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  1. Reporting Personnel: Takiyah El-Amin Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Shaft Miner Game ID: b03-cURV Personnel Involved: Mrrrrhazmanq Naldratajrmro (Assistant) - Offender Dekel Mrrhazrughan (Warden) - Witness Colton Stern (Captain) - Witness/Victim Secondary Witnesses: Medical, she guesses. Time of Incident: Mid-shift-ish. Real Time: Wasn't paying attention. Probably like 3 PM (15:00) Eastern Time-ish. Location of Incident: Holodeck Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [x] - Har
  2. Incident report withdrawn and binned at request of reporter.
  3. Stinkee CMO won't let me make Frankenstein's Monster as a surgeon -20 I've interacted rather frequently with you when you were newer to the server and started out as an intern rather than a Doctor. You've grown a lot as a player and everything good I could say in that regard has already been said many times. Your ability to take command of the department and assume a leadership role has been a treat. You've managed to strike the sweet spot that all command should aim for; delegating to roles that your department has staff in and patching up the weak spots in your department when needed a
  4. I can't say for certain if this is an isolated incident or a pattern that will need to be monitored. While my in character interactions with you have been pleasant and I believe your roleplay capabilities meet or exceed expectations, I have to note that your trial Head of Security in the round immediately prior to me writing this was...excessive. As someone who joined an hour into the round, medical informed me that security had a patient who was dead and then not dead a few moments later. About ten minutes later, I watched you as well as several members of the security department walk the han
  5. We had a population 10 players late last night. Four people voted for Wizard. Only one person was readied up when the round started. I 100% support this. Actually, I 100% support going further beyond from this. If you vote a round that wins and don't join it, you should be automatically banned from participating in the voting system for a period of time. Vote for the game mode you want to and will play, or don't vote at all. Note that this isn't me being in favor of voting to ban these players - just stop them from meme voting.
  6. Reporting Personnel: Tesi Xi'Ei Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Pharmacist Personnel in Question: Jack Monroe Job Title of Personnel in Question: Anomalist Reason for Review: [ ] - Extended Arrest History [ ] - Grievous Infraction on Record [x] - Other: Extremely persistent on having a prescription filled when medical records failed to transfer from the Odin. Potential addiction case. Notes: Patient Jack Monroe specified that they have been prescribed a "full pill bottle" of Mortaphenyl, at 5 units per pill. Sixteen pills fit into a single bottle, resulting in 80 units of Mortaphenyl
  7. Name: Suspense Short Description: The round starts off exceptionally slow. Antagonists are chosen at random. Crew antagonists are given low-level supernatural abilities. The ability to flicker lights, the ability to telekinetically manipulate objects. Perhaps they can hear and see through walls. As the round timer gets closer to that two hour mark, they're given more. The ability to raise and lower ambient heat and alter the atmosphere. They could make use of the already existing psionics code for "energy levels" that would dictate how much power they could throw around at once, and that
  8. Reporting Personnel: Aisha Al-Shahrani Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Emergency Medical Technician (EPMC) Game ID: b93-axRf Personnel Involved: Kajji Al-Jumanah, EMT (EPMC) (Witness, Victim) Samuel Wolfe, Surgeon (Zavod) (Offender) Luna Darkowski, Chief Medical Officer (Witness) Secondary Witnesses: Khars Aessen, Warden (Witness to Trespassing in Security) Oliver Fisk, Security Officer (Witness to Trespassing Incident) Akhtar Saif, Surgeon (Witness to Medical Channel, as well as Lobby incident) Time of Incident: 15:30 Real Time: Approximately 11:30 PM Eastern Time, 11/8/2020 L
  9. Reporting Personnel: Spirit Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Chief Medical Officer Game ID: b9X-aVqC Personnel Involved: - Cart Kanara, Corporate Liaison (Offender?) - Que Tup'Xequal'Valurex, Head of Security (Other) - Sanaa Al-Mansoor, Medical Intern (Victim?) Secondary Witnesses: - Mrrrrhazmanq Naldratajrmro, Assistant (Other?? Victim?) - Adelina Martnick, Pharmacist (Potential Witness, was on shift.) - Fros'Qerr Vel-Rena, Surgeon (Potential Witness, was on shift.) Time of Incident: Approximately 21:00 Real Time: Between 2 and 3 AM, Eastern Time, November 4th. Location
  10. I haven't personally interacted with your characters, nor have I really seen you much on server. I'd feel it out-of-place to comment on the lore accuracy of the background when I myself am waiting on a whitelist approval/denial, but the backstory definitely describes an interesting character that I'd enjoy seeing on station. +1
  11. BYOND Key: Chen Yakumo Character Names: (Also Aria - my Stationbound. I no longer play Talus.) Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character: A lighter shade of green-ish blue best described as Aqua. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: I've looked over the Skrell pages off and on over several years, and more recently began devoting more time into reading them in their entirety. Why do you wish to play this specific race?: Skrell was one of the first races that I was interested in when I first start
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