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Dekser gets a funny useless augment

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BYOND Key: Dekser

Discord Username:  Dekser#5511

Character Name: Marc Hardy

Item Name: Old age synthetic vocal coords. (Augment)

Item Function(s): Essentially overrides the selected accent and replaces it with a Text To Speech accent, or just allows this character have select a TTS accent and also forces them to spawn with this augment. To be clear, with the augment I should NOT be able to select any accent, instead should be restricted to the TTS one.

Item Description: Old age synthetic vocal coords, like modern synthetic vocal coords, this mechanical organ takes the place of a damaged vocal coord. However this model seems to be rather old and outdated by modern augmentation standards. This model supposedly ceased its mainstream production all the way back in 2439.

Why is your character bringing this item to work?: The augment is built into his throat.

How did your character obtain this item?: (ties into the story one line down)

What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: In 2441, Marc Bucket Hardy was working on a station orbiting around a sun. The orbit was so incredibly low that solar flares would reach the station every few months, causing great damage. One unlucky day, Marc was working outside the station and was repainting some of the charred exterior hull. A solar flare passed near the station, the heat from the flare rushed over Hardy. This melted his space suit (old industrial voidsuit) into his face and chest, deforming both greatly. He was caught by the station roboticist and with the assistance of a physician the roboticist managed to save the life of this poor old man. To keep the human alive, the roboticist had to turn him into an amalgamation of steel and flesh. Most of his internal organs became mechanically assisted or completely replaced, including the majority of his frontal lobe and his vocal coords. Truly this human is a medical marvel, still somehow alive to this day.

Additional Comments: This is my first time making a custom item whitelist, let me know if I need to sprite or clarify on something.

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Apologies for the long waiting time.

Our decision on this is ultimately that the augment is fine, but you should tune down the effects of the flare incident. Specifically the part about the frontal lobe. The rest is fine.

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