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  1. I'm ok with the idea of IPCs being able to learn more languages (not just sol common) barring languages that utilise body language like Sinta'Azaziba.
  2. Trade Deal Settled Between NanoTrasen and Idris; New Banking Services Open After a period of heavy negotiation new banking and power distribution terms have been agreed sector wide within Tau Ceti. The trade deal long in the making unblocks NanoTrasen employees from accessing Idris Incorperated banking products and services in exchange for the NCV Ikon, the largest mobile power station in known space, having free rights to provide power distribution contracts across Tau Ceti. The deal will mean that citizens of Mendell will continue to access cheap energy services provided by NanoTrasen power generation, whilst NanoTrasen employees in Biesel will be allowed to utilise the Bank of Idris' superior banking services. "The agreement is an excellent compromise between our groups" Andrew Reynolds, NanoTrasen's Chief Relations Director told the press "cheap, relaiale power services can continue to be provided to the citizens of Biesel whilst our best and brightest in the NanoTrasen family can access Idris' premium services. A win win all round in my book." Addressing the Bugle in holovid conference Arthur Curring, Idris Chief Operations Officer, told reporters "We are happy to be able to provide our superior banking services to all citizens in Biesel. With this trade deal settled amicably we look forward to many more mutually agreeable deals in the near future. Together we'll reach astronomical figures." When questioned regarding the noted influx of Idris Reclamation Units into Tau Ceti following the deal, Mr Curring told press "the new Reclamation Units have been brought in to ensure we're providing the utmost service to our customers a stakeholders." NanoTrasen Employees should expect their work automated teller machines to be replaced with the much more ergonomic Idris Incorporated units.
  3. On the whole Elyra is actually a pretty sweet place to live so it'd be extremely unlikely that a colony would rebel against them during the Lii'dra attacks. That being said, pirates would certainly take advantage of the situation and would likely prey on the outer Elyran colonies. If you have the back story as "local warlored rebelled and" it could easily just be tweeked to "pirates attacked and." If it messes with your established back story too much then I'd just leave it as rebellion/warlord as the republic is a big place and I'm sure one colony could easily have had a lil' rebellion. Hope that helps?
  4. Change it to "The Big Gay" and be done with it tbh.
  5. It doesn't matter if it's air tight or not. When the canister runs out you just can't breathe from it, it doesn't suddenly create a reversal in pressure and pop your lungs. When my deodorant runs dry it doesn't cause a vacuum to occur in my bathroom, rupturing my soft tissues until my wife can give me a plaster and a juice box. Just make it so you begin to breathe the surrounding atmosphere and if that is THE VOID then so be it lung popping gods. Ins'Void
  6. Why not just call it America. 😏😏😏
  7. Yeah sorry man, we're lore devs not corporate solicitors.
  8. Don't worry this hasn't been forgotten. We're reviewing it and discussing how to slide this meaty piece into our quivering wiki.
  9. Don't worry this hasn't been forgotten. We're reviewing it and discussing how to slip it in like gentlemen.
  10. This hasn't been forgotten don't worry, we're current looking into how best to fit this.
  11. @kyres1Kinda synth lore. How do you feel about this?
  12. We're still looking it over, this has not been forgotten.
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