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World Crawler patch notes

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The following is information related to my personal AI device: World Crawler. The multi-user-dungeons and D&D simulation device you might have heard about. First of all thank you for all the positive feedback related to this character, I never thought they'd get this far to be honest. I've decided to make this for your entertainment, to read it over and see some of the stuff I used to do wrong or changed in the past. Patch notes go in a decending order from oldest to newest (Oldest being the first entry at the top)

v0.3 Released the inital alpha build of world crawler with only one senario to choose from: Wasteland crawler. Based off the unathi landcrawler vehicles. The player characters crash land onto the planet and are hypothetically picked up by a wasteland crawler after a few nights of survival. (All simulation was done via the game rimworld running in the background, no im serious, the response times and delays were intense due to having to work with rimworld as a background engine for the entire session. Up until clerified, you may assume that all of these things were using rimworld as a jank combat and movement engine that I had to constantly fiddle with in the background, most content being added via mods to rimworld)

v0.32 Allowed the player characters to start inside the wasteland crawler if they chose to do so, as well as pick different race options other than human.
v0.392 Updated accent data in the personal AI device to be biesellite instead of text to speech.

v0.4 Added a new senario and new content. Vault Start. The player characters start in a vault that they have no remembrance of, with the only goal either being to survive, figure out where you are, or escape somehow. Added IPC's and unathi as a selectable race and NPC spawns.
v0.41 Added clerification on game start that Wasteland Crawler senario is not accurate to moghes to avoid complaints from unathi about not properly represented unathi culture or clans present in the game.
v0.419 changed the accent to be konyanger by default, additionally, downloaded universal translator by default on startup now.

v0.5 Changed physical attributes to be less specialized. Skills are no longer "Shooting / Melee / Construction / Cooking / Growing / Crafting / Art / Social / Intellectual" skills are now simplified to "Survival / Construction / Combat / Intelligence / Social / Medical"

v0.6 Fixed broken code and defunct environment simulation systems that were not used anywhere, there should now be a significant decrease in response time as well as allowing more flexibility in the new simulation systems that were added. (At this point, I stopped using rimworld as an engine for combat and movement, and started using my own imagination as rimworld was too hard to build around.)
v0.68 Added new scenarios: "Zombie Apocalypse / Random Campaign / Custom Campaign" Zombie apocolypse sets the player in a zombie rich environment either at the start, or after a zombie outbreak, forcing them to survive using their wits.
v0.69 Allowed the player to choose any race that exists in fantasy or reality, or describe the race they wish to play if it is a custom one.
v0.698 Added the electrical engineering skill due to players interacting with alot of electrical equipment without any skill other than intelligence to base their success off.

v0.7 & 0.71 Added the escaped monster scenario, and changed the primary accent of world crawler to Venusian Jintarian (I wanted to pick Venusian Cytherean, but didnt pick the right one.)
v0.75 Added a contingency plan incase world crawler was not handled appropriately or for some reason failed to start a game, in these cases, world crawler will start a Multi-User Single-Character campaign on the chat client, where multiple people will vote for the actions that a single character will take in the world, also added physical at a skill that can be selected.
v0.76 Polished out clarifications and warnings to inform the user of the setting and things there-in where-ever possible, incase users dont like magical settings, they can choose for such things to not be present.
v0.79 Polished up the pAI description so that it indicates that it is not a D&D simulation device, but a D&D and MUD esc games, as well as its specialty in survival, roleplaying and management style of play, as well as other contradictions that were previously present in the description. 

v0.8 Changed electrical engineering to be "Technology" skill, due to electrical engineering being very specialized in a cast of otherwise very wide encompassing skills. Redefined the rules of the game to be "If it works or you roll high enough, it works." instead of any strict or notable rule set, increasing the creative ceiling.
v0.82 & v0.823 & v0.83 Added Dinosaur survival as a playable scenario, then immediately removed it due to the requirement to actually know what dinosaurs are which we dont have. Replaced this scenario with Alien environment survival. (I actually had to delete the dinosaur survival option mid choice, due to the fact I knew I couldnt run such a gamemode)
v0.85 Changed world crawlers opening game scenario responses to be instantaneous due to the code related to them no longer needing to be grabbed from an external source and instead being placed directly into the pAI's main memory. Allowing the startup of games to go along much faster.

v0.9 Allowed the ability to save games. Saved games are encrypted with the users biometric data when saving a new master, alternatively, if the game isnt run by the master or the person running the game did not save any data, uses facial recognition and crew manifest results instead.
v0.94 Added Demigod, Ghost/Monster hunt scenarios.
v0.945 Fixed the accent used to be Venusian Cytherean instead of Venusian Jintarian after Cytherean players pointed out the inaccuracy.

v1.0 Changed custom campaign to be renamed to standard campaign to make it a more appealing option, as the creativity aspect of making your own campaign was what world crawler is now intended to do. Finally fixed some bugs and glitches and improved memory retention and fleshed out the creativity engine the pAI uses, campaigns should now be more consistant and shouldnt have memory related conserns such as forgetting unimportant details. Added new functionality when inserted into computers or PDA devices. Added the ability to ask for a map of the current environment and various dozens of other changes.

v1.1 Excellency now actually helps with normal tests of that skill, instead of simply giving advantage on normal and above. You should now no longer miss in melee range when combat is excellent.
v1.13 Prevented an issue with spawning psychic monsters on Monster Hunt senario. Players should no longer get instantly mind controlled and fail on spawn.(This never happened, I just think it was funny when I was talking to somebody in a discord about it)
v1.14 Made it so that you will always spawn with some way of getting out of the cryogenic cell on vault start without having to break your knuckles on an air vent if you dont get the hint.(This never happened)

Once again, thank you all for the support. If you'd like to leave a comment about any thoughts or ideas you have about this character I strongly encourage that you do, I might add things to world crawler that are suggested here as well. Hope you have fun, I know I did.

Edited by Colfer
v1.1 v1.13 and v1.14 update
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