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Right, as of now, Tablespoon is the new Loremaster.

This is due to multiple reasons, and was a voluntary action on my part; having been in charge of the lore in one way or another for over a year.

I am NOT leaving the community, just stepping down from a management position.


Gollee did a great job leading the lore team over the past year or so.

I do work a full time job during the weeks but I will try my hardest to get the lore ironed out, incorporating as much of the 'old' lore as possible.

I'm always open to suggestions. Please feel free to message me, regardless or whether or not you're on the lore team, and I promise to seriously consider your issues along with the lore team.

Again, we should all thank Gollee for leading the lore team for such a long time. I'll continue to work closely with him to work out some fun new lore that, at the same time, respects the old lore.

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