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((Considering her business is worth about, trillions upon trillions of credits, the bounty is quite low, also, alive, you'd get way more because then the SA would be paying it off))

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((In-character logic here, mate.))


((..guys. This character's existence on the station is non canon. They only appear on the station for admin events, and even then, this has only happened twice ever. They were originally created by Frances for a party event, and were the daughter of Xavier Trasen, the actual founder and CEO of Nanotrasen.

This bounty is pointless. Might as well put a bounty on a Sol Alliance senator, because both are never going to appear on the station in a canonized/normal round.))

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((Just like to say, Miranda is the CEO and majority shareholder of NT, she runs the company.))

((This thread was months old. Why'd you revive it xD))


((Viva le bounty on Miranda Trasne!))

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((Viva le bounty on Miranda Trasne!))


((He probably just tweaked the lore. Doesn't change the fact she's still most likely not going to set foot on the station outside of admin events. She doesn't really have a reason to, either, given there are Odin staff visiting it semi frequently keeping tabs. Post remains a bullet shot into the ground.))

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