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Chen Yakumo

Review Request - Jack Monroe

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Reporting Personnel: Tesi Xi'Ei
Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Pharmacist
Personnel in Question: Jack Monroe
Job Title of Personnel in Question: Anomalist

Reason for Review:
[ ] - Extended Arrest History
[ ] - Grievous Infraction on Record
[x] - Other: Extremely persistent on having a prescription filled when medical records failed to transfer from the Odin. Potential addiction case.

Notes: Patient Jack Monroe specified that they have been prescribed a "full pill bottle" of Mortaphenyl, at 5 units per pill. Sixteen pills fit into a single bottle, resulting in 80 units of Mortaphenyl prescribed per shift for a condition known as Hardsuit Foot. I am extremely concerned that this has gone beyond the realm of medical treatment and entered into substance abuse, particularly as the only reason the patient stopped harassing myself (the only member of medical on shift at the time) over it was due to a medical crisis happening; one that was very difficult to handle due to the understocked fridge that was a direct result of both Mr. Monroe's persistence and my late awakening from cryostasis.

Side Note: I also recommend looking into the prescribing doctor, both from a medical and legal standpoint. This kind of prescription could be fatal to an addicted patient.

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