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  1. I interacted with their HOP during a somewhat busy round and they did a very good job. I enjoyed talking with them and they communicated well. +1
  2. Reporting Personnel: Milo Mendez Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Security Officer Game ID: ccW-aWha Personnel Involved: -Tyki'mhet Krrjashni - Drill Technician - Offender -Liliya Radic - Security Officer - Victim -Kalil Al-Lawishurai - Security Officer - Victim -Yukio Takano - Security Officer - Witness -Stephen Degausser - Captain - Witness -Khadija Zaman - Scientist - Witness Secondary Witnesses Time of Incident: Variable Real Time: 6pm AEST Location of Incident: NSS Aurora Elevator/NSS Aurora Brig Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [X] - Assault [X] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ Overview of the Incident: I (Security Officer Milo Mendez) awoke from the NSS Aurora cryogenics system for my shift to hear a discussion over the security radio that Officer Radic and an Engineer had almost been killed in a case of gross negligence from Tyki'mhet Krrjashni the Drill Technician relating to an elevator. As evident by the emergency shutters on the main level the station had encountered a level 7 biohazard known as a 'blob' which had damaged large parts of station infrastructure. A very clear verbal command had been given to not use the elevator and these had been ignored by the Drill Technician. It is my understanding the Drill Technician themselves was injured and it was agreed upon by NSS Aurora Security Staff and the Captain Stephen Degausser to charge Krrjashni with Gross Negligence. I assisted in the escort of Krrjashni to the Security Department with Officer Al-Lawishurai who it is my understanding had a warrant issued by the Captain for Krrjashni but he (The Drill Technician) was somewhat unyielding and said that he was hungry multiple times. He was informed that we had to speak to him in the security department and he would be fed there. He persisted that he required food now and asked a supposed friend of his Khadija Zaman to get it for him. A brief verbal argument ensued and he was eventually bought to the brig after much more discussion. Scientist Zaman had bought him food and he was put into processing still to be charged with gross negligence. I was asked to assist Officer Al-Lawishurai with the processing in the event the Drill Technician became violent or unruly as is standard procedure. He was resistant to the idea of sitting down. He refused several times despite multiple warnings and requests to do so. Eventually he say on the table and was informed this was insufficient. After a handful of more warnings he moved to the chair. It was then bought to my attention Miss Zaman had apparently been bought into the Security Department asking to visit Krrjashni. I informed her that whilst it was possible he would be taking visitors later she would have to leave for now. As I was doing this Krrjashni had thrown some of his belongings at Officer Krrjashni. The Officer after attempting to restrain the Drill Technician I believe drew his baton when physical wrestling had gone poorly. I turned away from Miss Zaman and moved quickly over to assist the Officer when he came under attack from Krrjashni who had quite swiftly disarmed the Officer of his Stunbaton. I opened the door but Officer Al-Lawishura had by this point been overpowered and was on the ground unable to continue fighting. I radioed in the requirement for backup and drawing my own Stunbaton moved back. The Officers Stunbaton was thrown at me and I caught it in the upper body. Past this point is a slight blur. The prisoner fled in one direction before encountering another Officer and running the other direction back towards myself. Krrjashni was up by this point and after a slight struggle with Batons, Disruptors were drawn. Myself, Officer Krrjashni and I believe Officer Radic fired our disruptors on stun at the Drill Technician but he charged at myself and a struggle ensured over my firearm. I assessed the situation and determined it unsafe to attempt to operate my firearm due to the potential of hitting another Officer and despite my best weapon retention training and finally an attempt to return the firearm to the holster so I could better control it, I was disarmed. Krrjashni threw the firearm on the ground and was before long overpowered and returned to a cell but not without further fighting. They later revealed they knew Krav-Maga and that was the source of their disarming training. The reason I write this IR even after the Drill Technician has been charged is because I do not believe someone so dangerous that they will attack and fight with Security officers, disarming them of their own weapons to beat them with them over the potential of being brigged can possibly be allowed to get off with nothing but a 30 minute sentence, a sentiment I believe is currently shared by the witnesses and victims to this event. Submitted Evidence: The Security Incident on yki'mhet Krrjashni;s record Would you like to be personally interviewed?: [X] - Yes [ ] - No Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: Yes. The Captain. Actions taken: The Captain authorised the increased sentence and oversaw the wellbeing of Security Staff after the assault.
