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Unban Request

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Byond Key: Elijahwatt

Ban-length- Permanent

Banned by:Bakagaijin

Reason: i was banned for poisoning an SSD person while she was in recovery beds.

explanation: I swear i had no idea she was SSD sadly their is no evidence to prove this and for that im sorry but i will explain to you the scenario. I do warn anything rude i say i dont intentionally mean i am very angry at the time of this. I was a chemist, a changling chemist a that i did my job for about 45 minuets i looked at comms nothing else was going on. so after talking to a fellow ling a decided to strike my first target well she happened to be on a resting/healing bed (i dont know the term sorry) and i waited for about 5 minuets and the snoring thing never came up so i poisoned her with lexorin and hoped she would die then i would absorb her. Turns out she was ssd i had no idea because i never examined her i just wanted the kill to be over with. Im very new to aurora when i got banned it was my first day playing ss13 (the previous 3 day ban) I came back got my shit together and so on. Now ive been playing for one week and im fairly aqquainted with roleplay as well as baystation. anyway after i poisoned her i got the admins message and when i tried explaining he was kind of rude and didnt seem to care what i said he was set on banning me. Like i said earlier i have evidence i didnt know she was ssd but what im telling so i would hope you all please forgive me and understand i just read the rules like 5 minuets before i joined the server and i fully understand the ssd rules and the ling ssd rules. So please take mercy on me and unban me you guys are the only station i like paradise is full of shitcurity so yea thats my appeal and thanks for your time.

P.s. on the other server i played they put ssd people in cryo storage not beds so thats also another factor that led me to belive she was just injured not to mention i saw her in the bar about 10 mins before all this happened.

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I was the moderator that banned you. Your banning reason was: Came back to the server today just a day or two later after a three day ban, and fed an SSD person Lexorin, without any roleplay, and claims they didn't know they were SSD.

So, this is the scenario that happened which lead me to be skeptical to your claim. You wordlessly walked in to the recovery room, and went up to a regular bed in the room where a character was laying, asleep. You then dragged them out of the recovery room after feeding them about a good 39 units of lexorin from a flask, to the bottom of surgery. That is when I had intervened and started to questioned you, and you started to panic, going “I didn’t know they were SSD” and that you thought they were sleeping and that you were going to kill them while they were sleeping, to then consume them as a changeling. The thing is this would also have broken the rules because this is considered ganking, an act of killing someone with little to no roleplay, something that you need to do on a heavy roleplaying server. I asked you if you read our rules, and you did say that you did, and that you were sorry that you did this. At this time, I take a look at your notes, and saw that you were banned on the 11th of March for three days, after accumulating five notes in one day for repeatedly breaking the rules. The last note before this ban mentioned to “Show no further leniency.” towards you, that you had been shown the page of our rules, was talked to about the rules, and given plenty of warnings to read it.

So, I was at an impasse. A player who had been warned plenty of times about the rules coming back from a three-day ban poisoning an SSD person and claiming they did not know what they were SSD. Who I saw today as a CMO putting polytrinic acid in a spray bottle during extended. Who has a note stating to not show them any more clemency. So, I asked msay, who were in agreement (Conspire, Doomberg, Jennalele) to ban until appeal. And so I did, and here is this appeal.

I would like to ask you, if you did read our rules, and if even if they were NOT SSD, why you would wordlessly go into the recovery room and kill somebody with lexorin when you knew that was not allowed? How is this role-play to you? Why do you think that on your notes it was written “not to give this person any more breaks?” Will you continue this cycle of rule breaking if you were unbanned?

I welcome your reply, and I implore any staff member who has questions, comments, or concern to please raise them in this topic.

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Actually your correct about the 3 day ban but i was never given 5 warnings nevertheless i wont argue the admins notes and i will admit i skimmed the rules but i really had no idea she was SSD my intentions on roleplay where to steal her identity and gain access to her job and cause havoc then switch back to my character and act as if nothing happened and then from there i didnt know i had never been a ling on a heavy roleplay server.I did read that as a ling your goal was not to win but make the round intresting.

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Next time, examine someone (can be done by rightclicking, and choosing "examine", or by shift-clicking them). If there says anything of "he/she has suddenly fallen asleep", that means they are SSD, and have disconnected from the server.

Do note that sometimes, people go afk for periods of time. Sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes the whole round. In that case, you would not see any message by examining them, but they are still considered SSD. Rule of thumb: If they aren't interacting with you at all, if they aren't moving, talking, responding to LOOC, or anything, they are probably SSD and should be left alone.

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I had said five notes. You only had one warning issued to you, but the fact that you had so much notes accumulated in one day made me taken aback. And the fact that you just beelined into the patient room after making lexorin in the round that I banned you.

Indeed, it is the antagonist job to make things interesting, but it's not interesting nor roleplay to wordlessly knock out and kill anyone with chemicals, SSD or not.

Poly Acid in a spray bottle is usually a sign of grief since you can conceal it, spray it covertly, and melt object and people with it. I did not know your intentions with it at the time, but I assumed it was dubious since that was the first thing you made in chemistry upon joining that round.

Do I think you should be unbanned? Perhaps in the future, but as of now at this time I am a bit skeptical of lifting this because I am really not convinced you will follow the rules since you were quick to go back to actions that got you banned in the first place, and that this cycle will continue. It does not mean I am not willing to give you a chance, but from what I have heard about you through notes and other staff, you've seem to have been given plenty of leeway to shape up, and it leaves a bad impression when you constantly break a promise to behave.

I wish for the input of other staff members of their insight on this matter.

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Baka i fully understand and i do understand the rules very clearly as of now but i cant express enough i had no idea she was ssd and the antag rules i had never read so i had no idea about the fact you had to roleplay kill i really want to come back to Aurora you guys are really the only server i play on. As well i did not make polyacid right away i made bicardine dexalin and tricadizone. Please do explain to me something i can do to show you im serious.

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After talking with Doomberg and Tenenza on the issue, I had decided that perhaps we can arrange an agreement, on these conditions:

I reduce your ban to 7 days, and put you on a probationary period. During this probation, if you make any more contraventions, consider your final chance over with and another permaban placed on you. Please heed this, because we have been lenient on you so many times.

Do you agree with these conditions?

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