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Nanotrasen Corporate Games

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Welcome to the Nanotrasen Corporate Games!

Due to a recent efficiency and profitability survey, the Board of Directors has discovered that productivity is down by an immense 2.2%! Due to this shocking revelation, they have implemented the Nanotrasen Corporate Games to motivated the workers!

Twenty four randomly selected Nanotrasen Employee volunteers will take part in the games which are compulsory viewing for all Nanotrasen Personnel not wishing to face termination. The event will take place over the course of two weeks, though it may end early depending on events in the arena Tournament!

Each day Nanotrasen’s glorious telecommunications department will publish key scenes and details of the previous day, including those eliminated, and those still remaining!

No more details for now, keep an eye out for your compulsory volunteering notification!

And may the odds ever be in your favour!



OOC section

Right, I found a Hunger Games simulator; if people want their characters in this, PM me the names; and if you want, a picture, which I can attach to them throughout the contest.

This is not a RPG style thing, or a fighting game, it is an RNG engine that I drop people into like a meatgrinder to see what emerges.

This is obviously non-canon.

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The holoscreen flickers onto a new channel without your instruction. You can see a man and a woman sat on a long sofa with a video screen behind them.

"Hello and welcome to the Nanotrasen corporate games!" The man says, "Due to the fall of productivity in Nanotrasen facilities, the higher ups have decided to put on a little show for you, isn't that right, Juanita?"

"Absolutely, Dallas, and remember, you can't change the channel for the next hour! Or NT security will be having a chat with you later! Now! On with the show!

Dallas leans forward, and the video screen activates, "Lets have a look at the randomly selected contenders!"



"Now, let the games.... Begin!"

The screen changes to a flurry of motion as a horn sounds; many of the contenders rushing away from the supply pile between them, while a few run towards the center.

"And look at that Mr Dalton went straight for the C4! And he got it too! And that little Luna woman got a bag of something, wonder what surprise lies within?"

"Look, Dallas! That Heris girl has her head on straight, going straight for weapons! That sickle will serve her well, unless Mr Michael Thorne decides that she would look better splattered over a wide area with those explosives."

"Indeed, Juanita; oh! Miss Rude Rathel has grabbed a brace of throwing knives, I wonder if she will use them to help that very masculine Guilin from the other Mr Thorne and Mr Knap- Oh! No! Too late! Our first death, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like they twisted her head right off! Shame about that, isn't it Juanita."

"It sure is, Dallas, especially since all genetic records were wiped before they went in! And the bodies are being burnt afterwards! Nanotrasen has taken this fall in productivity very seriously."

"Looks like everyone else has ran away! No more fun for us today, but hey! Miss Fountain got another bag of C4, these games are going to have an explosive end!"

((I will be posting up a night, day, deaths, survivors each day, also feel free to react in character, NOT THE CHARACTERS INVOLVED. Again, remember, non-canon.))

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((I love how Michael and Elena are in the same district this is gonna be so badass. We got this bokaza until you betray my ass you sweet motherfucker))


Ohh, yeah xD

She won't betray, only red haired Elena betrays people. She'll probably leave you to die, instead.

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"Aaannnddd welcome back to another gripping excerpt of the Nanotrasen Corporate Games! What do we have for them today, Juaaaanita?"

"Well, Dallas, this is the first day of the games since the start, it will be very interesting to see who survives to try for the victory!"

"Indeed it will be; and lets go to the cameras..."

The video screen behind the two commentators flickers to a wooded area, changing between cameras sporadically.

"Lookie there, Juaaanita! Mr Harrow is fleeing from that abrasive Carton fellow! And he slipped! That ankle shouldn't be so purple! But Mr Carton didn't spot him! Looks like all those psychological issues affected his IQ as well! Wha'da'ya think of that?"

"It was a lucky escape for Mr Harrow, echoed across the group as the younger Mr Thorne runs from the ginger lady-chaser, Wyatt, the Mr Brar from that depressive feline, Sa'Kuate."

