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Damian Marshall's ears

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BYOND Key:[Helldog217]

Character name:[Damian Marshall]

Item name:[Kitty Ears]

Why is your character carrying said item to work?[Damian Marshall is a subject of experimentation that left him multiple scars including the ears, as a result they are fixed to him and cannot be removed]

Item function(s):[As a second set of ears and tail, cannot be removed]

Item description:[A colorful and full of life tail and a slightly tattered set of ears]

Item appearance:[blond and animate (basic kitty ears)]

Additional comments:[ This character is my favorite and oldest character, he is incomplete an just feels wrong without the ears after playing with them for over a year.]

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I'm not sure what I think about this.. I don't think NT allows people who were experimented on, but I could be wrong. I don't mean to be so blatant but I'm just going to throw this in here and say, it's going to be weird seeing a male in cat ears and a tail. It's also going to highly remind me of a Furry on the day of work at NSS Aurora.

It'd also be nice if you explained how the ears are stuck without removal along with the tail.

Also how does this contribute to roleplay? Explain that and I will give a +1/-1.

At the moment I'm kind of leaning towards, -1.

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Damian has spent several years serving aboard various stations an colonies as a Quartermaster, he was experimented on in genetics over the course of several days, as an "accident at work" He was deemed fit to work after a small compensation fee. Damian has since then been afraid of Genetics and dislikes its use. The ears and tail are fixed to him and irremovable because they are a part of him, actual flesh an blood, this however makes it impossible or incredibly uncomfortable to wear any form of exo suit helmet. damian after some time became quite fond of the ears and tail and opted out of corrective surgery.

to add some more context into him, he uses them as a basic sense to express himself and to be of use to him. his tail is usually used to hold something e.g. a cup containing non hot liquids or non breakable things such as stamps, basic tools etc. this however is temporary as he does not posses complete tail eye coordination so he has nothing more than basic motor functions within his tail. his ears usually represent his mood even if he is trying to hide it and twitch or droop accordingly. a down side however is that he is prone to some experiences of pain if incredibly loud noises are too close

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I don't really think that a character with tails and ears that are actually part of their body fit with the theme of the server and the playerbase overall. This may have a niche appeal with you and people who are part of your fandom, but it does nothing to further roleplay with others, and is a massive step into this character becoming the ubersnowflake.

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i understand that its more of a quirk than anything else, im not trying to shove it in everyone's face its more that i have spent since late 2013 playing as this character an have no others that have taken off as he has, on that journey he acquired rather quickly this particular trait an it is just as any other quirk is, not entirely amazing or unique but its something that i just don't think would be the same without, think of it not as some ears and a tail its more of an underlying quality that he possesses and not the strike out part that makes this character unique, its difficult to put this kind of connection into words as descriptions are not particularly my strong suit however his overall characteristics put together make the character and i would greatly enjoy keeping as much of this character intact as possible.

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