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BYOND Key: Yuen the Dragonslayer
Total Ban Length: Permanent
Banning staff member's Key: Alberyk
Reason of Ban: Metal gear solid reference
Reason for Appeal: Ok so I joined late joined at end of round as a character that had a few metal gear solid references, now I figured this would be an issue so I a-helped asking if it was ok, I got no response so I just sat in the bar and left at crew transfer, I rolled merchant next round with the same character when Alberyk messaged me, He explained it was wrong, I apologized and said I would change, he said it was too big an issue and I also explained how I a-helped it, he ignored me completely and just permanent banned me because of my history. I think this is completely unnecessary, yes I have a history of fucking up but never has it been intentional. He just looked at it and said "yep, goodbye". I didn't even get a chance to respond or combat it. On top of that it is a permanent ban, over a metal gear solid reference which wasn't even a problem last round, in fact the people found it kind of funny. He didn't even try to discuss it at all, he simply hit the button and did not care. Regardless of the fact that I actually a-helped about it earlier, I didn't just join and think it would be ok, I a-helped but never got a response, and yet I get banned regardless. That is why I'm appealing it.

Forgot to mention this but I am perfectly ok with getting punished for this. Hell I'll take a month punishment due to my history, I just feel that the situation itself was poorly handled and that a Permanent ban is unnecessary.


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You have been playing here for roughly one month. 43 days to be exact. You have around ten or so notes, and at least two temporary bans. Now why I think this is not a first time issue:


banned yuenthedragonslayer. - Reason: Making a character called "Sovreign Soul" who works as a Solarian PMC employed by a PMC company that works for Idris. Additionally reflavoured Gadpathurian items to bypass culture restrictions. You should really know the lore and rules at this point; you've already gotten a good amount of notes and a warning in a short span of time. - This will be removed in 3420 minutes.

If you were banned for this, why did you think that playing a straight-up Metal Gear reference would not get you punished? If you ahelped and no one said anything, it does not mean anything. The server rules are clear on that.

I could not just get you away with a note or warning, since you a lot of notes and two bans in less than one month. I also explained clearly why I was banning you and the problems we had with your behavior.

If you do not agree with this ban, I recommend that you make a staff complaint. I don't think I am going to lift this ban if you believe that what you did was not an issue.

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