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[Denied] Hice duty jacket


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BYOND Key: ChrisCa

Character name: Gavin Hice

Item name: Emergency Response Team duty jacket

Why is your character carrying said item to work? he's an ERT engineer and Duty Officer Protection Detail, he wears it because it's his duty jacket and he always has it on him.

Item function(s): Same as the normal one

Item description: Same as the normal one (Except maybe it's got a marker on the left saying 'Tpr Hice')

Item appearance: Same as the normal one

Additional comments:

The jacket does not add any Armour at all. It is basically a normal jacket with pockets.

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How the spawn code works is not individual jackets coded in like all the other custom items.

You get spawned a Jacket and it gets it's description changed. If you are working in a department you get dog-tags not a Jacket.

There are restrictions on your character if you have one of these items and there are only X amount available, once they are taken that's it no one else can have one.

I could go and say all the things I said when I found out about this system, but that would just bring more headache than I can be bothered with at the moment.

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Jackboot it kinda has it's own RP and interaction IE: you see a marine with his dogtags or jacket in public you most likely will talk to them if you are interested in it right. it's the similar thing

also I love how you didn't ask anything for the other two people

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Because I've been busy with other things in my life? And I spotted this, if you actually look I rarely post on many things these days.

Secondly, I never said don't give it, I just asked the question to see what sort of response you could make? It was not a personal attack.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I asked you because you are the third one to write it up in a request. I'm not targeting you, or saying you shouldn't get it.

I'm neutral on the matter.

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There is no other reason. With this character he has loved the ERT ever since he was a boy he almost adores it. which is why he tried his best to hone his skills to be able to join up. The jacket is for his pride and joy in what he's accomplished

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Next time, create your own application.

Consider your application approved. I will now lock the thread, and set the prefix to Processing. Make sure to check back every now and then because once the prefix is changed to Complete, then it means the item is present in the code, and ready for your use.

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