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Mess up? Call for a clean up.

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Login: Stein

Password: ************

So you fucked up huh? Well...As some of you may know I retired a while back and did a little scouting after that to see if I could find the right people for a business venture. But I am still around...and have taken up the business of cleaning up after others messes. So here is the deal. If you fuck up on a mission, I just need you to do one simple, itty bitty task so I know I can trust you.

Shout: "The clock strikes thirteen on the rainy London day"

Dont ask why, its from a book and it tells me that you need my help without you having to contact me. The rules are, you do what I say when I say it, you try anything different and Ill put you down quicker then you can say "Sorry Sir". If you do this, Ill make sure you get out of the jam without any problems, alright?

As for the business folks out there, and those who use to work for DI. If you are interested in a job with less chance of dying.....Unless you like it that way, and really good pay for rather simple task. Message me, you know how to contact me and Ill give you a list of things that I need done or a list of jobs I need filled. Until then, its been fun.



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Little something wool socks here forgot to mention. You might get him, you might get me. I've got sway while Stein's away- don't try your bullshit because you think I'll tolerate it more than he does. So long as that's clear, I'll work with you just as well as any in-commission agent. Work with us and don't step on our toes, and we'll get you out of any mess you can get your hide into.

In short, respect us and we'll work in your favor to the ends of time. Or at least, to the ends of the contract. I'll be seeing you on the other side, ladies.





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