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[Completed] Somekindpony's Mister Dosh!


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BYOND Key:Somekindofpony

Character name:Mister Dosh

Item name: Red Gemstone

Why is your character carrying said item to work?It is a piece of an old glass sculpture of the cult Mister Dosh is in, which shattered. It's basically a chunk of glass cut into the shape of a small gemstone, each member has one to remember the statue, essentially a membership card. The statue was of a mist to represent the dark, whoever thought of making it out of glass was an idiot.

Item function(s): None, it's purely decorative.

Item description: A small red piece of glass, cut into the shape of a gemstone.

Item appearance: Same sprite as the soul stone


Additional comments: I think it would make Mister Dosh look a little more spoopy when he mumbles to himself in private.

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... Your character is part of a cult that partakes in the sacrifice of sentient beings?

At the end of the 'sacrifice' the guy was okay. I thought I wrote it clearly with a toy knife that the blade pops up. Will have to look into that D:

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Oh, okay! I was like "lolwtf Skop?" Anyway, hmmm... I'll put some thought into this, mainly because I'm not too sure about the fact of having a soul stone shard for the sprite.

I just thought it would be easier to recycle a sprite, plus I have no ability to sprite. If theres something that looks prettier (And less like a shank), that could work!

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