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  1. Zundy

    Lore of the Nanako

    I made this. This is mine now. https://youtu.be/htDB8SuLrng
  2. Zundy

    Staff Complaint - Lordfowl

    What? I said fowls creating active detractors and that though we have other staff members to soften opinion i.e. stop people becoming active detractors to the server he will still cause people to dislike him. I'm legitimately upset that you'd even think that I'd imply that I'd rather people leave then fowl change his ways which would be totally out of character for me as well as state that I'd then dismiss your question for clarity out of hand as "you just misunderstood" which I don't do either. How did that even cross your mind when in the text before I agree that his tone is awful and needs to change and afterwards appeal to the fact he could potentially damage the servers reputation and is damaging his own? For clarity I'm not saying fowl is fine, I'm actually saying he needs to change as he's damaging his own reputation and the servers.
  3. Zundy

    Low-Pop Map/NBT Testing Grounds

    It's a major population center so it easily could. However it's largely about if people want an alt map like that on low and it looks like many don't.
  4. Zundy

    Low-Pop Map/NBT Testing Grounds

    Make it an office on the Odin. Canon, Lore friendly and fun for the whole family.
  5. Zundy

    Staff Complaint - Lordfowl

    I like fowl. As has already been said his comments only stung because they hold a grain of truth within them otherwise they're just dumb and easily ignored. I have made bants with fowl often and it always feels like it's in good faith and he never offends me. That being said, I can actually understand why fowls manners rile people up, especially strangers and considering his staff position it'd best to take a step back from that and change the public tone to a more "professional" and friendly one. Essentially Fowl it's funny but it creates active detractors to you and the server. I think the server can take the hit as we have multiple staff members to soften opinion but having active detractors against yourself means that people will actively try and compromise your position. Not only that but any thing you do will be dismissed as hot garbage and this will only get worse until I'd imagine you yourself bow out. You can play that way if you'd like but it sounds pretty depressing to be honest, especially since you're such a cool guy. That's my opinion anyway.
  6. Zundy

    Low-Pop Map/NBT Testing Grounds

    Could have an NT office based in Mendell city as one map maybe?
  7. Get your shit together! ITS MONGOLIAN MONDAY
  8. Zundy

    Mira's Alchemist Set

    As has been already mentioned the items are a good relflection on lore and I don't think having it hold multiple chems at once will be an issue. +1 from me.
  9. I brought this up before and I'm bringing it up again: Antag round where a team from Upsilon Station come aboard for a tour but whisky they're here they have to sabotage work on the Aurora legally in whatever way they can.
  10. Zundy

    World AIDS Day 2015

    RIP Loow. I'll always miss his green
  11. Zundy

    Aboshehab Letter of Resignation

    Sorry to see you go Abo. Your work ethic and attitude were stellar and I wish you all the best for the future.
  12. Hi Lantern. It's a stellar effort but it glosses over the other areas in the region (UAE, Oman etc) and is very Saudi centric. Mainly though, we're taking Earth lore in a different direction in the very very near future and this isn't going to mesh with the theme going forward. It is good though so don't be disheartened. If you see any other lore gaps you feel passionate about and fancy having a crack at them then I'd say go for it looking at this. Denied with regret. @Coalf Would you do the honors my love?
  13. Zundy

    Give Chaplains an Aspergillum

    Sounds good but don't have it be an aspergillum. Give it a different name, tweek the look and make the bit that holds the water obsidian. The rest like the handle can be whatever.
  14. I know loads of people who take oxycodone irl and work. It's just a high level pain killer for high level pain. I could imagine someone who's got issues with their augs interfacing with their flesh taking this for pain as some RP fluff. Some standards would be good though. Maybe discuss it icly and raise it to CCIA.
  15. Sorry for my tardiness but just an FYI that the slots aren't open just yet. There will be an announcement when they are.