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[Accepted] Interstellar Crime Network

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Faction

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): Officially recognized as a terrorist affiliate cell of the Syndicate in 2438 by the Sol Alliance. Unofficially, elements of the ICN have surfaced since the Rise of NanoTrasen period (circa 2400-2425), and have participated in criminal activity. Recently, the ICN has grown in power and has become a more relevant name in the Tau Ceti criminal underworld.

Region of Space: Based in Frontier, assets and holdings throughout known space.

Controlled by (if not a faction): Subfaction, affiliate and one of the major organizations of the Syndicate.

Other Snapshot information:

-One of the many factions/organizations part of the collective, broad organization known as the "Syndicate." Confederation of like-minded criminals, corrupt and powerful figures in society, business, or politics. Larger focus on profit, professionalism, and subtlety. Most of the Wanted heisters or bosses actively pursued by the Sol Alliance are affiliated with the ICN.

-Maintains a very fluid network of communication between their operatives. ICN controllers often base at small, abandoned telecommunications satellites and maintain the chain of command between the ICN bosses and the enforcers.

-As a crime organization, typically deals in illegal yet high-demand materials. Maintains activities in weapons trafficking, counterfeiting credits, drug trafficking, extortion, high-stakes gambling, fencing, sex trafficking, blackmail, loan sharking, laundering, embezzlement, fraud, contract killing, smuggling, armed robbery and racketeering. However, the ICN also maintains legitimate establishments as well, often posing as fronts. Operatives are often employed by their skills and specialties to fulfill and maintain the aforementioned activities.

-Operates on a strict hierarchical structure.

-Employs associates (also known as enforcers or 'shitboots' in the ICN culture) in order to perform imminent issues that require handling. Often, this ranges from petty theft all the way up to borderline terrorists. Associates are chosen against the associate's own will, more often than not, due to their debts to certain clients, because of their criminal background or due to their sour relations with the ICN itself. The penalty for refusing to follow through with the favor leads to the associate's eventual execution.

-Zero-tolerance policy on informants and operational neglect. Sends professional cleaners to wipe any potential evidence or witnesses from the record, if all else fails. As an addendum to this, cleaners will not always be able to execute their job description in the potential instance they themselves would be compromised.

-However, murdering innocents are often a no-go, even for cleaners. Assassination jobs are meant to end in the death of the target, and no one else, if possible. Dependent on the contract's conditions, the matter of execution may be different, and the hit may be as subtle or sensational as possible.

-The Inner Hierarchy within the organization is a mock board of directors that oversee local and interstellar operations for their assigned subnetworks, also known as the Commission. In standard operation, the Commissioners are all equal in rank and often vote on decisions and debate on organizational matters in monthly meetings, when possible. In a state of emergency, the Commissioners vote for a Director of the Commission. The Director serves as the ultimate leader of the ICN, their word is law, and their say is final. The Director serves until they step down voluntarily, the Commission has unanimously decided the state of emergency has passed, or if the Commission forcibly deposes the Director themselves. A Director of the Commission has not been instated since 5 years ago, during the outburst of 'terrorists' (other Syndicate agents, as it was later revealed) attacking pro-NT assets. The ICN was targeted by the Sol Alliance and NanoTrasen Naval Security assets during this period of time.

Long Description:

//The Hierarchy\\

In order of power and respect.

1. The Director of the Commission. Absolute power over the Interstellar Crime Network's operations, able to swing it in any direction they choose.

2. The Commission. All members are equal, often hardened and veteran criminals that have served the ICN with loyalty. Rarely, political, social, or business figures sometimes serve as Commissioners given their history and subtle backing of the organization.

3. The First Lieutenants. The longest serving lieutenants often have the most sway. They serve as executive officers that personally administrate the many rackets the ICN is affiliated with. Very rarely do they give orders to anyone other than the second lieutenants, and it is commonplace when they have to step in personally when a criminal operation is compromised and take charge. Chosen by the Commissioners personally, four First Lieutenants for each Commissioner. They have skill in being able to manage a racketeering operation and typically have immense weight in the ICN.

