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  1. @Naelynn Sorry, I don't think I mentioned this to you and a spicy converstion in the relay OOC made me remember this. I'm planning on picking this up regarding another new aspect of lore we're going to introduce. It might get tweaked abit but I'll talk it over with you later AFTER this "new thing" comes out soon. Sorry to leave you hanging!
  2. b a s e d

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      only bald gamers will get this

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  3. 100% agree with @Boggle08, better chem gear in the warehouse to be sent off.
  4. I have kois mycosis haha

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  5. Ahhh you're going to do an Aurora born gestalt, interesting. Couple of questions right off the bat: - Is this going to be a "new born" Dioane, ho wold are they going to be? - How did they get recruited into NT and the station? - What does Born know, feel about the Biesel Choir?

  7. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Dionae#Dionae_Farming Minor update on Dionae farming and cooking.
  8. Essentially Eple, when you apply for a custom item it has to be flavor only. You can't apply for any items that actually give you a mechanical advantage which a combitool does. It's true that you can just grab one at round start like a sec officer can grab a gun, but it's the general rool to prevent power game creep. An idea though - a custom combi-tool modification which your character carries that changes the sprite OR something that I think is more likely to be approved - a custom sprite hacking kit/cyberdeck like those in say shadow run: It'd be non functional but something for Gina to carry around. I think it'd represent the character well.
  9. You had me at "Gina's". +1 from me. Edit: But seriously though what Goolie said.
  10. For me, I'd like to see more people selected to be part of the rev's at round start. If not, maybe the rev's are given a "rev radio" with which they can summon in off station recruits dependant on the number of rev's and or money cost. Have it so they can teleport in a machine that converts precious items/minerals like gold into credits with which they can then "call in" support from off station. Essentially all the good stuff cult can do but with the rev aesthetic: - Merc - armed combat unit - Spys - sneaky stealth unit - Borg - essentially a borg bound to the revs which can choose a module I still like the fact that the rev's can choose what they're goal is but it's true that I've seen and been part of rev rounds where we just cannot think of a good gimmick. Perhaps maybe their should be some random objectives which the group can choose to follow if they wish?

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      I don't get it

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      Local loredev goes fucking insane after writing too much talking tree lore

  12. Tell you what would be cool. Is if for the infected player it appeared as though it was in their head but for everyone else they are literally whispering. Guess that's too complicated for to little payoff. A man can dream....
  13. I'm torn because I agree with Carver however I like the vibes from the curtains.
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