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Eberron D&D Game

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hello auroraverse, I am going to DM a small Eberron Game for an indeterminate period of time, depending on how it goes! 

I'm very experienced with 5e and an avid enthusiast of Keith Baker's "Eberron." Which is a Magicpunk setting for D&D 3e-5e. I am not a terribly experienced Dungeon Master, outside of a few one-offs, so this will likely be a learning experience for me.

Regardless of all that, here's the information you need to know if you want to join.

Basic Details

I'm taking 4-6 people for the campaign, as I doubt I will be able to handle more than that.

I will ask you read (or atleast skim) the Eberron Sourcebook for 5e, but don't worry about that until after you're accepted. 

A decent, setting appropriate backstory for your character.

A computer capable of running "Foundry VVT", there is a web demo online if you wish to test it.

It is a paid game, but I'm only requesting a single American dollar (1$) from each player per session (Session 0 excluded), as this would cover to the upkeep of a Foundry Server to host on. (In the event this goes down in flames and we are unable to play, I will refund everyone.) (Why the fuck are you requesting a single dollar? Are you that poor? Absolutely, I'm a college student that can't use scholarship money on wacky things like D&D.)  nvm found a coupon and a 20 dollar bill under my couch, all good. 

If you have zero experience with D&D, Foundry, Eberron, or Butter, that's absolutely fine and I will teach you, if you are willing to return my effort.

The Game will likely begin in January, and take place during CST (UTC-6) Evenings.  

Eberron can be a gritty setting, meaning its possible to encounter themes such as PTSD, war-time propaganda, body-horror, and prejudice. That does not mean we will encounter these themes in this campaign , but they are a part of the setting, and I largely have no issue using these themes myself. If you are uncomfortable with any of these themes, mention in your application and we will see about working around it. In your direct message to me, place a banana emoji at a random point. That said, outside of the game's IC, anything that would be considered a violation of Aurora's community standards may result in expulsion from the game.

Game Prompt:

"You've run afoul of the law, a dragonmarked house, powerful organization, or the wrong individual. You've found yourself amongst the most wretched of convicts in the Dreadhold, where you'll serve out the length of the sentence arranged between the Kundarak dwarves and those who pronounced your verdict. It seems your foreseeable future will be spent behind iron bars…”

The start of this game will largely revolve around RP and thinking, similar to a tutorial level for those new to D&D. But, despite this, seasoned D&D Veterans are welcome, as I am sure you will pull something out of your ass and flip the entire situation on its head.

Applying to Join:


Experience (D&D, Eberron, etc):

Character Concept (Does not need to be the one you play in the game, or Eberron-specific): 



send'em to Butterrobber202#1542 on discord, I'm in all the Aurora discord servers.

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