4. The Second Lieutenants. The secondary lieutenants serve in less administrative positions and more in leadership positions. They are the personal overseers of criminal operations, and are given their directives and focus by the First Lieutenants so that the secondary lieutenants know what to expect and how to properly execute the orders. Typically 'chosen' for their leadership and social skills, though they are often former operatives. Secondary lieutenants often interact with associates, enforcers and business employees the most.

5. The Operatives. Operatives are chosen for their expertise, intelligence, reliability, and veterancy. Chosen for the more dirty operations that require finesse, operatives carry out a wide variety of felonies and general larceny. Operatives chosen for their mechanical ability suffice in breaking into high-security areas and operating equipment. Operatives chosen for their fleetness and subtlety excel in stealth operations and slipping past security. Operatives chosen for their more... loud... capabilities, do well in live-fire scenarios and have the ability to seize control in the situation by superior skill, quick wits, daunting body build, and suppressive firepower. Given operatives are very prone to death-inflicting situations, and the prerequisites needed for the title of operative are rather high up on the standard scale, operatives are in a limited number and are often not used except for very sensitive and necessary operations.

6. The Agents. Not unlike the operatives, except that the skill and experience gap is rather large. Agents are generally expendable, are given substandard equipment, and are encouraged by their superior Operative affiliates to focus on improvement. Agents are paid very little even for successful criminal activity, given that their cut is distributed to the higher rungs of the hierarchy. Many Agents are greener than others, and are very prone to mistakes and personal character flaws.

7. The Associates. Also known as Enforcers. Not officially recognized by the ICN as members of the Network itself, but still works for the ICN nonetheless. Their duties range from that of a simple errand boy or gal, to that of an Agent. Associates are often ridiculed by the higher rungs of the Hierarchy, due to their obligation to prove their worth to their superiors. Associates do not always have to be volunteer criminals, either for the former or the latter. Even small business owners that offer their legitimate business as a front can be considered Associates. Non-criminals will never surpass this rank, with explicit exceptions. This isn't to say, however, that Associates cannot wield extreme power and drive for the ICN.

8. The Outsiders. Nonaffiliated, do not directly work for the ICN. Despite this, however, they are temporarily hired by the Lieutenants or even Commissioners to perform rather nasty jobs that the ICN could not be caught dead doing themselves. Ranging from cleaners, hitmen, psychotic serial murderers, and even suicide bombers, and so on. Outsiders are hired and/or paid to perform jobs that would not connect them to the ICN once carried out.

Anyone not on the rungs of the Hierarchy are fair game to cheat and swindle from.

Rules and guidelines

1. An oath of silence and a branding of hot iron is required for sworn-in members, to never to speak of the ICN to the authorities.

2. This oath of silence extends to members (including associates) speaking to non-members.

3. If a member is killed in cold blood by another member, no one can commit murder (vengeance) on the offender unless the Commissioner or First Lieutenant says otherwise.

4. Violence between members is strongly discouraged. Disputes are to be settled by taking it up to the ranking second or first lieutenant of the operation.

5. 5% intervals of cuts are made dependent on how low ranking the member of the ICN is. Associates would have to pay a large 35% cut of all their earnings, which is spread throughout the organization as necessary. The director would only have to pay a default 5% cut.

6. Stealing or cheating other members of the ICN for personal profit results in a loss of a finger for each item and transgression suffered. If no fingers are left, toes are cut off next. And then their eyes are gouged out, when no toes are left, to symbolize that the thief can no longer steal a glance at what items they envy.

7. However, stealing from or cheating members of the ICN as a show or example of their own capability, is acceptable. This is often one of the first challenges an associate is given, to steal from a medium-to-high-level ICN figure.

Code Phrases/General Communicative behaviors

Generally takes lyrics from pop, retro-techno and rap, to formulate into callsigns, orders or just to make illicit conversation, such as "I will give you my all, pretty baby / I'll come whenever you call for me, baby, yeah / I will give you the best of me", which is an affirmation between members that they have each other's backs, and that they need only call for help.