  3. Reporting Personnel: Dax Manzen Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Research Director Game ID: The round before ccl-aJrW Personnel Involved: Dana Samira - Captain - Offender Zoey Smironov - Station Engineer - Witness Ouksok Azemik - Xenoarcheologist - Witness Elim Castel - Captain - Witness Secondary Witnesses: Krosk Urzathag - Atmospheric Technician - Presumably assisted in the construction Yasin Deamurr - Atmospheric Technician - Presumably assisted in the construction Entire NSS Aurora - Saw the results Time of Incident: N/A Real Time: 2:47GMT 25/06/21 Location of Incident: Main Hallway Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ]- Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [X] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: I (Research Director Dax Manzen) awoke at the standard time from the Command cryogenics system and began to make my way towards my department as is standard. Over the radio I heard mention of something related to the usage of Gold and when I arrived at the security department was shocked to see that the floor-panels has been replaced with some sort of gaudy golden materiel in no way fit for the stations professional appearance. I asked a member of my staff the Xenoarcheologist what it was and was kindly informed it was solid gold and that the prior Captain Dana Samira who had by this point entered cryogenics had given signed permission for engineering to replace all the floors in the station with what the note said was 'To look better for a short duration' I wrote a fax to Central Command and was informed to write an incident report. Outside of the engineers the golden floors received several complaints. They were an extravagant waste of precious materiel even if they were supposed to only be there for a short period of time and I personally heard several people mentioning how hard they were to look at which is not at all conductive for a work environment. Another Captain awoke soon after one Elim Castel who ordered the engineers to deconstruct the Golden Floors. I do not believe Captain Samira should have signed the authorisation to use such a precious materiel in such a poor way a sentiment seemingly shared by Captain Elim Castel. Submitted Evidence: Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: At first I was the only command staff and another situation (Antag related) required my attention. Central Command was informed and informed myself to make an incident report. Actions taken: Informed Central Command. This Incident Report Additional Notes: N/A
  4. This is in fact already the case yes. It is just the wiki that is ever so slightly out of date.
  5. Had some very good roleplay with them earlier as research director which clearly indicated the ability they have in playing a character. Big old +1
  6. Cyb's is a positive influence on aurora and a very competent roleplayer. Echoing Bear above I have nothing but positive things to say Big old +1
  7. TO: Zahiid Al-Mrrhalgr, First Responder, NSS Aurora FROM: AMS, CCIAAMS, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: The investigation of this incident has concluded, and appropriate action has been taken for affected individuals. This matter will now be considered resolved. -------------------- DTG: 07-02:32-TAU CETI STANDARD-04-2463 SIGN: CCIAAMS
  8. Had several good experiences with Pierre both as my Consul and my Investigator and they have a constant high standard of roleplay. I look forward to seeing them as fully whitelisted Command. +1
  9. TO: Zahiid Al-Mrrhalgr, First Responder, NSS Aurora FROM: CCIAAMS, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: This is an automated message to inform you that the investigation regarding your incident report has been reassigned to CCIAA Markus Theleon (connorjg1). You may be contacted by the CCIAA for an interview, or you may contact them directly if you have any questions. -------------------- DTG: 14-09:20-TAU CETI STANDARD-03-2463 SIGN: CCIAAMS
  10. TO: Valery Volvalaad, Corporate Liaison, NSS Aurora FROM: AMS, CCIAAMS, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: The investigation of this incident has concluded, and appropriate action has been taken for affected individuals. This matter will now be considered resolved. -------------------- DTG: 03-02:32-TAU CETI STANDARD-03-2463 SIGN: CCIAAMS
  11. Appealing Personnel: Cart Kanara Specific Incident: Action taken as a result: Suspension Action contested: Suspension (4 months until appeal) Reasoning for contest: Four months have passed since the conclusion of Incident Report in question. During this period of time, I have dedicated myself to recovering my mental state to be capable of once more acting as a Representative of the NanoTrasen Corporation both aboard the NSS Aurora and in my day to day activities within the greater community as a whole. During this period of time I have made several visits to NanoTrasen supported psychologists and have taken time to reflect on the poor decisions I made during those months. I acknowledge that I had acted poorly and did stop to think about the possible repercussions such actions could have. Were I to repeat those months I would have ensured better clarity and rectified my unwillingness to seek out help and support for the tragic events that had befallen several of the crew instead of believing that I could carry the mental strain myself and still be fit to represent the Corporation as a whole. As I am incapable of redoing that period of time, I will instead opt to ensure yourselves that such reflectiveness will be a goal of mine going forward into 2463 and beyond. Thank you for your consideration. Additional notes: N/A
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