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  1. It seems I had it's lowpop/highpop suitableness mixed up. Which is probably what I get for making a suggestion so late in the night. Regardless, its just hard to play a gamemode when no one willing wants to play the antagonists. Revenants is the only gamemode where, despite lack of antagonists, it can still fire.
  2. Sorry, I used my lunchbox to metagame/powergame to avoid having to interact wit Chefs, so this is a none issue. as for heating food, sure, why not?
  3. https://gyazo.com/add9806b3584db9e83406754f0ed68ca Revenants has seen extensive playtime, and most of the playerbase dislike it appearing at 2:08 in the round. I'd prefer a cap of 15 readies, so it remains a viable low-pop gamemode for those in different timezones, but I know many people seek its complete removal.
  4. I'd personally be of a mind to hold a community name recommendation, where players may suggest a name to christen the NBT Ship with, and the Head Staff choose the best, then allow the community to vote on it. @Alberyk Thoughts?
  5. who is this random player that dictates policy, I call shenanigans!!!
  6. Can we call our Ship the SCCSV Borealis instead of the Aurora again
  7. so this would just effectively remove the G2 and Unathi buff. why not do that instead?
  8. 1. Yes. If I get something I don't particularly like, I'd simply work on it as normal and have some lore friendsTM review it to make sure it's up to scratch. I'd hate to publish anything that didn't reflect the standards set by the current state of lore writing. 2. Probably the Federation Politics. There's alot to be done to really drive home the BIG BROTHER FROG style of governance the Federation prefers. 3. I'd give each subspecies a unique Psionic based on the environment they evolved in. Axiori, due to their ocean living would get an upgraded version of Psi Ping, that would have a far more wide reaching range, but but unable to provide precise locations in exchange for the range increase. I imagine they developed this ability to detect predators in the ocean. But, I know alot of Staff dislike Psi Ping, so instead of that, I'd also consider giving them an advanced Commune Power that lets them target anyone with a heightened Psi Signature regardless of range, as long as they are on the same Z-Level. (Basically, other Skrell and Antagonists that get Psionics). This power has a windup though, and you need both hands free to stimulate your temples to use it. Xiialt, have lowered Psionic Potential in general, but I'd still like to give them a flavor shot. If I had free reign, I'd say a power called "Feedback" that shot the target full of random mental junk for a moment would be what I choose. It's effects would give a disorientation debuff (similar to being drunk) that lasts half a second. I'm unsure if a cooldown can be added to Psionic Powers, but I'd like this one to have a long one. Xiiori, being hybrids, would either get the choice of the litter, or, preferably, something unique. First thing that comes to mind is a Psionic Ability that allows them examine an object and get a vague impression of whose been holding it. Basically, super weak forenics. They may get an impression it was "laboring sentient" = engineer and so on.
  9. Bye Skull, sad to see you go! I hope you find success.
  10. ADD IT PLS. The Rajatani live rent free in his head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Rats were a problem because they could have a physical impact on the round. These Holograms sound like the opposite, with only being able to speak and emote. I'm for it.
  12. Ckey/BYOND Username: Butterrobber202 Position Being Applied For: Deputy Skrell Dev Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page? Yes Past Experiences/Knowledge: Writer for 6 years, English Major in College, Avid Reader and Professional Nerd. Additionally, I've already written some small pieces of lore myself. Examples of Past Work: My best examples are unfortunately secret lore I can't display for public review, but I have some others! https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Marauders - I worked heavily with Cael to hammer out the Skrellian Marauders. https://docs.google.com/document/d/15aglo-cDhBibkARQHqZfD2id4nqtTr-cdiqAC8A5wx0/edit?usp=sharing - Lizards in Space! A piece on Unathi Shipbuilding and a new location in the Uueoa-Esa System. Pending addition to the lore (When Haydizzle gets around to the Guild Update) (Permission was given by Haydizzle to add this here) https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Federation_Enforcement#Narcotics_Production - I came up with the Skrellian Drugs during the great skrell criminal lore additions. ------ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UUS0pP3AMhWz66QtjOOZOkGOn263qIauwf1JQilhDgg/edit?usp=sharing <- My Essay Additional Comments: I have no coding or spiriting experience outside of very minor edits, but I'm confident coding is something I could learn over time.
  13. bump. I just want it to be white again so you can tell the CE apart from the normie low class engineers.
  14. STOP IT!!! STOP MAKING C'THUR!!!! cool app, always happy to see more bugs. 1.) Lots on their history in this app, but how to you intend to play the character on station. Personality, any quirks, general outlook on things? 2.) How does Lyrk feel about the current relationship between C'thur and the Federation? Do they resent the Skrell for effectively holding High Queen C'thur "hostage" or are they grateful these alien allies bought her more time? C'thur's hive are widely regarded as snakes diplomats, so your vaurca would have been subject to instruction on the surface-level social norms and basic biology of all Aliens present within the Spur. Vaurca can be (and are for the most part) incredibly cunning, so I feel as if they wouldn't send off their Hive Members without any knowledge at all. (Lore Devs obviously override anything, me, a player, says but it's something to consider)
  15. i think i could take a warform 1v1, no gloves, especially one of this sissy weak c'thur warforms. #k'laxgang
  16. I’d personally go with slanted so we can continue to slap shit on walls. But honestly top down doesn’t bother me at all.
  17. And 5 years later Canon went on to write about humanoid cats having a political Cold War.
  18. @Mofo1995 @Caelphon with 2 dismissals, the suggestion is dead in the water. But I'd like to hear if the lore team is going to retconn it properly or leave it a vestigial part of the lore.
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