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Suggestions of the Spooky variety

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A few ghost related suggestions, all during Cult rounds.

Make rune manifested ghosts look like spooky, scary skeletons or mangled corpses instead of bald men. As hilarious as being chased by sword wielding baldies is, I think having them look like changeling husks for example would help immersion.

Give ghosts the ability to make lights flicker by clicking them, this is a neat feature on Paradise.

Give ghosts the ability to reproduce the disposal pipe banging noises.

Give ghosts the ability to nudge small and tiny items one space in a random direction every once in a while.

Thoughts, additions, concerns?

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make this play Everytime a ghost is manifested and whenever narsie is summoned, imagine people being chased with that playing.

While the way in which I present my suggestion is casual and informal, these are still mechanics I legitimately think will improve the average cult round and give bored ghosts the ability to do something to affect a round they might have been taken out of.

Please contain your memes, they are too dank for this place.

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Ahem. http://aurorastation.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=586

Irrelevant posts will now be deleted. Now, my personal opinion:

I'm mostly worried about people abusing this, but I like the idea. For example, with writing on blood currently, some players do horribly stupid things such as being unsporting by giving the names of cultists or saying horribly stupid, immature things. Any clue how the mechanic you're suggesting could be made so that it isn't abusable or devolves to stupidity?

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But, really, if ghosts could (within reason and moderation, of course) could create local 'me's or descriptive texts such as like a hand brushing your shoulder, that'd be neat as well. And spooky.

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Any clue how the mechanic you're suggesting could be made so that it isn't abusable or devolves to stupidity?


Long cooldowns on every single ghost action, to prevent people from spamming them.

This technically wouldnt stop multiple ghosts from crowding to a single location and uniting their forces to haunt it, but in my opinion making characters aware there are at least 5 ghosts haunting the location they're in helps the general spooky atmosphere of a succesful cult round, and rewards coordination in deadchat.

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Or just slap people who are spamming them/chucklefucking with them.

I'd imagine there would be a way to ensure they show up in modlogs with the source of the text.

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Oki, I've been looking at this and am interested.

BUT, there will be restrictions

Or just slap people who are spamming them/chucklefucking with them.

I'd imagine there would be a way to ensure they show up in modlogs with the source of the text.

Slapping them, we do that anyway to anyone who spams thing, it's no a worry.

No need to shove them in modlogs, that would just spam the mod with more info that they don't need. (We all can read deadchat regardless of if we are in or out of the round)

Give me a few days to have a fiddle and see what I can come up with.


Try clicking on a light during cult. I'm pretty sure it flickers them. -Scrach that, it's for AI's

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I actually thought up an entire thing around ghosts for para umm let me find my old post quickkky-----


Basically this job would take up the abandoned office. It would be a job where you, as the Paranormal Investigator/Ghostbuster must be familiar with anomalies and spectral/ occult apparitions. To aid you in this you would have the following devices...

Proton Pack: This backpacksque charging unit contains spectral apparitions within a small cube like receptacle that can be removed/ inserted into the proton pack: The proton pack keeps the containment unit charged, disbarring the spectral anomaly from exiting it once trapped.

Neutrino Emitter- A weapon that emits a concentrated burst of aphasic neutrinos, stunning spectral apparitions momentarily.

EM spectrum analyzer - An analysis device that samples surrounding electromagnetic fields. Areas of high electrical activity can throw off readings. Tiny anomalies in the base EM value may indicate that a spectral anomaly is near.

Containment unit- A device that emits a powerful, but small, electromagnetic field within an area. Spectral apparitions become visible and are pulled towards the center of the EM field. If held in the exact center the spectral anomaly is sucked within the containment unit. The containment unit fails if its charge depletes, allowing the spirit to leave the containment unit.

Background EM beacon- A placeable beacon that once wrenched into place samples EM fields of a surrounding area and transmits this data back to the Paranormal Alert Console within your office.

Paranormal Alert Console- A console within your office that tracks EM beacon location and data alerting if a anomaly is detected.

Boson Particle Field Generator- A generator that emits a field of highly polarized particles that prevent ghosts from passing through it.

Electrostatic Equalizer- A device that equalizes innate background EM fields and removes hauntings. Does not function if the Poltergeist is within the Haunted zone but slows them down.


How Ghosts fit into this


Ghosts can only be effected by the Paranormal Investigator and their equipment if they become Poltergeists. In order to become a Poltergeist a ghost must use their Boo! spell on an area three times to obtain the ability to haunt that zone. When the ghost haunts a zone it will be able to pull objects and flip tables.They can also spawn clouds of harmless, but annoying, ectoplasm. These abilities only work in their haunted zone. Areas of High Electrical or EM activity cannot be haunted. A Ghost can only have one haunted zone active at a time.


I'll sprite this stuff if people show interest/like the idea. I haven't the slightest idea how to code this however. Containment units with spirits inside them could be used to make robots.


People loved the idea, and it seemed feasible to code. We stopped development due to the abuse that poltergeists can do.

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I don't think it would be good to have as a job, ghosts are purely there for cult and I don't think it would be a good idea to have them as a full time thing.

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I mean that ghosts are only used for one round type. If ghost hunting was a norm then the round type would be invalidated. The ghosts are ment to be spooky not something you see everyday.

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