"And look over there, Juaaanita! Even more runners! Miss Maldin is running down that pale girl, Truesight! I wonder how she is feeling in this bright light? And look over there! The other Truesight relations! Miss Unity is chasing her cousin, Heris, with a rock! No love lost there, I take it! And that slip of a girl, Luna! She is pelting after that Rue! Maybe she insulted her hair? She is angry for someone under the Hippocratic oath, isn't she?"

"Our first combat of the day! Fell Lansden and ESotU are fighting Luna Fountain and Michael Thorne! They all look so primitive! Armed with sticks and stones! Oh! And no hesitation there, Fell Lansden has splattered Miss Fountain's brains all over that tree! I am surprised they aren't dyed blue! And Mr Thorne is trying to go for his explosives! But ESotU was just too fast! Maybe putting a Dionae in a forest was a slight err in NT's judgement there! But doesn't that blood spray look pretty!"

"Well! They look to be settling down for the night, let's bring up the scoreboard!"




"And into the first night! It would be such a drag to view this in real time, of course, we could tell all the viewers who wins, but that would just suck all the fun out of it! Wouldn't it, Juaaanita?"

"It sure would, Dallas, now, let's take a look at what our little rats are up to! Looks like Fell is patching himself up, Miss Fountain was a feisty little beast before he brained her; and it looks like Miss Heris has found some friends, at least for now, since her pursuer seems to have given up, hopefully Mr Knapp and Miss Maldin will take pity on the weeping waif."

"And there is angry little miss Tsuki again! Scaring the two big bad cats and that security man, Brar away from her fire, that's gonna hurt them in the long run; especially for attracting support, I mean, who wants to root for someone who ran from a little girl like that?"

"And Miss Raschnikova has had a full on breakdown! It looks like she is hugging Mr Wyatt's knees, begging for him to kill her! I don't know why he hasn't, though I wager it was because of a call from below his waist, but he refused! And left her there!"

"Looks like the tree has found two girlfriends, Rathel, Rue and Dionae singing campf- Oh dear lord!"

"Dallas? What's going o- Where did that come from?"

"Well folks, it looks like our resident terminator, Mr VALKRIE, has just decapitated Mr Carton with a katana, yup! There's the replay! Where he got it, we have no idea! But this is shaping up to be an interesting game!"

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"And welcome back folks to another day of arena combat! We left off yesterday with the sudden and shocking decapitation of Winston Carton! Lets see what's up next..."

"See we shall, Dallas, now. let's follow our triumphant swordbot to see what he gets up to... Oh... Look there... Mr Knapp is in the bushes... He is sneaking up..."

"And he has the sword! Looks like Mr VALKRAE should have been paying attention! Yes! And there it is folks! The second death by sword! Not quite as messy as the last one, motor oil doesn't quite have the same spreadability as blood, it seems."

"It seems like most of the rest of the survivors are preparing themselves... Only a few of them managed to get food and water yesterday, that is going to begin to tell now. That Tajara, Jo'Zah Saani, has her priorities, she just lifted half a dozen ration packs from Miss Truesight's camp! She'll be very disappointed when she discovers that."

"That's right, Juaaanita, and it looks like Miss Heris is putting her sickle to good use, Mr Asimov is keeping a good distance away from the redhead."

"If she is lucky, that maurauding bunch, the surviving Mr Thorne, ESotU, Miss Rathel, and Mr Brar won't find her little camp; they found some of the equipment that the other Mr Thorne lost, and they are looking to make use of it."

"Well, that's all for now, viewers! We will be back after these messages!"

A short advert for Space Cola, and Nanotrasen employment play; then the screen returns to the reporters.

"Aaaannndddd welcome back! Things have been shaken up! It looks like the hunting pack has broken up, and Mr Thorne has passed out" He tuts, "Should have gotten more sleep yesterday."

"Indeed, Dallas, and it looks like Miss Truesight is none the wiser as to who took her supplies, she is having a nice chat with the cat by a roaring fire; not a sensible one, is she?"

