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[Denied] Miko's mech license.

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BYOND Key:Jakers457

Character name: Miko Du'Razhu

Item name:

Why is your character carrying said item to work? It's pretty much physical proof that he is qualified in piloting a Ripley.

Item function(s): You can show it to people like an ID card but little else than that.

Item description: Probably something describing his pilot clearance, like to what level a Ripley would be. I mean whatever lore fluff tickles you I'd suppose.

Item appearance: Basically a space age driving license.

Additional comments:

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Yes, it would be actually. The holobadge is something readily available when on the job, but when off-duty it has no use, really. For this license, though... It's not a readily available item. What do we do for people that can pilot mechs, but don't have a custom item of a mech licens?

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Well most holobadges being requested and accepted are for private firms. To me having a mech license would be similar to say, a driver's license or a pilot's license, so you'd have it on you as part of your personal items. If we were to go more extensive to why it would be there in the work place then we can look at tradesman, those who are qualified to use cranes (in the UK anyway) keep a license on them.

Though I understand what you're saying, and I can respect your view. I personally I see it to be no different from the custom badges that are currently being used, if anything a license is more practical. Perhaps it may result in it becoming a general item but that was the catalyst for custom signatures if I'm not mistaken.

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If you had one, everyone who piloted mechs and exos would need to have one, which is the issue here. The issue here is that giving you this license would necessitate either every single person with training in heavy machinery to apply for a license custom item, or the devs would have to code in an optional license that could be chosen for points to spawn with, which could bring up it's own issues of feeling the need to check for the license before allowing people to use mechs (Kinda makes sense, in a way), as well as use up the precious item points for an item that has never been needed before.

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Oh, yeah, it'd be nice to have, and make sense from an RP perspective. There's no denying that. But it just seems like it could cause a few problems with people who aren't used to needing the item to pilot mechs legally getting in trouble with security or whoever if they didn't choose to spawn with the license.

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