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Chapel be shit, and dumb.


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In case you weren't aware, the shutters are dumb, as seen above with a modification to the chapel.

Secondly, the windows don't make any sense. A church, or chapel, is meant to seem private and closed off, to better give the feeling of a place of worship and all this jazz. Having this giant window is fucking weird, considering the church is usually a place to silently pray and whatnot.

Can we have these windows replaced, and a solid door added? it'd be a bit more pleasant.

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As for the being closed off part, one could argue that it's on a station, which is an enclosed metallic bubble in space. Everywhere feels private and closed off.

But I like the design you have here. Especially the placement of the chairs.

Can we also replace all the stools with actual wooden chairs or something?

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Also, the fact that the altar is anything other than 3x2 or 3x1. . . The priest always standing to the left or right of the centre. . .



Given the size of the main worship area, without affecting everything else in the local area, the chaplain is always going to be off centre. So go grr yourself.

Also Nik, being consistently semi-aggressive with your titles is own way to piss off the development staff, just a FYI.

Anyway, I'll consider this suggestion when I am next able to stat some mapping (in 6 hours or so.)

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You could quite literally make the chapel either one column of tiles smaller, or one tile of columns larger to fix the issue. I fail to see how that would affect everything in the local area massively.


I didn't say it can't be done, I know full well how to do it. I also never said massively, I just said that it would affect other areas, i.e. resizing the library, or departures lounge.

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