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  1. Yep! Not surprised by how good they have been doing at all. They are doing great as a Dominian HOP and all concerns I had when first seeing the character quickly proved to not be true. Giant +1
  2. I don't play medical often but the points Kermit raised seem good and correct and I agree with them on almost all fronts.
  3. CCIA Staff Application Basic Information Byond key: Connorjg1 Character names: Cart Kanara Nanotrasen Liaison Nathan Forger Security Officer Garren Whitrun Roboticist Age: 24 Timezone:Australian Eastern Standard Time What times are you most available?: Varies greatly however 4:30pm onward is pretty normal for myself Experience How long have you played SS13?: One and a half years I believe. Possibly a bit more. How long have you played on Aurora?: Three or four months? Unsure about the exact timeframe How active on the forums, discord and/or server are you?: I'd like to think I'm pretty active. I play quite a lot (probably too much sometimes lol) and I talk on the discord often. Forums I'm also.... eh. Activity wise I've posted a few things on the forum Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: Never Have you ever volunteered as moderation staff for any other servers, SS13 or otherwise?: Small garry mod RP server a long time ago. Server ended up dying down Do you have any other experience that you believe would be relevant to a position in the CCIA?: I play a ton of Nanotrasen Liaison and I believe in such a position I am good at collecting both sides of a story. I've also got lots of experience waiting and trying to be very patient both, IC and OOC. I also make a ton of faxes and paperwork both in game and with paperwork simulator for fun Personality Why do you want to join the CCIA?: First because I absolutely love the idea of resenting the company. There's something oddly appealing to myself about that. The second is I love the incident report system and I've never seen anything like it. I was blown away when I first discovered the server had such a thing and was Instantly drawn to wishing to participate and the third is loving in-game paperwork. The idea of helping make the world feel more alive with words on a page is very neat and writing faxes and other in universe documents provides a level of immersion I do not believe I have seen in the past. What do you think are the most important qualities for a CCIA Agent to possess?: First and foremost. The ability to remain impartial. Even if a case seems open and shut at first you cannot allow either IC or OOC bias to affect your decision making. You wield a lot of power over other people's characters and making a biased decision can ruin the fun of another player. Next a cool head, patience, good book-keeping skills and being able to ensure that what you are doing is well thought out. Not to mention remaining professional. You represent Nanotrasen quite high in the chain of command and it is not an easy position to reach so keeping an air of professionalism is a necessity. What do you think the purpose of a CCIA Agent is in an ongoing round?: To provide the illusion of a living universe and one that exists beyond the boundaries imposed by the game. It helps the universe feel like there are truly people out there, that the Aurora isn't a singular entity cut off from existence and isolated from all. It also helps provide a final answer to settle debates, answer questions you can't within the round or to remind command they have superiors still and aren't all powerful. You are responsible for answering faxes and investigative duty What do you think the purpose of a CCIA Agent is outside of the server?: To allow for resolutions to issues outside the confines of a round and to provide the ability to have long term consequences that can help shape a character from in game actions. I very strongly believe the IR system is an absolute blessing and the presence of CCIA allows the world to still progress OOC. They also have the purpose of being a moderator but for in character issues. I'm sure many issues would require moderator intervention if not for CCIA allowing then to be solved within the confines of the game. How do you handle stress?: I'd like to think I'm pretty good at stress management and handle it well How well do you work autonomously?: I believe I work better autonomously then otherwise and tend to provide the expected results without outside help Additional Notes: Lot of deliberation over if I wanted to post this or not. If I've done anything wrong shoot me a message
  4. I am stunned this person doesn't already have a command whitelist. They clearly have a good knowledge of role-play and helped me get my own command whitelist. All their characters are a joy to interact with. Big big +1
  5. Sounds like a good idea tbh. Seeing the barricades get more use would be neat
  6. Thank you man. First ever admin action on any server issue so I was a tad worried lol. This can be locked and archived
  7. BYOND Key: Connorjg1 Staff BYOND Key: ReadThisNamePlease Game ID: Can't recall ID due to lack of internet. Can however get time: 2020-07-23 14:38:57 Reason for complaint: At 2020-07-23 14:38:57 I received a warning on my account to not go SSD as a command remember whilst playing as Liaison. I do not believe this is fair because the fact I went SSD was completely out of my control. I lost suddenly internet for upwards of 5 hours and was as such completely unable to complete the steps outlined within the warning which was "If you need to go, go to Cryo. Or, ahelp if you cannot." due to the sudden loss of said internet. I do not believe it is a fair to have a warning for something I cannot actively control nor predict would be coming. Evidence/logs/etc: Additional remarks: N/A
  8. Cool bloke both IC and in our OOC interactions. Would be interested to see how Sa'tak would go as chief engineer. Even if our character have had "interesting" interactions in the past Big Old +1
