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Katelynn's Metal Gauntlet Custom Item App


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BYOND Key: Reyjakai

Character name: Katelynn Mcmullen

Item name: Katelynn's Metal Gauntlet

Why is your character carrying said item to work? It's part of her right arm.

Item function(s): None, but the other hand should have a standard black glove on. If it's possible to have this as an addition to gloves (Like ties to jumpsuits) that would be awesome.

Item description: An overly large metallic black glove that occasionally pulses with red light.

Item appearance: The arm in the picture. http://imgur.com/RWuoarc

Additional comments: I might be able to harass my brother into spriting it if I have something to go off of.

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I'm just as opposed to this application as the other one.

Custom item applications are not intended to make your character stick out (and I mean REALLY stick out, like you're literally opening a tear in the universe between heaven and hell and hellhounds and angels are battling it out on the earth and everyone is freaking out) like a very sore thumb.

This makes no logical IC sense and defies the atmosphere that is set here.

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