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  1. We already had an R&D guide before and that was fine. Thanks for updating it with this though.
  2. Not sure about Shane in game as honestly I haven't seen him much but Kryo's work with Topaz clearly demonstrates to me that they can handle a serious character to withstanding Kyro's mastery of the famous dreg slang. It's a +1 from me generally and regardless of past notes or behaviours (so long as they are indeed in the past) I think Kryo is certainly worthy of a trial. @Kryostro For me, a good command member helps drive a round's story and enables other player's roleplay. Do you agree with this? If not, why not and if so, what things would you do in a round to enable this? For example, a character who's an assistant comes up to your HoP and asks to be transferred into medical to be a "Medical Assistant" with basic med access to help out there. What would you be thinking OOCly and what would Jade do?
  3. Glory to Biesel Glory to Al-Wahdeh Al-Wahdeh needs citizens of Biesel to stand together against the encroaching tyrannies of the imperialist star powers! Humanity united in defence of Biesel and its citizens! No to Sol! No to Dominia! No to Elyra! No to corrupt politicans! No to any who would take our freedom! Under the banner of The Lion we shall push back any invaders and champion the oppressed. A utopia for all! Al-Wahdeh for all! JOIN NOW https://discord.gg/dPAVMyc Leader of Al-Wahdeh addressing a crowd in Mendell City. Photo taken by Biesel citizen "Coalf".
  4. Awesome, lemme know when you're available because I'm very much interested.
  5. Makes sense to me and explains (without compromising the lore of the character) why the character would be doing this. Sounds cool to me! +1
  6. It's cool but why though? Do they often nap in places where the dorms wouldn't work flavor wise? Where are those places?
  7. I would very much like some character art please. How much do you charge?
  8. After watching some interactions Oscar has had with others I very much enjoy him as a character. That being said I don't have any decent feedback this isn't just wanky. Is there anything you'd like for us to look out for in particular feedback wise? What do you think the character is lacking or what are you having issues with?
  9. I like your focus on the frontier. Do you have any plans for Elyra? They're critically under developed but have amazing potential.
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