"Doesn't look like it, Juaaanita, hasn't even picked up a weapon yet. Brar, Knapp and Rue are doing similar, but at least they all know the others are dangerous."

"What's this? It looks like Miss Unity and Miss Raschnikova are trying to talk to the camera! Let's see what they are saying!"

The screen fills with a feed of Whisper and Elena, both bedraggled and filthy, standing near the top of a cliff.

"Get us out of here right now! We have our right! This is a monstrous travesty!"

"Miss Elena seems a little upset, Juanita, do you think it is her time of the month? I mean, the Corporate Games clause is in her contract."

"Let us out now! Or will jump!"

"I wonder how they will look when they hit the ground, Dallas? It's at least a hundred metres, I hope it is messy, we haven't had any good blood since Carton."

As you watch, the cliff beneath their feet flexes, then retracts, leaving the two women to tumble to their dooms, falling into a crumpled, bloody heap on the rocks below.

"Such a disappointment Juaaanita, I mean, a skilled captain and a young girl with so much potential? Shame they wasted it all there, instead of putting up a fight."

"Indeed, Dallas, maybe one of the others will put up a better fight... I am liking Knapp's chances right now... Sword... Food... Uninjured..."

"He has a good chance, now; look! Another combat! Miss Maldin and Mr Lansden are facing off against Miss Tsuki and Mr Harrow; I can see some stones... a knife... This is going to be interesting."

The battle is short and bloody, Fell quickly overpowers Mekhi, slitting his throat with a dagger, leaving him to bleed out on the grass. While he is doing so, Luna pursues Sheila, before tripping over a fallen branch, cracking her skull over a stone. Sheila is quick to take advantage, stomping her head against the stone until nothing is left but gore and shards of bone.

"Oh I just love this sort of thing! The adrenaline... The chase... The blood!"

Dallas shuffles away from Juanita as she mimics the kills.

"Yup, sure do, Juaaanita. Well, that's all for tonight! Stay tuned for the next highlights reel, tomorrow! And goodnight!"




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((Apologies for this one being late, I was busy yesterday, I will post another part this afternoon.))

"Another day, another nail-biting round of survival combat! This is the Nanotrasen Corporate Games folks! What shall we start off with today, Juaaanita?"

"Lots of running today, Dallas; Miss Truesight managed to flee Mr Dalton by ducking into a river; while Miss Maldin escaped the attentions of Mr Wyatt by climbing a tree; neither of them were very observant, Fell Lansden was up the tree picking fruit! He made himself scarce until they left, however."

"Not much going on then, today, Mr Thorne has a secret admirer, Jo'Zah Saani is following him with quite a large spear, I assume he wants to have a pointed discussion!"

"... ... ... Indeed, Dallas, Mr Knapp looks to have heard someone, or a group of someones, let's take a look... Yes, Miss Rathel and Rue are chatting away without a care in the world, probably not the best plan."

"It sure isn't, Juaaanita, now, a few words from our sponsors... We will be back after these messages."

Another Nanotrasen advert plays, followed by a string of adverts for the newest Soap Opera to hit the holoscreen.

"Aaannnddd we're back! I was looking at those adverts as well, those Soaps are such dreary watching..."

"Back to the arena, it looks like everyone has formed their own little groups... Jade Rathel, Phillip Asimov, and Jo'Zah Saani are sleeping in shifts at that grove that Jo found; I wonder if any of them will take the advantage and cut the throats of the others?"

"Maybe, Juaaanita, it would be a good tactical move for them; it looks like Rue and Mr Dalton have decided to truce for the night as well; maybe these people can be civilised after all?"

"Maybe s- Or not; it appears that Mr Brar has stabbed Mr Maldin a dozen times in the chest, and taken her supplies; I guess the man just can't have a civil conversation."

"Apparently not, I mean, she died after the first half a dozen... The second six were just... Crass. In other news, it looks like Mr Knapp, Na'khar Sa'Kuate, Miss Heris, Miss Truesight, and Mr Thorne are also teaming up to rest; it looks like Mr Thorne wants a bit more than rest from his Fiance; but she's turned him down, there is a time and a place Mr Thorne!"