Quoting literature and poetry is also a common method of communication. Typically, two agents within the same operating cell will pitch the lines back and forth to get a better understanding of whom they're working with, and to challenge the other's intellect and wit.

More tech-savvy members often use text encryption software to scramble messaging and cause confusion to surveyors.

Relations to Other Organizations

While the ICN maintains lukewarm relations with Frontier privateers and pirate clans, they are extremely competitive when it comes to opposing criminal operations. The Tau Ceti Minh, Trinity and ICN all are competing for dominance in the sector.

The ICN is extremely hostile towards law enforcement agencies. Because of infiltrators and undercover agents being caught within their own ranks in the past, the ICN is very suspicious towards Inner colony candidates, and typically perform criminal screening procedures, typically hiring out an Outsider to stalk an associate whose allegiances are in question.


((Also, as an OOC notice. If your character is affiliated with the ICN in any way, you cannot be any higher up on the Hierarchical scale than Associate onboard the Aurora. Agents and Operatives are fair game on nuclear emergency rounds, or on traitor rounds. Non-antag associates are to maintain their cover, even if a fellow associate is an antag and is doing antag things for the ICN. You may not directly assist them in their endeavors.))

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

if you can get people involved in this and prove to me that this is providing roleplay for people, I'll canonize it on the wiki.

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Occasionally, they'd out-source work to either organization if they felt like they shouldn't do the work. Likewise, operatives from the cell often join up with the ICN for bigger profits, more dangerous heists and more insurance.

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A few questions from Xander :)

1. How do you see players, in this case, primarily antagonists using this as something to further/improve their roleplay on the server?

2. Do you believe any events could be hosted by the Lore and/or Administration team in regards to this, or that this could help guide the actions of antagonists during an event and direct the general flow of one?

3. What originally made you want to come up with this, why do you feel it should be added?

And out of curiosity,

4. What do you personally consider the Syndicate as, a more ISIS-like terror organization, or a more covert, Mafia-esque organization where things are usually done under the cover of night? Do you believe we should work on moving the Syndicate towards a more crime-organization oriented faction rather than terror? If so, why?

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1.) I mostly see it as an opportunity for players and even antag-based teams to come together and pull off something wonderful and fun with more focus on teamwork and profit. Hunt Together.

2.) I can imagine a few off of the top of my head, yes. It can definitely help guide the flow of antags during an action-packed round.

3.) Had some inspiration from Payday, Hotline Miami and a little light reading on an informant's account on how the Columbian cartel works. I find that professional, career criminals can provide for interesting roleplay if executed subtly and in an interesting manner. This would add an avenue for less-than-reputable characters to try to strike it rich for themselves. Gold, guts and glory.

4.) I see the syndicate as both. It's a very loose blanket/umbrella term for any organized bad guy cell. I would like to see it as the Mafia-esque, clandestine organization the ICN is, but I would honestly rather keep to freedom of interpretation for roleplay. You can have devout zealots ready to die for their cause, old-fashioned space gang-bangers, slavers, smugglers, thieves, etc. ICN hires those with the potential to get rich and, as a result, earn their organization a lot of money.

I wouldn't mind too much if we made the shift but I personally do not wish to force it in any way, otherwise people will be limited by what gimmick or role they can play.

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Another question, hope you don't mind :3

Would you be willing, as the creator of this idea, to setup a registry, either on the forums, spreadsheet or what-have-you, a 'system' of this to help involve players and antags? Possibly having a single thread for it that updates with missions, current information on the ICN and such? What I'm trying to say is, are you willing to network this network? As Jackboot said, he wants to see the players get involved with this too if its to be canonized, and I agree, I'd love to see more Syndicate interaction on the forums affecting the IC situations.

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I actually play another space sim with a faction networking like you described, with dynamic economies as well as varying objective focuses/manpower variations, etc.

More or less, I can definitely do it.

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We of course have to wait for Jackboot to canonize this if he approves, which I think he should now that there is interest in it.

Thanks for answering my questions Delta :)

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Whoa I left this in limbo for awhile, sorry.

Yeah I can dig it I've seen interesting things emerge from this.

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