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Why are you hitting yourself?


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Currently, whenever you attack someone while you're holding them, it says you're hitting them with 'grab.' Thats kind of stupid, instead, it would be cool/funny in

"Grabby McGrabberson makes Scrub McWeakingson hit themself in the face." Brute damage to the head, probably half as much as a normal punch.

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Hmm. I'm actually rather on the fence about this. xD (As always, I know)

It seems like it would be a cheap laugh, but what would it really add?


I always dislike how it says "X hits Y with grab!" ... I mean, what? Doesn't make any sense. "Grab" is not a weapon, it's an action. It's like "X hits Y with push!" Just changing it to say something else would really be nice.

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I remember something like this being a feature on Bay code for a very short time, roughly 3 years ago.

Throwing someone at someone else would stun them and inflict massive damage to them.

This more or less covered the entire station in easily acquired lethal weaponry in the form of SSD assistants.

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