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Were old human articles retconned?

Marlon P.

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I've been chatting about old news articles during a project where i am indexing and summarizing all of them. Many people, including lore developers, have given wildly different answers on whether or not anything written on the forum news for humans prior to KOTW is still canon.

Working to summarize old canon to eventually give as a wiki submission would be a waste of time for me and devs if it's all being rebooted. Could someone please give an authoritative decision on the fate of articles prior to KOTW?

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You can find our current policy for retcons here:

This specifically requires:


All articles that are archived will be announced to the community and a description of why it was no longer canon will be affixed to the article in the archive.

If a article is not in the article archive it is considered canon.

There is also a additional policy regarding major retcons:

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27 minutes ago, Marlon P. said:

Thank you @Arrow768, though while im aware of the policy as I mentioned in the OP ive been told by staff members that old articles are no longer canon. Following up this comment with other staff got even more contradictory information or the staff member themselves said they had no idea.

We have a policy that has been set in place by the lore masters and is part of the lore team "rules and regulations".
Every member of the lore team has been made aware of these "rules and regulations" and is expected to follow them.

Therefore any staff member who claims that a article outside of the archive is non-canon is not correct.
As lore team members they have the option to perform a minor or major retcon depending on the scope of what they would like to retcon (by following the outlined procedures).
But until such a time that this has happened and has been properly announced, the articles remain canon.

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