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  1. I'd honestly like to see the setting shrink in the sense of the distances reduced. I think they're a bit large. Make it tighter, add some specific travel times for the key planets. Badda bing badda boom. Simple fix imho.
  2. Zundy

    Remove Cargonia

    Yeah, gearing up (because the gear is there) and hunkering down/helping people in peril makes sense to me. It's believable. Gearing up and valid hunting is a bit whack.
  3. 2500 is the number of seconds I've played actually in game on the Aurora this year.
  4. 2500 is the number of notes technokat got before being banned.
  5. 2500 is the number of posts I'm planning on making in this thread unless it gets locked/deleted in that time.
  6. 2500 is the number of DMs I get a day asking for lewds that I have to reject because I'm happily married.
  7. 2500 is the number of girls that call schev ugly to his face on a daily basis.
  8. You're a good egg Geeves. Everyone come into this thread to give Geeves head pats.
  9. Yeah it's actually a joke bro, YOU JUST GOT PRANKED HAHA WOOOO that's what happens to IPC MAINS HAHA. #ladsladslads #prankedson How long do oxygen tanks last for? Surely they should last at least as long as a fully filled tank give or take imo.
  10. Maybe have it play a noise a la Predator self destruct.
  11. Zundy

    Remove Cargonia

    1. Yes, they should be locked away. 2. Nah it's a cool role, whitelist it tho. 3. Resolved by having a whitelisted QM to properly educate. 4. Keep KAs, ahelp if people use them inappropriately. Crates should probably be removed anyway? Replace them with something that requires like sci to crack open. 5. Getting people to ahelp is always hard tbh due to what coalf said and the perceived lack of action against whoever is being a naughty boy/because sometimes it just doesn't seem "bad enough".
  12. Zundy

    Remove Cargonia

    What triggered this? Is cargo really that bad for it?
  13. Just use the uranium walls but make them brown.
  14. Yeah get rid. Also add a different noise for robo feet and Vaurca click clack chitin toes.
  15. Imo I'd actually simplify the whole thing to broaden role use (you can specialise flavor wise as much as you like) and have simply: Trainee Medical Officer - cadet/new person role. Medical Officer - Can do pretty much anything as per your character. Paramedic - As now essentially. Chief Medical Officer - Is the head of.
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