  9. That would honestly be really cool and helpful for everyone involved as well just adding some neat flavour.
  10. The main issue I would see with this is my inability to google the drugs themselves for a small synopsis on there real world counterpart so I can gauge a tiny bit about how they work irl lol. If they had descriptions that told a bit about what they did when you examined em this'd be better but I can't imagine it's a huge issue either way
  11. Ah no that a misunderstanding. The officer in question asked but I had no interest in filing an IR. That'd be dumb lol.
  12. Yello! Right I can address the first two points. On both accounts I was wrong during those. I talked about the changeling metal rod one above lol and the wizard one was also kinda dumb. I don't entirely agree on the third point since at that point I was 90% sure security wasn't going to help me since almost all of the station was against me however probably could've yelled for help... which I think I did? I actually can't remember. And yeah. I've probably been trying to take over during emergency situations too much. My bad. Thank ya
  13. Heyo Truth be told that round took place very late so I'm probably not top of my game however I will actually disagree on this point. I just wished for an apology lol. Probably shouldn't have gotten the commander to try order them into it but in character I was pretty pissed they were refusing to come and actively avoiding me after insulting the company Liaisons and I had just dealt with being fed another person's dead body and another IPC claiming I had bribed the IPC in the brig so I believe going to the bar for a drink and then having to deal with that leading to being a slight bit sensitive towards them was justified. OOC I love those characters but IC I was at the end of my rope with damn robots and just wanted to get an apology
  14. Heyo. We talked about this on the discord but posting it here so it's visible. Ye I was absolutely at fault during that and I even realised that I hadn't been the best after the situation was over lol. I absolutely took it from self defence to more antag hunting once the bullets started flying. I absolutely will try to tone that down in future rounds seeing as I have an intense dislike for valid hunting. Appreciate da +1
  15. Heyo! Sorry about waiting to get back to you. I was in round lol l am indeed aware that I spent far to long speaking to you despite how enjoyable it was. I'd love to blame that on the extremely tiny manifest but I more think I just found your EMT too interesting haha. As for my response about how my answer correlates: My believe my CL leans far more on the "Create unique scenarios" side of my answer and the section mentioning being able to learn from them. I often do my best to come up with unique non antag gimmicks before round to play out as CL such as inviting a certain person into my office to discuss what I believe would be best for there future, offering schooling opportunity ETC that I believe would make an interesting round for the person I plan to speak to. Role-play is both ways so if it's only going to appeal to me then that's a bad idea. As for being able to learn side of things it is mostly regarding answering questions about the SOP and law to the best of my ability. I did extensive reading into both before playing CL so that I could be sure that in the event someone is confused I am able to provide the correct answer with speed and truthfulness. One thing CL struggles with is the ability to directly effect the round however assuming you are persuasive enough it is often extremely easy to convince command staff the "right answer" regarding a situation. This allows a lot of freedom but as a part of that you have to ensure you are doing so in a way that is enjoyable for everyone. Whilst it is not as threatening as say the HOS you have to be extra careful to avoid antag hunting situations because often I've found traitors will seek you out with more roleplay orientated gimmicks Anywho I'm rambling now and it's late lmao
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