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My Rimworld Colony

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I got immensely Bored and decided to take screens of my Colony on Rimworld, so here it is!


Weyland, the Rim-bound military outpost of the Aman-Ti empire on the far-rim.

Lets go on a tour!




Enlisted Personnel Bedroom.

Complete with Bed,Couch, Personal table for eating, storage cabinet, bookcase and personal potted flower!




Officer's Bedroom.

Complete with Bed,Couch, Person table for eating, Storage cabinet, Storage locker, bookcase, potted flower, personal bathroom, personal desk and Plasma-screen TV.





Equipped with 4x Thronemaster 5000 toilets (Deluxe!)




Cryogenic Stasis Room

Equipped with 22x Cryogenic pods for the storage of terminally ill, severely injured and highly dangerous personnel until off-world transfer to a glitter-world can be arranged.




Material storage rooms 1 & 2

Equipped with 68x Material storage bins, capable of storing massive amounts of materials for construction,repair and crafting duties.




Entry Corridor

Reinforced with heavy plasteel walls, equipped with numerous embrasures for defensive fire and layered with a two-part defensive system to prevent the facility from falling into enemy hands.





Equipped with 22x Botanical tray, the Botany laboratory is designed to ensure some measure of self-sufficiency in regards to the procurement of foodstuffs for the Base's garrison.




Primary reactor core

Equipped with 2x Fusion reactors and 18x Reinforced battery units, the primary reactor core is designed to provide the facility with a near infinite source of energy. With sufficient battery storage to last for several weeks.




Rawfood storage 1

Equipped with 2x Industrial cooling units, this storage area is designed to hold a reserve of raw foodstuffs to complement the Kitchen's main storage area.





The Armory is filled with 12 2x2 Lockers filled with High-Tech standard issue charge rifles for use in defending the facility.




Armor Storage

The armor storage room (Just north of the Armory) is used to store Nanite-enhanced powered armor for use by base security forces.




Misc Equipment storage

Used by base personnel to store excess uniforms and other additional supplies, the Misc storage room is located just above Armor storage.




Medical Bay

The Medical bay (Just left of Misc storage) is equipped with 12x Medical beds and 18x Medical storage lockers, filled with spare bionics and medical supplies for use by the base Doctor.





The crematorium is equipped with 4x Marble furnaces, capable of both burning non-standard attire and cremating bodies. It is located just south of the Medical bay.




Production Bay

To further allow the Base to be more self-sufficient, it is equipped with a production wing, including bionic construction, artificial organ creation, pharmaceutical labs, Robotics tables, tailor-kits, etc.





Prison wing and Prison Medical bay

Fully equipped with Medical facilities and cells, the base is fully capable of holding upto 12 prisoners.

More to be added later.

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I managed to mod my game to the point where I had robots working most of the jobs my colonists needed to, they all ended up idle. So in the night I had all my colonists shot by the solider-bots and replaced them all with emotionless, thoughtless, painless borgs..does that make me a bad person?

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I use the Superior Crafting mod. I used to use Tech Tree Minami, but I like SC more now.

Oh Oh! And I have eight alive colonists in my new Rimworld save! Aren't you proud? I mean, it used to be eleven but then we ran out of food for a while and people had mental breaks and it was a mess. But I totally got a handle on it this time.

Until the next time Randy decides to blight my crops three times in a row, that is.

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