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Fortune's Shielded pendant.

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BYOND Key:swat43

Character name:Fortune Bloise

Item name:Shielded Pendant

Why is your character carrying said item to work?It is her small heirloom one of her patients gave her, she helped on Mars as a thank you and asked to cherish this item.

STORY: As the city sky's roared with the speeders and the nonstop noises of the traffic, Fortune walked through the streets, with earpiece in her ear listening to some catchy music, until her eye caught on abandoned android. She took her cellphone and called her friends to make a small pick up, and after an hour, the android unit ended up in Fortune's apartment.

Looking at the unit, it was clearly seen that no one would keep such android since it is already having it's parts torn up and the whole thing was outdated. Fortune let out a long sigh and sat on her worktable inspecting the android and went into work, fixing it. minutes passed, hours passed... after five hours of hard work, the unit sparked to life.

After polishing and cleaning the android, it was now more or less a lot more appropriate looking now. As the android scanned the whole room, it clearly knew it was no regular workshop, and he asked the stranger why she helped this unit. As Fortune blew a small puff of smoke, she only said to not worry, as it is her job to help helpless units back into shape, and it's the least she can do.

Android walked up to her and took something small from it's storage holder and handed it to her savior, explaining that it wishes to express it's deepest gratitude for saving this units life. Although Fortune wanted to decline the offer, the unit insisted. Fortune smiled and took the pendant in her arm, looking at it, saying that it is beautiful looking pendant, so she'll keep it as a memory for doing something good.


Item function(s): It is a pendant. You wear it on your neck (mouth since we do not have pendant slot).

Item description:It is a small blue shield shaped pendant with two small wings to it.

Item appearance:http://www.mediafire.com/view/dstbhoct58mtyze/Shield%20pendant.dmi#


Additional comments:If there are any questions, i can answer them.

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Good story, item of very significant importance to the character, and I believe you could get some decent RP out of this. Consider your application approved. I will now lock the thread, and set the prefix to Processing. Make sure to check back every now and then because once the prefix is changed to Complete, then it means the item is present in the code, and ready for your use

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