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[Completed] Odanu's old handwraps.

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BYOND Key:Prospekt1559

Character name: Odanu Adanutha

Item name: Old Unathi Handwraps

Why is your character carrying said item to work? He carries this to work not only for sentimental and nostalgic value but to keep his hands warm. Used back in Moghes, he carried his old cloth handwraps with him through Security training and his Security deployment in NanoTrasen. Used as a child till now, he carries these as remembrance of his old clan back in Moghes.

Item function(s): Acts as gloves, uses the gloves slot. It's just old cloth hand wraps to keep his hands warm and to stop most of the bruising on his hand from hitting things, etc.

Item description: Old stained white hand wraps made out of cloth. Keeps minimal warmth and stops minor bruising of the knuckle areas.

Item appearance: They look quite old and stained from the years of being used in his old homeworld and through work. Slightly graded down by the sand and rock areas he lived in.

Additional comments: They don't do much, it'd be nice if they stopped bruising in the hand areas minorly but it's more of just a thing that my character uses to keep his hands from being hurt by minor things and to keep warmth. If you can make them, that'd be great. They only really need to cover half of his hands if you can. They are like cloth wraps that go around your hands before putting on boxing gloves, to give the basic kind of idea.

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So, the handwraps are supposed to be so that Odanu can have something to show from his homeplant, and thus talk to people about Moghes? If that's the case, then I can see how you could get some meaningful RP out of this item. Consider this application approved. The prefix of the thread will be set to Processing. Keep checking back every now and then because once the prefix is changed to Complete it means the spawn code is on, and the item is accessible to you.

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