"Miss Truesight might have chosen a good Fiance, he's a decent fighter, could get her out of this alive."

"That's right, Juaaanita, and look! Mr Wyatt just got a hatchet from an airdrop, maybe he can try and use it to cut off his hair? It's a little noticeable; and it looks like ESotU ALSO got a hatchet! That's in poor taste, whoever sent that."

"That's all for tonight, viewers, Nanotrasen Corporate Games will return tomorrow!"




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"Another day! Another burial! Isn't that right, Juaaanita?"

"Indeed it is, Dallas, shall we show our viewers how the games have progressed?"

The screen behind the skrell and the synthetic flickers, revealing an overview of the arena.

"We left off with our daring competitors being rather civil, baring the abrasive Mr Brar of course, him and his knives; and look at him now, stalking Rue through the woods; well... As they say, the definition of stalking is two people taking a romantic walk in the woods, that only one of them knows about."

"That is an apt definition, and it looks like our resident Mr Tree is out of his depth; it's a good thing Mr Asimov's obvious mental instabilities makes him so easy to distract; like a small child."

"Quite entertaining to watch a grown man throw a tantrum about being unable to catch a slow-moving potted plant really; and it looks like our big chatty group has broken up! Mr Knapp, Thorne have met up with Jo'Zah Saani and Mr Lansden, and they are hunting the rest; it looks like Mr Thorne didn't appreciate being snubbed by his Fiance, but she has taken shelter in a cave and lost them! I wonder if they will run into Mr Wyatt and Miss Rathel? They look set for trouble."

"Oh dear, well, it looks like the last two of the chatty bunch are having a nasty disagreement; Miss Heris is running as fast as she can from the other cat, Na'khar Sa'Kuate; and it looks like he has a knife! ...Aaannnddd he threw it! Aaannnddd it's in her head; with her red hair, you almost can't see the blood; but the cat can! Look! He's coloured that tree a delightful shade of vomit; looks like his constitution wasn't quite up to scratch, ... Scratch. Get it? 'Cause he's a cat."

"....Your wit is astounding Dallas..."

"Of course it is! Now! Back after a short break!"

Several car adverts play, along with an short gameplay video of the new Call of Duty Space Warfare 51516.

"Aaaannnddd we are back!"

"Indeed we are... I had to get my audio circuitry repaired after that last awful pun... Anyway, into the night! Oh dear, oh dear, it looks like Mr Thorne has just exerted himself too much; he probably should have drank more water; look, he's passed out; is he still breathing? No? That is why organics need water; for any children that are watching; you need it or you die. For any parents that are letting your children watch, shame on you! This is bloodsport! Not cartoons!"

"Yuppery, Juaaanita, and it looks like ESotU has found Miss Truesight's cave; and he isn't trying to murder her; surprisingly; Mr Dalton, on the other hand, after stealing Mr Knapp's sword, is a different matter. It appears that swords are just as effective as axes for cutting down unruly trees; and for bisecting pacifistic young women; any parents letting your children watch, I am calling social services right now!"

"The two blood-cats and Mr Brar have found each other; for the first time since the Tsuki incident, in fact. They look to be telling each other ghost stories; maybe about the people they have removed from the competition perhaps?"

"That would be for gruesome telling; and it looks like Mr Wyatt has abandoned his new sweetheart, Miss Rathel, and is now hanging out with Phillip Asimov; leaving poor Rathel to cry herself to sleep; poor thing; and Mr Wyatt! Poor form! Your Miss Fountain only died two days ago! The shame!"

"Irritating little boy; and it looks like crowd favorite, Mr Knapp, has met his match! Mr Lansden caught him by surprise with a tree branch! It was really rather harsh to break both his legs then hang him upside down from a tree by them; it took him nearly five hours to pass; there is Brar crazy, then there is Lansden crazy. There is a significant margin."

