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Character Theme Songs.

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So, just put your desired character's name and a youtube/soundcloud/fax number of a song that you think fits them.

I will be first. Have at 'em. :*

Analiese Kleinheinz

(Oingo Boingo - Little Girls)

Jessica Parks

(David Bowie - Five Years)

Kaelea Moberly

(House of Pain - Jump Around)


Monique Beringer

(David Bowie - Life on Mars)


Shayla Roberts

(Cypress Hill - When the Shit Goes Down)

Stephanie Batten

(Pink Floyd - Brain Damage/Eclipse)

Oriwaiquan Shai'aknatheras

(Cypress Hill - Hits From The Bong)

Ab'dela'rah Mogha'ddam

(Led Zeppelin - The Immigrant Song)

Thi'reknos Ke'ick'chev

(Vivaldi - Winter)

Nas'rallah Roh'hi'tin

(The XX - Together)

Feel free to post yours below. Be creative, and most of all, have fun.

Stay beautiful. ;)

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