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Unban Request

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BYOND Key: Doobiedoo23

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: Skull132

Reason of Ban: "Not here to roleplay, obviously. Please appeal once you actually decide to follow the rules."

Reason for Appeal: I'm quite new to the game (Aurora was the third server I played on), but I was banned for attacking a warden who I thought was AFK. I hadn't read the rules prior to this, and I realise what I did wrong. I'd really appreciate if I could be unbanned, as I feel I've learned my lesson.

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March 16th, yesterday, you were warned for exactly the same thing:

Warning added by Jennalele, for: Warned for: Attacking other players without full reason. One or two punches thrown at an officer for harmbatonning someone is fine-- When there is reason for it. But please don't beat them to a pulp. Advised you keep the rules in mind.


As such, you had already received one official notice directing you to the rules, how come you didn't read them up until this point?

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ADMIN: PM: Doobiedoo23/(Johnny Smithinson)->Jennalele/(A Rose Amidst Gunpowder): i saw the officer attacking james with a baton, and the baton was off. and yes, i have read the rules

Well, you told Jennalele something else. Further more, my exchange with you has a few nice gems in it as well. Namely, after I asked you what you were doing, you replied with this:

ADMIN: PM: Doobiedoo23/(Johnny Smithinson)->Skull132/(Kimberly Dawkins): HAVING A LAUGH

And then there's also this, after I asked whether or not you were aware of the warning issued yesterday (for the exact same thing, mind you):

ADMIN: PM: Doobiedoo23/(Johnny Smithinson)->Skull132/(Kimberly Dawkins): yep

ADMIN: PM: Skull132/(Kimberly Dawkins)->Doobiedoo23/(Johnny Smithinson): And you still didn't learn?

ADMIN: PM: Doobiedoo23/(Johnny Smithinson)->Skull132/(Kimberly Dawkins): Nope

I am not seeing any good reason to offer you an unban: you ignored the rules knowing full well that they exist. So, yeah, I'm inclined to let the ban stay in place. If no one is capable of offering an alternate viewpoint on this issue, then I'll finalize the appeal tomorrow.

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I lied about the rules, and guess what? I was metagaming and I don't really give a shit now, seeing as you have essentially kept me perma-banned. James Blue and Luke Redzer are metagaming right now, we decided to kill the warden and stage a revolution but of course you fucking 'heavy roleplay' faggots do nothing but ban people and stick your fingers up your arse all day.

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