"That looks to be it for the night, all the survivors are setting down, more tomorrow! Stay tuned! Except for you parents with the children! Seriously!"




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"We have a special happening today folks! We have decided to give our little fighter a feast! Food and supplies fit for a CEO! Let's see what they do."

"It'll be interesting to see how desperate these people are; there is the supplies... But there is also the risk of the other contenders! Let's see what happens!"

"Looks like bloodcat number one has chickened out, rather a fowl move for such a strong contender."

"...That was awful..."

"People laughed."

"The automated speakers laughed."


"Aaaannnyyyway, now that Dallas has stopped talking,,, It looks like Mr Asimov, Mr Dalton, Miss Rathel and her beau Mr Wyatt have teamed up to grab as much as they can; and it is looking like they are getting all of it!"

"Mr Lansden appears to not fancy the risk, given that he has found the last of ESotU and Miss Truesight's supplies, it was likely a good choice."

"And combat! Mr Brar is fighting the lady bloodcat; in hand to hand combat! Risky; she has some nasty claws, I wonder just how much blood spray we will see? I just love blood spray!"

"It looks like Miss Saani has decided to strangle Mr Brar instead; it appears to have worked, but she spent so long doing it, there are no supplies left!"

"Damn it! There should be more blood!"

"It looks like Miss Rue has decided to forgo to feast; she has an amount of supplies, but it is still a risk."

"Indeed, Dallas, now, it is time for commercials. We will be back with the next section in just a few moments."

A series of adverts play, one promoting Biesel Robotics.

"Weeeellllcccccooooommmmmeeeee back folks! Time to see how our little warriors are doing!"

"Indeed, it appears that our big pack has split up again, with Miss Rathel and Mr Dalton taking the lions share of the supplies; Mr Dalton's supplies are enhanced even more by that medical drop he got; that should help in the long-term."

"That it will, Juaaanita; Miss Rathel had to fight the bloodcat for the other supplies; and, unlike Mr Brar, managed to beat one in hand to hand combat! She spared his life; very honourable of her."

"Indeed it was; disappointing though. Mr Wyatt, on the other hand, provided much more satisfying fare. Take a look."

The screen behind them changes to a shot of a forest glade. A young, dark-skinned woman with a backpack is filling most of the screen; the camera must be only a few feet from her; she is peering around the glade when her eyes widen, and her mouth drops open. The camera pans down to reveal two feet of sharpened wood protruding from her abdomen; behind her, you can see a red-haired man, with his face contorted in concentration. The woman gasps several times as the spear is twisted about, then drops to the ground.

"Ohhhh messy! I love it! That leaves only six! We are down to the final quarter!"

"Six? There is still seven, Asimov, Bloodcat one, Bloodcat two, Rathel, Wyatt, Dalton, and Lansden."

"Six, Lansden decided to have a drink, Mr Sa'Kuate and Mr Asimov decided to help him along, it looks like he drank half the lake. That is one thirsty, dead, human."

"Six it is then! Phillip Asimov, Na'khar Sa'Kuate, Jo'Zah Saani, Jade Rathel, Roy Wyatt and Robert Dalton."





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"Welcome back to the final days of the Nanotrasen Corporate Games! We are down to six competitors! So lets try and heat things up! Literally! The temperature of the water in the arena will be increased throughout the next few days with lovely infusions of radiative matter; let's see how long they last!"

"Indeed, Dallas, it should get quite interesting in there; though Nanotrasen will, of course, pay the medical bills of the lucky winner, of course. Now, who do we have left?"

"Phillip Asimov, Na'khar Sa'Kuate, Jo'Zah Saani, Jade Rathel, Roy Wyatt and Robert Dalton."

"Indeed, let's see what they are up to."

"Looks like Asimov, Dalton, Sa'Kuate and Rathel are sticking together, that could get fractious now, there are only six of them left!"

"Maybe we will see some backstabbing? Hmm? Miss Saani looks to have lost herself in the woods, I wonder of anyone will actually be able to find her to kill her?"

