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Incident Report - Winston Carton

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Reporting Personnel: Robin Goldsmith

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Shaft Miner

Personnel Involved: Winston Carton

Time of Incident: 3:05

Location of Incident: Outside of the Bridge, Fore

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [x]Neglect of Duty [x]Harassment [x]Assault []Misconduct []Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Overview of the Incident: After assaulting me with a stun baton for picking up a pair of sunglasses, I followed him and demanded an apology. After he ignored me, I got angry, followed him, and he suggested he could murder me without repercussions. I attempted to shove him and stand up for myself, and he beat me to an inch of my life with his stun baton (with the stun feature turned off.) He then dragged me into Medical. He doesn't deserve to be in any position of power over anyone. He is a cruel monster who nearly killed me.

Addendum: I suffered grievous internal injuries due to Mr. Carton's attack, and had to stay within cyrogenics for several moments, without surgery, all the while feeling every bruise and broken bone. Due to an improper treatment, Carton dragged me out of Cyro, across the dirty floor of the medbay and shoved me into a med-bay scanner without proper training. Dragging me back to the Cyro chamber, I died, and was subsequentially cloned by the cleanup crew post-station transfer.

I DIED because of this monster.

All the while the station status was green.


Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: IA was informed.

Additional notes:

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Dear Mister Goldstein, to be blunt, Fuck off. During this shift alone, I was informed by a doctor that my pregnant wife and Brother in Law were either dead/ dying in a hospital, my entire world fucking destroyed in two sentences and I was now stuck on a station and could not be with my loved ones. On top of that fact, with the mental break down that followed, half of the crew gathered around me and insulted/ taunted me/ told others to enjoy the show as I struggled with the fact that I lost everything I cared about in this world. I was facing a situation of losing the woman I loved, my unborn child, and I had lost the man I called a brother. I was given little time to recover from my mental state as the /idiot/ xenobiologist once again released monsters all across the station...the second time he had done this, but this time it resulted in the death of eight. We had two medical staff members, and me who was doing his God damn best to help them treat those badly wounded but who were still alive while every other officer slowly fell SSD.

After some time, it was just me, the detective, and the IAA. It was clear, that when the xenobiologist died he would not be cloned as he killed half of the station, including some dear and personal friends of mine, but you and the detective just could not let it go. As I was helping zip up a friend in fact, in a body bag I should add, I heard gun shots. Rushing to the scene, I saw you and the idiot detective opening fire on the two creations, the two peaceful, helpful creations that were just like us and showed no intention of harming the crew, as they screamed out in pain as you two morons shot them over and over again. You ran as I arrived, I remember this clearly. After a brief struggle, I brought down the detective, but he was able to take my glasses off. He was able to flash me and cuffed me, but was cuffed by Beepsky seconds after completing this. I then had to have a mother fucking race with the mother fucking detective to see who could get our cuffs off first to make sure he didn't harm any other members of the crew. I was able to win this race, and quickly took him down as he was reaching for his weapon. I took his weapon and began to drag him to the brig when I saw you pick up my glasses. I asked you to return them, in which you said No. I told you it was not a question, and you demanded I give you a reason why, having just fought off Two mother fucking green men made of rock, The detective with a gun and yourself, and my mental stability slowly fucking slipping away, I say I was generous with only knocking you to the ground and not throwing you in perma for all the shit you caused.

I took the detective, put him in a cell where you came out and started demanding a apology from me. At that moment, I decided you were a idiot, I decided you were not worth my time, and that likely, you were going to do something stupid so I would just have to wait. After dealing with the idiot detective insulting me, and trying to break out of jail, which he did during our confrontation when you attacked me, I left the brig to which you followed. I told you to back off, you did not. I did threaten you. Half the crew was dead and you and the idiot who was given a gun wanted to revive the monster who had brought all this death onto my station. I turned my back on you, which was a mistake, as you went to attack me. Thankfully, I have been attacked by much worse and only hit you once. But you know. I admit it. I hit you in total three times, But I swung as hard as I could. How dare you come onto my motherfucking station, shoot at the people I swore to protect, attack me, and demand a mother fucking apology when I should be besides my Dying wife.

You died yes. Do I feel bad? No. You were just as bad as the xenobiologist. Was it a mistake you died? Yes. I found you outside of cryo and assumed a doctor had removed you, and simply put you back in to be extra safe before removing you again and placing you in the scanner. During this time was well, the detective broke out and started hunting the motherfucking IAA officer who was not involved, with the intention of killing him. I then had to hunt this man down, arrest him again, before a evac shuttle was called. I then had to drag multiple bodies with the two remaining medical staff, the bodies of my dear friends who died in horrible, horrible ways in which I could have saved them but I was rather busy dealing with the bullshit people like you put me through instead of doing actual good.

The remainder of that night? I rushed to a hospital, visited my dying wife and am still unsure if she will survive, while having to deal with the aftermath of my brother in laws death.

I am a monster? No sir. If I was a monster, more then you would have died that shift. You would not have been brought to medical, that detective would not have ever made it to the brig and I sure as hell would not have turned in the detectives fully loaded pistol to the IAA to make sure I didn't do anything stupid as I clearly have anger problems.

The fact you were cloned at all is shocking, and I will push for a DNC order the next time you end up doing something like this. You shot at people who were trying to stop a terrorist from being cloned, or at the very least, helped a man who was trying to revive a terrorist.

If it makes you feel any better, I now have to do desk work and take a psychological examination before every shift to make sure I am fit for duty. Not to mention, during all of this, Three more bodies with half of their blood drained were found, but I could not respond when they were screaming for help because, I was the only mother fucking officer and I was too busy dealing with the detective shooting people/ getting out of cuffs/ dealing with you/ being attacked by you.

By the time I brought you to med bay, the last person who was missing half their blood was already in cyro and I still have No idea what happened because I was too busy dealing with you idiots.

To sum this up.

You are the reason more then eight people are dead, along with the detective and the xenobiologist.

Thank you for your time.

Winston Carton.

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Right, so, I never realized how stupidly blown out of proportion this got. I'm now here to remind you whole lot that IC complaints are for IC DISCUSSION. I don't want to log in one morning and see AN ENTIRE IC COMPLAINT THREAD FILLED WITH NOTHING BUT OOC DISCUSSION ON WHY X, Y, AND Z WAS DONE. This is not the point behind IC complaints. If you give the DOs OOC information, then there's a chance that they'll use it, and suddenly there's bias. Though I fully trust the DOs not to us OOC information, I would much prefer it that there is NONE because it's often difficult to suppress OOC knowledge. This is something that should be pretty common sense, but now I have to make a stickied thread saying that this is exactly what IC complaints are NOT for. All OOC discussion will now be purged from the thread, and the thread shall be unlocked. Have a nice day.

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