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Crosses's Dionaea App.

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BYOND Key: Crosses

Character Names: Lucy Riley, Shyva Powell, Flamme Ametrine, Jack Reaper, Khalida Neely

How long have you been playing on Aurora: 1-2 months.

Species you are applying to play: Dionaea.

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt):Green.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: Seeing others playing the Dionaea caught my instrest, the long names and the way they speak using "We" instead of "I", they are consider a peacefull, curious and intelligent. They have their own language, also the idea of feeling a sort of pain in different manner is really interesting and seems really fun to play, i really like to experiment and trying new characters so i decided to give this a go.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Difference will be in the behavior, they are curious and intelligent creature. As i read, they use to call themself "We" instead of "I" but there is also exception where the Dionaea is exposure to humans and learns to use it. They are probably going to stick to the lit areas and avoid dark corridors like maintenance (I dunno if they can use flaslight to negative that effect). Light functions as nutrution and as "medkit" and dark as opposite so you would want to stay away from the dark. They also have no concept of personal space, so those who sees/meets humans for first time might invade their privacy.

Why does this species in particular hold your interest? Dionaeas are plant-like race, they tend to be curious and examines their surrounding and people of different race. I found interesting their mechanism, they are reliant on the light because it is their source of survival and nutrition which then heals them. Yes the behavior aswell, they tend to be friendly and curious. They also have no DNA...maybe.

Character Name: Dew Of Grass At Night

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs Darkness...thats all there was and suddenly a spark of light. The prison holding me has suddenly opened in to gloomy room, almost seeming like a night with the humid air and grass all around me. First what i saw, was a single drop of dew rolling down a stalk of grass, the room was gloomy like at night. Dew of grass at night, i thought to myself. But before i could get settled around, a door flew open and group of people has entered the room.

One of them come close to me with a symbol "NT" on his shoulder. He extanded his hand to me, i was not sure what he ment by that so i stinged him with a needle like stinger and took few drops of his blood. He smiled upon me, grabbed me and placed me on his shoulders. Suddenly i was able to understand him and the other two, he was a scientist and the place i was in, is a long abandoned station and they were a group of explorers looking for archaeology findings. They asked me what's my name and all i could think was dew of grass at night. I told them that my name was dew of grass at night and the man who was carrying me just smiled and nods. We exited the station to their ship, he then said that they are going back their station so they asked me if i would like to come with them. I was really curious what their station looks like and what they are doing so i answered yes. In several day we arrived to the place they mentioned.

I was looking forward to meet other people and see what they are doing. As i arrived with the scientist and entered the station i was suprised on how big and lid the station was, i immediately went inside and starts examining everything i could see. But before i could finish that the scientist stopped me and i saw a man with fancy uniform coming towards us. The man greets us, and asked me if i would like to work here. I told yes, i'm curious on what it is like to work on a station. He told me to come with him, so i said goodbye to the man that found me and left with Nanotrasen officer. The nanotrasen officer instructed me abotu the space law and other important matter i should know.

After the instruction he send me on education program, before that he asked me which department would i like to be part of. I looked at the list of the jobs and after quite a time of thinking i said Cargo! The man looked at me with a smile and asked just cargo? I then immediatly asnwered and chef! The man scratched his head and said "Well i didn't expected for you to choose this but as you wish." with that he sent me on the education program off the station. After several years i returned growned up and ready to go on my first time at job.

What do you like about this character? Very curious with tendency to know everyone it meets. Sometimes obtrusive, but very friendly. Fan of green color and actually calls him/herself "I" instead of "We". Some might call him/her weird but, he/she always stays happy and hugs people if they led him/her.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? 6/10 i would rate myself.

Notes: First application, please don't be hard on this...i mean like i tried hard enough to do this.

EDIT: Here is my improvment, i really do hope i improved. (btw i don't know if they have genders but if so, then it is female, and yes i read the lore but still in the game it shows if dionaea is a female or male)

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Right, hello I'm Tool, I deal with Skrell, Diona and IPC whitelists. I'm going to list my concerns from top to bottom, I'll try to be as not-hard on you as possible.


How long have you been playing on Aurora: Few months, it actually might be a year or so

First concern was this. If you've been playing for over a year, how come you've only just made a Forum account? Granted. The new forum came a little while back and some people don't even bother with the forums until they need to. But this raises the point, how come I've never seen you in game? Though, I have taken a few breaks from the game, I've been here on and off since we started it. But I've never seen your characters or yourself in game before.(Please don't take this the wrong way, it's just a concern)

Second concern: the length of your answers. Of course not everyone is able to write paragraphs on one tiny question but the questions are there to prove you understand the specific features of the race and what's different about roleplaying them(to make sure you know how to roleplay them)

Third concern: Your backstory really doesn't meet the requirements of a backstory( it's not about the story and more to showcase your understanding of the Diona lore, again another way we make sure that an applicant understands the race they're applying for.)

Fourth concern: What you like about your character. Your answers to these questions didn't seem at all serious; liking the colour is hardly an answer for why your character is liked by you. If anything it's more a reason that you'd like Dionae in general.

Fifth Concern: The rate your roleplaying is supposed to showcase your personality I think and it's not as important as the others.

Sixth Concern: your grammar really leaves something to be desired, which can be problematic when roleplaying as another species.

I'll need these concerns addressed before I can consider accepting this.

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Hello Tool, heard about you just didn't know you are head of the alien whitelist apps.

First concern - Yes i did only now created forum account just because of the whitelist apps. And about the not seeing mein the game is probbably because i took long break from the game. If you count only the active time on the server than it will be around 2-3 mounth since after that i took a long break since i had no time to really play on the server. I didn't really know if you ment like how long i am on the server or how long i'm active on the server so sorry.

Second concern - Yes i know, i never was good in writing long answers and as you may noticed english is not my native language so its really hard to answer some question when my grammar blows.

Third concern - I had a feeling it doesn't, well if you wan't i can re do the story but probbably wont matter since i don't really know what to write here i just tried to match the NSS Aurora theme and do a little story...

Fourth concern - Yes again you are correct i didn't taken this question seriously at all, its hard to really like something about the char when the char isn't created yet, well i can try and think of more things if you want me.

Fifth concern - I see, well i just found it weird to just rate myself to how good Role-player i'm.

Sixth concern - Yes, i know my grammar blows and i'm trying to improve it...thats why i'm role-playing to get better.

So, there is that. If you think i shouldn't be accepted thats fine with me its not a big deal i'll just stick to the humans and maybe someday i'll try again....or not, depends on your answer. And have a good day.

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Crosses - I like you as a player and from your characters. When you fail to meet standards, or face criticism, you often respond proactively, and work to change it and make things better. As for your grammar, the best way to improve is to simply practice, practice, practice.

Tool has already given the feedback in terms of what I think needs to be improved or changed here. I'm willing to back this if we see what you come up with to fix the issues!

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