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Update to the Command Whitelist Requirements

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We have recently added the requirement that command-whitelisteed players must have their forum account linked to their ckey.

This serves two goals:

  • It helps us ensure that all whitelisted players have access to the section of the forum reserved for command whitelisted players by automating the assignment of the forum group.
  • It enables us to consolidate our role- and permission-management infrastructure to a single location in a followup-project which simplifies the management of the permissions and roles that are assigned across our various services (server, discord, forum, bots, ...)

We are currently in the process of rolling out this requirement.
To check if you have linked your forum-account to your ckey, you can take a look at the post-info-bit and check if your ckey is displayed there.
(You might have to visit this on a computer/switch to desktop-view; See the attached image below)
You can also log into the Web-Interface by visiting: https://byond.aurorastation.org and checking if you can see your characters.

If you do not have your ckey linked, visit this URL: https://byond.aurorastation.org/user/link
Afterwards a linking-request should show up if you join the game.
If it does not, use the "OOC -> Check Linking Requests" command.


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