'd be here talking about the "issues with engineering" and how we need to give everyone a little bit of engineering skill so they can get involved when the antags vent the main hall and shut off the engine for the Xth time. The only real solution is to introduce non-combat antags, however that may be.
  4. Hi splitting headache, I'm Zundy
  5. App for dionae deputy immediately.
  6. I too, agree with based ping. Much more fun and open to shenanigans.
  7. Sorry about it being a pic. It literally will not let me post that. @BoryaTheSlayer
  8. What reasons? We've been back and forthing so I'm not 100%. Better variety and teamplay? Give me a sec, the forums are being stupid and not letting me post properly.
  9. If security has an CQC officer and a ranged officer I'd want those merged too. I'm talking about situations when seperating the roles caused issues in gameplay, like meaning the engine wasn't on, or not being treated because there's no surgeon so you have to have your arms cut off to stop arterial bleeding (something that happened). Also that's four jobs to six and we seperated out warden and CSI because of player numbers (sec is always booming) not because of RP or anything like that though it is handy with those guys. My change leaves us with four jobs. Just one more, merge surgeon and physician and you will never again have to worry about drafting up spreadsheets to explain what functions they're allowed to carry out. There will still be a pharmacist, still be an EMT, still be a CMO. Come on man. No need to become curt, we're just talking and it's only a suggestion not a change that's being forced through. I can see why you'd think that and I'm personally happy if Pharmaceutical Medical Officer or whatever the name would end up being being pulled away from generally medical work. Afterall, roboticist don't do science and atmos doesn't do engineering. Though I do seem to recall roboticists being allowed to do R&D when there's no R&D (because it's critical to their role) and atmos to do engines (because it's critical to the round) when no scientists/engineers are on. Someone feel free to correct me on that because I can't recall 100%, especially regarding the atmos.
  10. What do you mean? Science and Engineering have three jobs. The reality of their jobs especially regarding the tasks that they carry out on station, using the logic for having so many jobs in medical, means they're unbelievable/restrictive/lack variety and yet there is no issue with those characters. No one is lamenting that they can't just be an electrotech, that they'll have to set up the engine or questioning the believablity of their credentials versus their tasks. We're just fine with it and it IS fine because it doesn't effect your character except in a trivial way (you studied Engineering/Science instead of a course in Electronics/PhD in Apple Breeding). The same arguments being made here or should I say the same worries that people have, applied to those departments when their alt titles were stripped back and everything's fine. Nothing detrimental happened except now we can have all hands on deck in those departments which is a good thing. Things we've added in an attempt to differentiate them rooted in people appealing to real life (which we don't do anywhere else). There's no point, just merge them instead of drawing a jagged line.
  11. I'm totally happy with Medical Officers doing all the healing and Pharmaceutical Medical Officers doing all the brewing. The complaints about surgeons being OP is a departmental complaint due to surgeons making a physicians role superfluous and I agree, that's why I think they should be merged instead of trying to draw a shakey line between them. Once again, the same could be said of the other departments who manage totally fine with three jobs.
  12. Hmm I guess not. I was going to say part of their job was filtering the good stuff from the trash but that's actually a very old responsibility from the old map, unless the mail room still does that? I don't actually remember.
  13. Bring back the fireaxe! Seriously though this sounds good, I don't see why they couldn't have access.
  14. Same could be said of the other departments and yet they're totally fine. The reality is that you have situations where you can't get treated properly, just like the old engineering alt titles.
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