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Katelynn's Ocular Implant Custom Item App


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BYOND Key: Reyjakai

Character name: Katelynn Mcmullen

Item name: Katelynn's Ocular Implant

Why is your character carrying said item to work? It's part of her face.

Item function(s): None, but 2x zoom would be pretty sweet.

Item description: A large, metallic ocular implant with a red light in the center.

Item appearance: http://imgur.com/RWuoarc - That thing on the left side of her face.

Additional comments: Spriting may be needed, or I can figure it out with a template.

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Guest Menown

Custom items shouldn't give you a gameplay advantage. The zoom would be an advantage, if it works like I think it would, IE, the sniper rifles.

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Can't you just set your eyes to mechanical and set your eye color to red?

No, really, I don't think this custom item app is a good idea at all. It makes no sense and adds unnecessary flavor.

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