"Mr Wyatt might, he has seen the fire of the other four, and is steering clear! He might run into little miss bloodcat on the trip!"

"We will be back after a short commercial break, folks."

A series of dull commercials play, extolling the benefits of various deodorants and shampoos.

"Some boring commercials, eh folks? Back to the sport!"

"It looks like that mob has split again, Mr Sa'Kuate has delved into a cave; but of a let down from his last escapade with Mr Lansden"

"He is probably still trying to dry his fur, Dallas, you know what cats are like."

"Likely, It looks like Mr Wyatt is trying to enhance his score, after Rue, his trusty spear is poking in nooks and crannies, I wonder if he will find anyone? Mr Dalton seems to have."

"Indeed he has, let's watch."

The screen changes to a rocky area; a man with a shortsword is stepping through the rocks, pushing a pair of glasses up his face. He looks winded and hungry.

Behind him, a second man is flitting through the rocks, unarmed.

The first man doesn't appear to notice the other man until he is only a few feet away. As he spins around to face his attacker, he is gripped around the throat by the second man. His sword drops out of his hand as he is forced to the floor, and his head slammed against a large stone on the ground. This continues for almost a minute, before the second man stands up, wipes his hands, snatches up the sword, and runs off into the distance.

"And then there were five! Mr Asimov is out of the competition!"

"Indeed he is, and it looks like the two femme fatales, Miss Saani and Miss Rathel are hunting too, with slingshots and spears, Mr Dalton better hope he doesn't run into them, they look like they mean business."




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"Yet another day of the record-breaking Nanotrasen Corporate Games! Yesterday we had Mr Asimov go out rather messily, heads and rocks never mix, it seems."

"That they don't, Dallas, and now we are down to five competitors with poisoned water supplies, shall we see what they are up to?"

"Yes, let's Juaaanita; it looks like Mr Sa'Kuate has had a little too much to drink, that colour of vomit is quite spectacular, I wonder if it glows in the dark?"

"Unfortunately, the isotopes aren't quite that strong, Dallas, that would give the game away."

"That it would... That it would... It looks like everyone else is living happily on their stored water; though Saani, Dalton and Rathel have once again formed their little cliche, leaving My Wyatt out humming to himself, he looks quite simple, staring at a tree, humming to himself after brutally impaling some poor woman, definitely crazy."

"Most likely, Dallas, we will have to watch him, he might do something unexpected! And now, commercials."

The commercials today include an appeal to help kittens orphaned by the civil war on Adhomai; they look at you with big wet eyes.

"Soo cute- I mean. Welcome back to the Nanotrasen Corporate Games! Lets, uh, lets get straight into the events!"

"Right... Anyway, it looks like the little pack has split, yet again, unsurprising with so few of them left; Miss Rathel is.... Off picking flowers... Well, she is actually the only competitor to not have killed anyone yet, so I suppose that does give her an excuse... Maybe they are for Mr Wyatt?"

"Maybe they are; it looks like someone has taken pity on Mr Sa'Kuate; they have sent him fresh food, water and medical supplies; that should help clear his tubes after the poisoned water episode."

"That was quite funny to watch... He got it all in his fur.. He spent hours trying to clean it out..."

"Mmm, it looks like Mr Dalton is making a slingshot.. He.. Appears to be using a twig from ESotU... and two identification neckbands..."

"Gruesome! Anyway, where is Mr Wyatt? The only other person I can see is Miss Saani... Is... Is that a rope loop in front of her?"

"It does appear to be so; do you think My Wyatt did it?"

"I think he did... And... Up! She goes! Look at her struggle! And here is Mr Wyatt! He was in the tree next to it! He's got hold of her arms! He's tying them behind her back. Is he taking a prisoner?"

"No...No... He just cut her throat, must have just wanted the claws out of the way. Now she really is a bloodcat! Shame the blood is hers..."

"I rather liked her, Dallas, she was a fighter, so; we are down to four! We will see you tomorrow, on!"

"Nanotrasen Corporate Games!"





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