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I am requesting the implementation of Xenobotany, something already implemented in the BS12 code, http://wiki.baystation12.net/index.php/Guide_to_Xenobotany

Essentially, this is a combination of the geneticist and the botanist. It would allow for the modification of plant genetics to create new and interesting types of flora. If it were implemented, I would recommend placing it in the spot of misc. research or the science outpost.

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Nursie me and Nik were talking yesterday and we thought it would be cool to replace genetics and virology into Bio-Engineering. Still give them genetics and virus stuff but them give them other cool abilities like making bio-logical weapons that turn dead people into zombies or stuff.

Another thing that's probably more interesting than Xenobotany is to perhaps improve on xenobiology. As it stands xenobiology is terrible, breed slime get core, breed slime get core. What I'd love to be implemented is some sort of Research level mechanic for Xenobiology in which they use the cores to create other aliens and perhaps cool things like a symbiotic alien that attaches to your spine and gives kind of grows around you like a suit giving you the ability to be in space. Or perhaps the ability to breed a facehugger(more of a traitor addition)

Edit: oh I forgot to say, yeah I support this idea. I'm all for more variety that Xeno botany will bring. And Witt what keeps us from becoming a bay clone is the players, our code is more bay than ours if you think about it. Not adding a feature that already has the code done just because we don't want to be like Bay when it's quite a good feature is silly, we should embrace new things especially when they're already coded for us xD :D

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To clarify Tool, think Venom. Think Symbiote.

Creation of a secondary life-form which can function as another item or mechanic. Fleshy labcoats that can turn into a biosuit on the fly, Hardsuit symbiotes that can retract into a wrist watch or something.

Things that are actually Sci Fi and cool, and not our usual scrub gear that all seems like we'd have it within the next IRL fifty years.

The concept would involve creating one of these lifeforms and submitting it to some kind of modification by putting it in an enviroment while attached to a monkey, and have the symbiote attempt to save the monkey. After it "Adapts", you pull it off the monkey and it can be given to whoever could use it.

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