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  1. Ever since our canoe holiday in Botswana I knew that Coalf had what it takes to be, specifically and in totality, a wikipedia maintainer on a space station 13 server with moderate, stable player numbers. I remember lying in our double sleeping bag looking up at the stars, listening to the cosy buzz of mosquitoes on the lazy river. Coalf would flawless whisper grammatical amendments to sentences he'd heard or read that day, listing recommendations for better page formatting and we'd laugh and carry-on well into the early hours. I like to think I mad more then just a friend those nights. Regardless of my feelings for Coalf, I think we can all agree that he'd make an exceptional member of the wiki maintaining team. He was born for this role. Thank you for listing but before you go I know you might not want to hear this but I'm down on my luck right now having quit the lore team (yes we are salaried) so if you could just give as much as you can to my PayPal so I can maybe buy some new video games that'd be pretty great. This is my fund https://paypal.me/pools/c/8guUp4BTNw +1 from me
  2. I'm gonna close and archive as accepted then.
  3. Just an update to let you know we're just trying to figure out where to slot this in without the dreaded bloat, it's not forgotten.
  4. So what's the crack with this fellow lore crew?
  5. That's already against the rules Mogelix. The suggestion is to ban people from having the same sprite as another character they play.
  6. Well apparently they have hence this thread unless the real issue is that they're playing the same character under a different name which forcing them to change their sprite won't change. If it's so difficult to prove they're doing it when the sprite is the same, heaven help you when they change the sprite.
  7. Because there is limited ways to portray a character. Had they logged in on a different cdkey would you have even noticed let alone cared?
  8. So the real issue is that they are NOT changing their behaviour/doing so in such a bad faith, trivial way just to avoid a bwoink?
  9. I dunno man, the sprites are basic and though it's obvious they just copied one character slot, if the characters act differently, have different motivations and especially if they have different flavor texts it's a non issue imo. They're not even doing anything wrong other than being slightly lazy. I don't get why this would impact you in anyway. Can you give an example of this being an issue? You don't need to name names just a hypothetical or real issue.
  10. By "look the same" do you mean their sprite and flavor text or just their sprite?
  11. Why not post any cool romance arcs you know about in here so we can all get a feel for some storylines before we vote. ☺️
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