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  1. I've got to say it's looking good so far. After joining the round as a trainee Medical Officer Aisha (Shenaaigans Chief Medical Officer) showed my newbie the ropes, successfully utilising in character methods and in character lore knowledge allowing my character to not only learn the role in character but also allow me to learn some hints and tips out of character, improving the state of my medical roleplay and mechanical efficiency. Afterwards we hopped into DMs through discord and discussed lore in great detail. They went through human lore in depth and I have to say, I'm think I'm 100% behind the soon to be human reshuffle, reduced factions and mega corporations alongside so remove of inappropriate lore (Dominia, Eridani etc). We talked a lot about the future and travelling in the wake of the Corona virus outbreak and though your trip down Khwai in Botswana was cancelled (for obvious reasons) I'd highly recommend as I've been there myself and it was extremely nice. I think what you've done with your work life is brilliant and personally I'm taking on board the Five Bases of Influence (thanks again, Gareth Morgan's book "Images of Organisation" was amazing). Sorry for getting a bit creepy on the DMs, you were quite the word Smith and I must say I was quite smitten with you (in a friendly way ). All in all an absolute +1 from me!
  2. As the title says. This isn't a me me honestly I thinkits time we brought bach chaz he bas his fjnger on ybe pulse of this server and on the ss13 communtiy bring him in and lets get craciing. Skull can stay too.
  3. Google already does this as do other companies, makes sense to have people visiting and living on the station. Plus game wise it's more interesting.
  4. This thread got epic real fast. I'm aligned with wezzy in that getting a selection of clothes is better to ease in visuals. Cre77 isn't currently making more Domino's Pizza sprites as they're working on other projects so these are all for now. Geeves has made a PR so let's all be friends and kiss each other.
  5. As the title says. Make maintenance all access but obviously make the maintenance doors that open into departments have that departments access. Much more fun RP to be had with this opening up for more gimmicks and general tunnel RP.
  6. Oh yeah we're talking about brains-in-jars shells essentially. I was pushing for human augs. I got lost in all the excitement. ☺️
  7. What about human Aut'akhs? What about maimed victims who need FBPs to survive? What about people who just want FBPs (they most certainly would exist)?
  8. Probably would tbh not gnna lie
  9. Make maint' all access. Better antag gimmicks and more fun for all the family. Tunnel runner dregs represent.
  10. I always would my dude. I will be sending you shower memes presently.
  11. Like I said, I think this IS matching our quality. Armory's sprites look this good.
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