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Icedcabbage's IPC Application

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BYOND Key: Icedcabbage

 Character Names: Marc Hongo-Security Officer

                                Anderson Bhander-Drill Technician

                                 Fitz Gazi-Xenoarcheologist

                                 Andrew Stamos-merchant

Species you are applying to play: IPC (Integrated Positronic Chassis)

 What color do you plan on making your first alien character: IPCs exempt.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes.

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

 I became interested in Synthetics, more specifically humanoid androids after watching the entire TV show called the Orville where the Android Isaac. throughout the sessions of the show Isaac learns/develops human traits like the ability to show compassion and also learns human customs, although it is very hard for Isaac to understand them. This got my interested in the concept and I dabbled in playing synthetics. All of this made me want to roleplay as an IPC.

 Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

 To start with IPCs being androids emulate human behavior, but only to certain degree. They are robots so their decisions are based off the calculation of cause and effect. IPCs would very rarely make erratic decisions as humans do. Unlike biologic beings, IPCs are property and are owned unless they can pay for their freedom. This means that at any moment owned IPCs can be dismantled, this means they should work as efficiently as possible to complete their duties in order to preserve themselves.


The most important directive of any IPC is Self-Preservation, although IPCs interpret this differently, it goes into every decision an IPC makes. A major thing that makes IPCs different from humans is the amount of discrimination they face due to them being androids. This would make IPCs not accepted in workplaces or downright hated even though IPCs are generally respectful and polite. Last but not least IPCs do not have a culture of their own having to adapt to whatever culture they are most used to.


Character Name: August 

Please provide a short backstory for this character:

 Hephaestus Industries Security Unit-208 designation "August" was an Baseline Model IPC assembled and then sold to Nanotrasen in the year 2458. August is equipped with a basic Emotion Emulator to help August talk to victims of crimes without seeming too emotionless to their plight. August was assigned to the Odin's security forces to fill the gap in their ranks. August wasn't universally hated or accepted in their Security Department. Most Officers just acknowledged their existence, of course there were a select few officers that took it upon themselves to harass and generally mess with August. August could partially understand their reasoning for doing such, maybe they didn't trust August to do their job properly or perhaps they thought August was dangerous and wanted them gone. August could dismiss these assumptions if they asked but it seemed they didn't exactly care what August had to say.


August was assigned to work with Officer Nathan Bliss, he was one of those just acknowledged August's existence. Maybe it was the fact that it was a particularly slow day or perhaps Officer Nathan Bliss wanted to actually talk to August, either way Bliss asked August the usual work question, "How long have you been working here?" August responded with the amount of time and asked the exact same question to him. Bliss went on to tell his security stories, although it was a one-sided conversation August was a good listener and asked questions when they were prompted so Bliss could further explain his heroic exploits. However, mid way through the story they had to respond to a disturbance. It was within the residential block, residents reported a loud noise coming from the neighboring apartment. Bliss ringed the door asking for it to be opened, with no response Bliss scanned his ID in the door and it slide open. They were met with a gun pointed at Bliss, Bliss of course recoiled back surprised but August was already stepping forward into the room, now August calculated that with the way the gun was aimed they wouldn't be shot in the time it would take to disarm the assailant, due to the sudden change in the weapon's position this was a miscalculation and August was shot.


After apprehending the criminal and calling for backup August was praised by Bliss for saving his life, August of course did not mean to help him at all and August didn't want to get shot however they said that they were glad Bliss was alright. For the first time in awhile the harassment died down for August and it could be said that they were finally respected for saving Bliss's life. However this wouldn't last for long. A couple months later, although their work as a member of Odin Security was good, they were being reassigned. On their final day after saying good bye to Bliss, August strangely enough felt they would miss Bliss's stories and being able to talk to someone who truly liked them. August was then reassigned to the NSS Aurora ending their time as a Odin Security Officer.

 What do you like about this character?

 I like that August isn't a clear cut brave being for saving Bliss. Even though they didn't mean to it still changed them as a character. I also like the more in depth look into a Security officer on the Odin with its own bit of a twist on it. I also like that August is able to emulate some emotion...like missing someone.

 How would you rate your role-playing ability?

I would rate myself a solid 7.5/10, I have my moments.


If you'd like me to change any of those minor details like where the crime took place or their unit designation just tell me.

EDIT 1: updating character list

EDIT 2: Replacing text as to not ride on the line of Self Preservation.

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I am eager to see this happen. You seem to have fleshed out a lot of your application really well and I can confirm that Hongo is a more than acceptable Sec Officer character. I would no doubt enjoy seeing you play as an IPC as soon as you get this whitelist. +1

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Thank you for applying! The only point of concern I have is this remark here: 

On 02/08/2020 at 02:45, icedcabbage said:

Bliss ringed the door asking for it to be opened, with no response Bliss scanned his ID in the door and it slide open. They were met with a gun pointed at Bliss, Bliss of course recoiled back surprised but August was already stepping forward into the room, catching the bullet directed at Bliss.

It isn't wrong but it could possible ride the line of self preservation. However I think an easy fix conceptually is to make a point or reason that the gun was pointed low enough that August didn't think the shot would hit his positronic brain. Or, perhaps either by a miscalculation or a surprise uncalculated change, August was shot. If that's all cool I can move forward with processing the application.

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The application demonstrates an understanding of IPCs and the ability to apply the lore to character creation. Accepted.

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