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  1. I agree with the topic title. Kill em all I say.
  2. You can already override an LI if it makes sense to do so by ahelping and asking if you can. It already blocks anything a mind shield-like thing would block. Narratively it shines a light on the unethical side of NT and the megas (you need literal implants to progress up the chain). No reason to remove them imo.
  3. What Nantei said. The point of the law/rule is to stop drones interacting with crew and station bounds. Them fighting rats, carp and hivebots is a non-issue. No one's slamming their keyboards with rage as their character is beaten to the punch to get that damned rat/carp.
  4. Hive mind doesn't mean they're sentient per se unless we're saying they have a collective consciousness and not just swarm intelligence. Closes the wiki page.
  5. Zundy

    Music Lore

    https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Music This page was made ages ago with an agreed timeline of music. It was designed specifically so that, thanks to Skrell, essentially current irl music styles can be used and be lore friendly. Why don't we all work together to fill out the other areas. That is, if you're not scared babies.
  6. The Skakh relic should work on and be available to Tribunal followers since they worship the same god would thus share the same creation hymns lore wise and gameplay wise it's a good display of that cross species factional interaction "will-they-wont-they" Tsundere romance between the Hegemony and Dominia.
  7. Yeah do it to be honest. Make it so other things can be stashed in vents as well. We'll just need to escalate mice mechanics to keep up. I'm joking. Doth thou crave......? Haha banish it. Lest.....
  8. Keep HoS imo. Trial it for a week and see how it goes. My opinion has changed a little bit and I'm leaning more towards department sec maybe not being that good but a trial will confirm either way.
  9. So was this tested and shown to not work?
  10. Improve don't remove is a stellar attitude to have and no "I am silly" comic can change that. That being said ling needs to be tweeked or taken out back. Make ling into the many from System Shock 2 tbh. More versatile.
  11. Have coalf and I dated in the past? Yes. Is this an issue? Yes. Will it get in the way of lore? Yet to be seen. Lore contribution wise Coalf's been good but it's mainly the work ethic where Coalf really shines. If I recall correctly Coalf produced decent lore within speedy time frames and also encouraged others, pushing for others to contribute. Good example is the lore apps. Bit of a meme because they take so long to process (a known issue) but Coalf did try and correct this when they were placed to oversee it. It didn't pick up but this was no fault of Coalf's. You gonna do lore events (both canon and non canon) in game @Coalf? That's the main thing I think otherwise it's just fanfic re. Lore.
  12. It's randomised loot. It probably could be canon but it implies high level criminal activity. It's randomised. You can suspend your disbelief regarding antags attacking every other round but items in maint is a bridge too far? Canonise it then and let's have sec raid maint. I genuinely don't mind but just "checking up on maint" when it's known grenades are being stored their by persons unknown becomes unbelievable in the other direction. It's either randomised spawns you RP are just junk and thus don't sweep or it's meta or it's intentionally placed contraband and thus is a serious known problem and sec should escalate their process.
  13. What Geeves said. Otherwise not only should sec be allowed to sweep but they should lock down maintenance at round start, equip lethals and then sweep maintenance to catch this lunatic or organised syndicate that is loading up maintenance with contraband inbetween shifts. It's supposed to be random detritus that's mechanically randomised for our pleasure. Not literally purposefully littered canonically by a mysterious person/group. I mean sure, if staff want to canonise that then I'm cool with it but that implies criminal shenanigans.
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