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  1. I've played with several of Cabbij's characters and I think that August is the best example of how good of a roleplayer they are. They know how to run with a gimmick as an antag and have fun with it against all odds as well as draw other players in. I'd love to see them use a Head position to do the same thing. big tiem +1
  2. Hey, dropping in again. I've really enjoyed where the vision cones have gone since the first test merges. I just wanted to say thanks for listening to all of this feedback you've been getting and also dealing with the people that have been bitching about them thus far. I really like that we now have our little movement markers and I have not had any problems with text bubbles not appearing. Those are a very excellent and I think necessary touch that you've hit right on the head because neither are obstructive and help facilitate roleplay much better than when we first started merging.
  3. I've ERP'd roleplayed with Rasuna extensively and to a very mild extend ZHX-Nongmin. And I've found Valk's ERP talents to not be lacking at all. I'm really eager to see them expanding their knowledge of the world of being Skrell firsthand. They also seem really intent on reading all of the lore available on the Aurora like some kind of huge nerd, which is exactly Skrell enough for me. Giant +1
  4. It's an interpretation of station protocol thing. Since he's a synthetic, while not law bound, he's still liable to follow rules as written. However, he is usually not against promoting if a volunteer steps forward of their own accord though. I do remember our IC discussion on this the other day. I think it is because the wording of 'finding an Interim Head' made it seem like someone was going to be pushed into becoming an Interim Head instead of actively wanting and searching for a venue to become one, which wouldn't be necessary at green alert. Thanks for letting me know what your worry w
  5. Alright, here's my thing. I really really liked this idea in theory. When I first saw it testmerged, I was very intrigued to see stealth action in our spaceman simulator. HOWEVER, I find that it has come to be more of a hindrance to roleplay which is The most important aspect of this game and server. Without my rear vision cone, I cannot see when someone is typing when I'm walking away which means that I am missing out on some continuing roleplay opportunities even though, technically I have already left the conversation. When it comes to antags 'sneaking', I don't think this is as viable a
  6. I feel like the Vaurca population has disappeared recently on this server. It is extremely refreshing to see that you've very obviously done your research. I feel like just from what I'm reading here, your characater ideas are growing ones that would be awesome to witness in action! +1
  7. I am eager to see this happen. You seem to have fleshed out a lot of your application really well and I can confirm that Hongo is a more than acceptable Sec Officer character. I would no doubt enjoy seeing you play as an IPC as soon as you get this whitelist. +1
  8. While this app is very bare bones, I have RPed with both of their stated characters and I think they would be an excellent fit for an IPC whitelist. You obviously know the basics of how to roleplay and beep boop as a robot, so why not +1!
  9. BYOND key: cheap31 Character names: CORE, Kekk'es Zuka, Johan Wurst, Bo-RING How long have you been playing on Aurora?: Three years, but I have been absent intermittently throughout that time. I always get drawn back. Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I have reached a proficiency in the way that all of the jobs on Aurora work, in their own rights. Now I want to experience the different challenge of being a part of the command, or harrassing them as a Liaison or Consular. I've been de facto 'HoS' for a few tempestuous shifts as Warden and while I am not per
  10. I don't think they should be removed, period. HOWEVER, I don't think they should have AI cams on them. I accidentally ruined a gimmick while afk because of it and it also just kind of doesn't make sense for these cheap little shells to have cams. All these things can be remedied by taking them into consideration when making a gimmick though. You are also allowed to just kill them. They don't move fast. If you don't kill them immediately, they'll likely fuck off. They are allowed to follow someone who has done damage in order to clean up after them just like they can follow a blee
  11. Yeah, of course. I wouldn't try to squeak out meta knowledge just because 'lel snowflake knowledge'. Also, thanks for eventually getting to my app. EDIT: I feel like this denial wasn't clear enough. Nothing in the backstory states that he went back to a flotilla or any big vox vessel to witness anything other than grunts on a raider ship which are common knowledge.
  12. Quote from man who says he's doing his job too well and needs more complaints to go through. No, seriously, you're completely right though. Should've ahelped it, but wasn't thinking at the time. That's my bad, but I'll use it in the future.
  13. That looks Unathi as hell. You've got my +1. Excited to see another scaleback on station.
  14. BYOND Key: cheap31 Game ID: bQE-cNQD Player Byond Key: Absynth? (Pretty sure it is.) Staff involved: Null Reason for complaint: In the deepest darkest depths of the Food Guide, is the ridiculous sandwich. And it should stay there and never see the light of a shift. The Ridiculous Sandwich is a meme and in this particular game, the sandwich that Jim Morano had made was large enough to reach the holodeck from the kitchen. This thing was seriously big enough to destroy the station with its sheer mass. When the crew transfer shuttle arrived on this shift I noticed that I was acting a b
  15. So, couple of questions. If this character is 27 and was raised in the metropoli of Ouerea, did he move to the planet from Moghes? If he was a colonist then that's fine. If he was born there, then there will be a problem considering the colonies of Ouerea are only 21. You may want to clarify that. Also, a question that Jackboot threw at me on my Unathi application. Religion is a huge part of the Unathi culture. Is Valitek a follower of Sk'akh or Th'akh?
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